To Love So Pure

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Chapter 3

The sun blared through the curtains, shining directly onto Jesse’s face. He slowly peeked an eye open then slammed it back shut, rolling his head to the side with a groan of irritation. Deciding it was to lay there on the soft cushions of the couch he was on for a few minutes, Jesse geared his brain to work with him.

Ok, he remember sitting on Doogeys front porch sipping on a beer. Then Drake Reese showed up like some Billy badass and called him out. Jesse smirked, guess he hadn’t had enough of an ass whoopin the last time they had fought. Of course, Jesse took home the cash and Reese took home his ass on a silver platter.

Reese brought his A game this time, because he don’t remember walking away so banged up last time they met, but that didn’t matter to him.

Jesse pulled out a wad of cash from the pocket of is jeans and smiled. He had won again. But he did have to hand it to Reese for giving him a good fight this time. He liked it when they could match him.

Jesse pulled himself into a sitting position and rubbed his hand down his face. Wincing when he hit a tender spot. Now he remembered. He was at May’s house. Mrs. Lucas had patched him up again. But she wasn’t alone. Her remember the girl who had gently cared for him as well while cleaning him up.

“Your awake.” Jesse looked up when he heard the voice of a girl he didn’t recognize. “Jesse... Right?” she asked again, finishing tying the black ribbon in he hair.

“That’s what they call me.” He answered. His voice rough and husky from sleep.

Despite his bruised face and bandages, Caroline couldn’t deny that he was still hot. And to be honest, it was taking everything in her not to blush and fidget when his eyes met hers.

“So are you going to just stand there and stare at me all day or are you going to tell me your name?” He said sarcastically with a smirk.

Caroline could feel her cheeks heating up all the way to her ears. Damn him for catching her and damn her for staring. Feeling like she couldn’t make herself look any more like a silly groupie, she turned toward the kitchen and stocked off in a huff.

“Its Caroline.” She threw over her shoulder.

Jesse laughed quietly. He realized the red on her face really became her. And he wanted to see it more often.

Finally coming out of his thoughts, Jesse got up from the couch and stretched until all of his muscles and bones popped. Hearing the sliding glass door open, Jesse watched as Caroline walked out and lit a cigarette. Sitting a mug of coffee down on the table and curling up on one of the patio chairs.

Deciding coffee was a good idea, he made his way to the kitchen to pour him his own cup.

Caroline sipped her coffee tenderly and sighed in bliss. She loved it here on a nice crisp morning like this one. Curling up on the lounge chairs with a hot cup of coffee and a morning cigarette was one of the most peaceful.

Her peace was shattered when the glass door slid open and out stepped Jesse with his own cup of coffee in his hands. Caroline’s eyes followed him as he wordlessly sat down in a chair beside her and snatched a cigarette from her pack and lit it.

Her mouth hung open at the audacity of it. Jesse reached over and placed a gentle finger on her chin, snapping her mouth closed with a smirk in her direction.

“Might wanna keep it shut. Don’t wanna swallow a bug now do you?” He asked and once again her cheeks flared up nice and red. “You know, that color suits you well.” At her confused look, he took a finger and poked her face then lightly flicked her ear. Caroline swatted his hand away, then picked up her coffee for another sip an drug on her own cigarette.

“So your a jerk and an idiot. That seems to fit you just fine to.” Caroline retorted, chuckling in her mug when his eyes narrowed in her direction. Then they took on a playful knowing look and he turned is gaze back onto the open back yard.

“You know that makes you one to I guess. Who insults someone before they even know them.” He countered.

Oh hell, Caroline could feel the hairs on the back of her neck rising at the silent challenge. She didn’t know if she should feed into it or not... probably not... Yeah... but maybe....

Smiling slyly, Caroline reached over and softly poked a bruised cheek. smiling evilly when he winced and swayed away from her hand.

“Yeah, maybe so, but at least I didn’t get my ass kicked because of it.” She said glaring back at him when he cut his eyes at her.

“You don’t know shit...” He took a sip of his coffee then leveled his gaze back on her. “Little girl.” He finished.

Caroline slammed her palms down on the table and stood up from her chair so fast in made an angry noise as it moved back a few inches on the wooden porch.

"I Know that your friend had to drag your half beaten and bloodied self into this house last night because you were to damn out of it to walk on your own. I know That you damn near scared the hell out of may, Mrs. Lucas and me last night coming in looking like something straight out of a horror film. What the hell you did last night to make you look that messed up is beyond me and to be honest, I don’t know if I want to know all of the details. We patched you up and you get up acting like a total jerk! So forgive me if I’m not up to hashing it out with you this morning. By the way asswhole, you own me a pack of cigarettes, Because the one in your hand was my last.” Caroline said, taking a deep breath. Looking down at her shaking hands, She groaned. Damn... Her cigarette went out. Placing the cigarette between her lips she reached over to grab the lighter from in front of him, then felt the cigarette get snatched from her lips.

Caroline watched in angry horror as he doused her last dose of nicotine I coffee and threw it on the ground in front of him with a smile.

“Fucking prick!” She said exasperated, throwing her hands up in defeat and slumping down into her chair with her coffee. He chuckled and it only fueled her anger.

“Don’t worry princess, you’ll thank me later for that.” He said getting up from his chair and walking back to the glass door. With one hand on the door, he turned back to her.

“You know, your not half bad...” Caroline turned to face him, then jumped back a few inches when she noticed he had leaned down and their face’s were only an inch or two apart. “And your actually really pretty when your mad.” He said stroking the backs of his fingers across a cheek, pushing the hair away that had been hanging there

When the door closed behind him, Caroline turned back to face the open yard. Her heart pounded in her chest harder then she had ever felt it before. Wow... what the hell what that....

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