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Satan's Favourite

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"I've never danced with the devil..." I said as he spun me around, "and I never thought he would beg." Charli thinks that trading her lonely soul for temporary love may be the best thing she did in her eighteen years of life. This cliche comes with a twist when Charli dies and Satan finds himself fond of her. While he can't go back on the contract and save her, he takes her to his kingdom of the underworld. How did the lonely pathetic Charli manage to become Satan's favourite?

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Crooked grin, amber eyes, and one dangerously husky voice were not what I expected Satan to look like.

He had a James Dean aura, delicately leaning against my closed door. Sly hands pushing the Maltese grey curls that fell on his forehead, almost covering his thick brows. I swallowed back as my wide eyes curiously analyzed his figure.

“What have you called me for?” He spoke. His arms crossed on his chest.

“I...I have a wish.”

Satan rolled his eyes. “Of course you do,” he said in a matter of fact, “you should also be aware of the consequences.”

Consequences? Ah, yes! I was more than aware of that. The crazy pounding of my heart reminded me of the seemingly endless lines I read.

“I’m ready to give away my soul,” I said.

He pushed himself off the wall and walked towards me. Slow, confident steps until there were only a few centimetres separating us.

“Let’s sign the contract, shall we?”

I nodded hesitantly watching his eyes shine with mischief.

“I’m excited,” Satan said in a low indifferent voice, not showing any excitement. His cold breath fanned over my lips, sending a wave of electricity through my already shivering body. He licked his lower lip as his hand held my chin, “can I taste?”

My lip quivered. “Wh-what?”

Without a warning, he slammed his plump cupid-bows on mine. I hardly had a moment to react before he pressed his tongue to the seam of my lips and, at my grant of access, delved inside my mouth. His tongue chasing mine then sucking it gently.

His lips were cold and tasted of mint. Typical demon.

When he pulled away, I had to fight my strong desire that tried to reach back for him. He grinned widely.

“Bittersweet. Just the right amount of sins, beautiful ratio.”

My hand brushed the tingling feeling off of my mouth. That won over my first kiss, even with no feelings involved.

“Do you kiss to taste?” I asked.

He sarcastically lifted one perfect brow. “So you’re ready to give your soul to me and not ready to let me get a kiss? Pretty selfish of you, Charlie. ”

I nervously glanced away. “I’m not complaining but-”

His veiny hand covered my mouth and a smile played on his lips. “Save the butt for another time. Let’s sign the contract.”

At my nod, Satan’s hand grabbed my wrist. His pinky penetrated my skin and the blood that had once flowed thick and scarlet in my veins was clasped in his bloomy fingers. My breath hitched in my throat. I’m dying. Oh, God. I’m dying!

Tears streamed out of my eyes at the sudden burning feeling that ran inside me. My arm uncontrollably started to shake as my blood formed a Leviathan Cross on the floor. The room was dark and Satan’s eyes turned to garnet. His golden skin has sunken in tone to something so lifeless, it scared me just to look at him.

"I...I didn't know..." I sputtered in fear, "that wasn't mentioned, all this blood."

Without looking at me, Satan whispered, "half-gods are worshipped in wine and flowers. Real gods require blood."

I trembled in his tight grip.

“Your wish?” He asked glancing at me who was staring at my gore form different symbols everywhere. He spoke louder, his voice firm and demanding, “tell your wish or this will be nothing but a pointless sacrifice of life.”

“I...I want to be loved!” I said frustrated.

His magnetic winter eyes furrowed before he smiled at me gently. “Your wish is my command.”

His fingernails became a dark red colour that I knew was my blood running through his hand. With a smirk, he placed a soft kiss on my wrist and I collapsed.

I lied on the ground, my face closed in a grimace. The wave of pain that rushed over me was instantly gone at his touch. He held me up bridal style and murmured in my ear.

"I'll see you tomorrow. Rest well, my love."

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