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"I'll make you a deal, if you tell me you don't love Amie, I'll help you forget about her and Adrian. You'll never live another day with guilt. But if you truly love her, you will go save her." "Deal"

Romance / Fantasy
Leandra Rego
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Chapter 1

Alexander found himself surrounded by darkness. Unable to see anything, smell anything, nor touch anything. The only thing that got to him through the darkness was the sounds of a young girl weeping. Alexander tried to move, tried to call out to help the girl, but he didn't know where to go, and his voice refused to respond. All he could do was stand there and listen to the girl’s cries in sorrow. After what felt like an eternity he finally woke up and found the ceiling of his room staring at him. After realizing that he was no longer in his dream he let out a sigh and sat up.

Alexander looked around his room, which was still littered with boxes. He's refused to touch them and finally admit he actually moved, again, for what felt like the millionth time. His bed was a black and white mess from a restless night’s sleep. His closet was also empty because every piece of clothing Alexander had were either on him, or still in their box. The only thing that wasn't packed was his laptop, which was sitting motionless on his night stand.

Alexander never had any sort of account or E-mail on the internet. Ben, his father, had always feared that their past friends, or fellow students, would find them if they had such useless things. So Alexander just used the laptop as a release for him to get out his thoughts after going through so many books and diaries. He had always planned on writing a book to let the world see some of his experiences, but could never force himself to get started on it, due to all the crap he had been through.

Alexander then looked at his bed remembering his new mission. Today was the last day until the Homecoming dance and Alexander had been doing nothing but thinking about it. Michael and Ash, his siblings, made sure the school let them go, even though they had missed the past few months of school getting moved in and their papers sorted. Of course the two of them used the usual bribe, that pretty much everyone falls for, so they could be able to go.

Alexander usually never liked dances, but his siblings would always drag him to each and every one of them anyway.

Alexander sighed at the thought of the dance, and resigned himself to laptop so he could write about his weird dream, yet again. He had been having the same exact dream every night since he and his family had moved into a little city called Frisco. In his dreams the girl seemed so important, like she was his redemption for all the sins he had committed in his life. If only he could get to her, to help her in some way.

“Hey lazy bum get down here, your food is getting cold!” Ash yelled from downstairs.

Ash was Alexander’s little sister, and his only true friend. When Alexander saw his clock he practically jumped out of his chair and started to get ready. He knew he barely had enough time to eat and get to school. He could always skip breakfast, after all vampires didn't need as much food as humans, but it was still a necessity to eat some regular food every once in awhile. After all, every thing needs their energy.

“Hurry up, or I’ll leave with Michael!” Ash yelled once more and Alexander raced down the steps, and headed for the garage door, ignoring his breakfast on the table. Ash put on a large smile and followed her older brother. Of course they weren't really related, no one in their family was. However they acted and treated each other like they were, whether they were in public or not.

When Alexander and Ash got to school, he was utterly confused. Their new school was, by far, the biggest he had ever been to. If he hadn't known better he would have thought he was at a college campus, even the tennis court and football field looked professionally made and designed.

When Alexander went inside he immediately saw the cafeteria to his left, the whole thing was covered in glass like a giant fish tank. It was probably made so all the teachers could see what the students were doing. Alexander was half tempted to go in to see if anyone would remind him of the crying girl in his dreams, but with all the gawking girls and awkward stares he was getting, he doubted he could get a good look around. Reluctantly, Alexander headed to the office to pick up his schedule and Ash was skipping happily behind him.

Michael, Alexander’s alleged twin, was already at the front desk and happily passed Alexander his schedule. Michael was a pure blooded German that all the girls fell for. Even the lady in the front office was looking at him like she wanted to savor the moment. Michael had soft golden locks and sky blue eyes that made most girls feel like they could fly. His face was so flawless every feature looked like it was carved by angels and blessed by God himself.

His clothes only enhanced his looks. Michael only wore the best designer shirts and no matter what color or style shirt he wore, he always looked like he was on the top of the food chain. He only wore the best pair of jeans that would fit perfectly to his body’s muscles. As far as Alexander could remember, Michael had never once looked out of style or out of place in his life. Alexander, on the other hand, was the total opposite.

He was as practically as old as time, since he has spent over two thousand years as a vampire. He had pitch black hair and calm sea blue eyes. Alexander wore what he wanted when he wanted, and had never really felt relaxed around people, and almost nobody felt relaxed around him. All the girls he ever met were always either scared of him, or intrigued by his need to be alone; they were always either Goths or hopeless romantics. Michael always says he and Alexander were total opposites. Alexander always drove girls away, while Michael drew them in.

Ash, Alexander’s and Michael’s apparent adopted sister, quickly snatched all three of their schedules and checked and rechecked them to make sure at least someone had the same class as her. Michael and Alexander, despite them both being juniors, had no classes together, which Alexander didn't mind. Michael always treated Alexander like a nuisance, especially when he was flirting with girls. Ash, who was only a year younger than them, had Algebra II with Alexander because she took Algebra in eighth grade (or at least that's what her papers say), so they had their last period together.

Ash was like a little sister to Alexander despite them not really being related, or looking anything alike. When they first met, Ash was a slave back before the Civil War, but Alexander found her and quickly fixed that. She had light brown skin, and her hair was just as dark as Alexander’s. Ash’s eyes were such a dark brown that they looked almost pitch black to a majority of the population. The only way to see the true beauty of her brown eyes would be to either look at them in the sunlight, or to look right into her eyes.

As long as anyone in their family could remember Ash had always loved the colors blue and black. Right when hair dye was invented Ash always highlighted her hair will all different shades of blue. She also wore a lot of punk and Gothic clothes, all either black, blue, or a mixture of both.

“I can’t wait for Algebra!” Ash said holding onto Alexander’s arm like a daughter would her father. “We get to have a class together, the rest are just plain boring without you!” She whined, but she was just trying to be funny, and Alexander smiled down on her, she was the only person in the world he would show that type of expression to, even though it was hollow.

All of Alexander’s classes were short and unbearably noisy. Every boy, in each of his classes, found at least a thousand ways to make the teacher notice them. They stole fellow classmates’ things or food, messed with the teacher, and in every way possible tried to find some way to make Alexander want to punch them. Not that he would unless he wanted them to be sent to the hospital, which was actually tempting.

When lunch finally arrived he quickly found Ash and sat next to her, after all, she was the only person that was willing to sit next to him. Michael on the other hand sat with his ‘friends’ that he just made in a day, he always did work fast. Although as far as Alexander noticed, based on Michael’s description, his new girlfriend (that he just met a week ago) was nowhere to be found at his table. Not that anyone was all that surprised.

While Alexander and Ash made small talk, meaning Ash talked and Alexander just nodded, he thought about his dreams. Like what if the girl was at the same school or better yet, the same classes as him? He had to, no, he wanted to see this girl, and try to help her, help himself, finally get over what he did so long ago.

“Hey Alex, are you alright, you look a little spacey, well more than usual anyway.” Ash said as she waved her hand in front of Alexander’s face, immediately snapping him out of his thoughts.

“Hm? What did you say?” Alexander asked as his consciousness zoned back into reality, “Sorry I was just lost in thought what were you talking about?

Ash looked at Alexander. He could see the worry in her eyes though she refused to show it. “Are you alright? You seem really distant lately; are you have nightmares about that night again?” Ash asked, but Alexander just looked away. He refused to even think of that incident much less talk about it again. He was trying his hardest to forget all about it, but his guilty conscience refused to let it go. “I understand, but you know you can talk to me. I would hate it if you held this burden alone.” She finished with sadness in her voice.

Ash had never actually been around when Alexander’s nightmares were at their prime, but Ash thought of Alexander as a brother more than he thought of her as a sister, so she was naturally worried. He simply nodded and the bell rang for lunch to end.

Alexander spent the rest of his classes alone, and since every class was boring without Ash, he actually slept through the last one. This time in his dream, he didn't hear anything, it was like she wasn't sad, but not happy either, just plain empty, Alexander felt a pinch or empathy for the girl at the thought. Then the bell rang and woke him up, and he headed towards Algebra II.

Algebra was not like his other classes; it was calmer but still held a lot of voices. It might have just been because there were next to no boys there, after all, the last period, this period, was for boys’ athletics. Alexander promised himself he would never play any athletic sport after he tried in the ninety’s. There were a few bone injuries after every sport he played, but Michael seemed to never have the same issues. He played both soccer and football, and so far no one has ever been hurt because of him.

That may have been because Michael has had a lot of practice when it comes to human interaction, while Alexander had none. He only interacted with humans was only after hundreds years of being alone in the wilderness, with only animals and the occasional weirdos to keep him company.

When Alexander entered the classroom he half expected the girls expressions, they have been making them all day. They all looked at him in complete awe. Obviously, there was not a lot of pitch black-haired, sea blue-eyed boys here because they all had the same exact reaction. Alexander quickly ignored them and walked farther into the classroom.

In the back corner there were two girls that didn't seem to be taking any notice towards Alexander, not that he minded of course. The only reason he even noticed them was because they were sitting right next to Ash, so out of brotherly love he sat next to her. The girls were talking about Homecoming, like just about everyone else in school, but the topic was a little different from the usual.

“Come on Amie, it’ll be fun! I actually got your boss to give you the day off, a dress that I know will look stunning on you, and a blind date that my boyfriend said would be more than happy to meet you.” The girl speaking was a pure ginger. She was as pale as a ghost with freckles all over her face; she also had long wavy strawberry blonde hair, and storm grey eyes.

Alexander could tell that, to most boys, she would be one of the hottest girls in school, she had beautiful make up, her hair and skin looked silky smooth. Her clothes also fit in perfectly with her hourglass figured body.

“You just met your boyfriend a few days ago, and you two have already hooked me up with someone?” Amie, the girl next to the ginger, said with a shocked yet troubled look on her face, “Liz, I appreciate everything you’re doing, but I don’t even know this boy.” Alexander smiled when he realized that she was in the same situation he would always be in at least five times every year.

The girl, Amie, was as plain as plain could get. She had brown hair that was tied tightly in a ponytail and light caramel eyes that were surrounded in rectangular shaped glasses. She also had a natural light tan skin, unlike other girls in the world, and had absolutely no makeup on. There was no eyeliner, no mascara, he couldn't even find a trace of foundation on her face.

She was wearing a grey long sleeved shirt that fit very loosely on her. She was also wearing a plain baggy pair of jeans, and the classic black and white tennis shoes.

“Amie that’s the point in a blind date,” Liz said, “Please, Amie, Conner will gloat when he finds out you’re not there tomorrow, or worse, without a date!” The ginger said with mock surprise on her face.

Amie gave a heavy sigh that told Alexander that she knew she couldn't win this fight. “Fine, but you owe me for this. You’ll get me a pop every day for lunch for two weeks.”

“Pop? It’s soda! Gosh freaking Yankee.” Liz winked with a huge smile on her face, and then looked towards the front of the room.

Amie started to turn towards the front of the classroom as well, but stopped right when she saw Alexander. Her reaction wasn't like the other girls, not even a little. She wasn't in awe; it was more like pure shock. It may have been because Alexander was looking at her also, but he didn't have much time to think about it because at an alarming rate, her face became beat red. Like she had just got done running a marathon. Alexander was half tempted to call an ambulance as her face started to turn purple.

Then in a flash, she turned away, looking like she was in desperate need of some air. Alexander stared blankly at the girl, ‘Is she a hopeless romantic?’ he couldn't help but think, but pushed it aside as he started to focus on the teacher’s lesson.

Although, throughout the rest of the class period he kept looking at Amie through the corner of his eye, and her face never once went back to its original light tan color.

When the final bell rung Amie was the first person out the door, dragging Liz with her. Alexander tried not to think about why she was so startled by him, but failed miserably. ‘Does she have a crush on me, or was it just a shock that I was staring directly at her?’ He thought, but then sighed and slowly started to leave the room, with Ash hot on his heels.

Alexander headed for the parking lot that held his car, a pitch black 370 Z Nissan Touring, the coolest car he has ever seen. He always drove with Ash wherever they wanted, or Ash wanted anyway. Alexander didn't mind however, he loved spoiling her. Michael had his own car, a silver convertible 2009 Corvette Stingray Concept, it may be better than Alexander’s Z but he never cared.

“Hey Alexander, don’t forget we have plans today.” Ash said as she headed for the car ahead of Alexander. “We’re going to the mall, to look for outfits for the dance!” Big events always excited Ash. Of course, she never really danced unless Alexander danced with her, but she loved to either hang out with him and Michael, or wander around talking to new people.

“Yeah, I remember, how could I forget when you mention it every day?” Alexander said while putting on a fake smile to tell her he was joking, but there were still no real emotions behind it, there never has been after he was turned.

Alexander and Ash only spent a few minutes in the house until Michael showed up and they started for the mall.

When they got to the mall they headed straight towards their destination, or Ash‘s at least. It was, what most people would call, a Goth and/or Emo store. And despite the fact that most of the dressed there were for Goths to wear on a daily basis, Ash insisted on getting her dress there. Though after seeing her in it, no one could say she didn't look breathtaking.

The dress was exactly her style, and it wasn't girly in the slightest, which meant to world to her. The dress had no sleeves, and looked like it was made out of a thousand shredded pieces of blue and black cloth that complimented the other. However the cloths overlapped each other to make it into a perfect dress for Ash.

Then Alexander felt a tug in his gut that he knew was his brotherly instincts kicking in. He has only felt it towards Ash and his real brother, who died a long time ago. When he realized the sensation he was glad Ash didn't have a date or else the poor boy would probably be missing from the dance, school, and home.

When they got done buying her dress they went to look for tuxedos that took forever to size up. Michael’s tuxedo was white on white, while Alexander got the classic black jacket and pants with the white shirt. It was the best in his opinion, though Ash wanted him to get the black on black. They then went to look for ties, which were just as difficult as choosing Tuxedos. For Michael it was easy, he got a light blue tie to match his eyes. For Alexander he just couldn't choose, mostly because he didn't care, so he went with the one Michael insisted he got; a red satin tie.

The rest of their shopping trip was Ash’s choice. When it came to what she wanted to do no one argued, except for maybe Ben. They spent endless hours shopping at random stores she chose. Until she finally dragged them back to the Gothic store, which she said would be their last destination before going home.

At that moment Alexander thought it would be better to stand outside like all the other brothers and boyfriends that weren't all that keen to be caught going in there. However he still had a good view of the inside of the store.

When he looked around he saw a bunch of girls staring at him all of them either going into the store or coming out. It took him awhile to realize why he was getting the stares; he was a Goth girl’s dream man. He had black spiky hair that almost covered his sea blue eyes, a pure black t-shirt, and a pair of dark baggy jeans.

He tried not to look at anyone in particular, but two girls didn't look like the typical Goths, so they stood out. When Alexander got a better look he recognized them as the girls in his Algebra II class, Liz and Amie.

They seemed to be looking at hair accessories. While they looked they smiled at them, like the flowers they were looking at were amusing in some way. After a while Amie’s head turned towards Alexander‘s direction. Right when she saw him her face then turned the same red blush on her face as in Algebra. Then to get her to look away Alexander looked her right in the eyes, and to his amusement, she turns away as fast as she could, again.

Ash then, out of nowhere, stuffed two large bags into Alexander’s arms. While they were leaving, Alexander turned around to see Amie looking at him again, except this time with extreme curiosity written all over her face, but he could see a little worry as well.

Amie wasn't one for dances or blind dates, but Liz was dragging her anyway. She would have preferred to just stay home and read than be jealous that her best friend had someone she wasn't forced to go on a date with. Amie only saw Liz and her boyfriend together a couple times, and they had looked happy, but not much else. Every time she saw them they seemed a little awkward towards each other to say the least. It was like they weren't sure if they were the best match for one another, but Amie chose not to share her concerns, well not yet anyway.

However after their shopping spree yesterday, Amie kind of wanted to go to the Homecoming dance. The boy she saw in Algebra II and outside that store was like no other she had ever seen. He had this weird aura about him, it was as if he felt lost and wanted something to help him out of it, it worried Amie to no end.

When Amie saw the boy she couldn't help but want him to be at the dance, but that was very unlikely. After all, to Amie, he didn't seem like the type that would like to dance, so she planned to bring a book to read. The book was for if her blind date didn't pan out.

Then three loud bangs on her door broke through her thoughts, and Amie couldn't help but flinched at all three of them. “What the hell are doing this early in the damn morning?” It was Amie’s father, drunk from another night of grieving for her mother. “You better not be up this early just to annoy the hell out of me!” Amie let out a sigh, to him it was probably early, but to her it was late in the afternoon. She loved her father, but whenever he gets drunk, she wished she could run away. However he was only like this because of her mother, who had left them a long time ago.

Amie’s mother had always had a weird intuition about people. Everyone was scared of her and said she was insane, even Amie’s dad soon started to believe the rumors. Amie’s mother, after finally having enough, ran away from him and left Amie behind when she was only eight, her dad had been nothing but drunk ever since. Not a single day had gone by where he hasn't drunk his weight in alcohol, and he almost never goes shopping for anything besides booze. Right when Amie was old enough she got a job, and started buying all the food she could for her and her father, thought he rarely ever ate it.

The thing is, ever since Amie was twelve she has been able to feel people’s feelings and guess their intentions by just looking at them, just like me mother had. She tried to tell her dad about it, but he despised her enough by just looking like her mother. Now that Amie was acting like her, it pushed her father over the edge and he couldn't take it. It was then that Amie started to get abused by him.

It started off as just a slap here or there, but over the years his beating towards Amie had become more relentless and once she reached high school almost every inch of her body was practically covered with scars or bruises. She considers herself lucky he had only hit her face on rare occasions. Everything else was easy to cover up by her long baggy clothes.

Amie let out a sigh at her father’s words, but didn't reply to them. Instead, she just picked up her purse, a bag of clothes, and whatever make-up she had and tried to get out the door before he could do anything to stop her. However she had no such luck.

“Trying to run away again?” He asked grabbing her ponytail as she tried to reach the front door. Amie let out a small yelp as she felt her hair being pulled out. “You should have already learned better.” He said with a devilish grin.

Her dad then threw Amie onto the kitchen floor where she landed painfully on a bottle of beer that shattered on impact. She flinched as the glass shredded into her side, but kept her mouth shut in fear of enraging or even encouraging him more. She simply looked down at the floor and tried to keep her face as emotionless as possible; knowing that any sign of emotion usually sends him into a frenzy of beatings.

When her dad saw that what he did had no effect on her, he let out a growl grabbed a bottle of beer out of the fridge and stormed into his room. Amie could just make out the sounds of him mumbling to himself.

However she didn't want to wait for him to come back, so she quickly got up and rushed out of her house and towards Liz’s. As she walked she held onto her side, trying to stop the bleeding before it got too sever. Amie was sure that Liz would freak if she saw the cuts, but she couldn't worry about it now. The only thing she could do now was stop the bleeding, and get to her friend’s house so she could stitch it up properly.

Liz has been like a sister to Amie ever since they first met. However for Homecoming she wanted nothing more than to dress Amie up like her own life sized Barbie doll and shove her into the first boy that seemed mildly interested in her. Though Amie didn't mind what her friend’s makeover plans were. She had all but gotten used to them after her mother practically attacked her when Amie was little. And in all honestly, if it made Liz happy, Amie was happy.

Liz’s house wasn't that far from Amie’s so she never minded walking there, plus it were moments like this that Amie was thankful for. Whenever she walked she always had a chance to just think and calm down from the day’s events. On the way, all she could think about was how to explain this to Liz without her freaking out and attempting to call the cops, again.

Amie sighed and decided to change the topic in her head. After all walking time was worry free time, not freak the hell out time, so she thought about the boy she saw yesterday. She thought about him a lot while she walked, like would he be at the Homecoming dance. Then she thought about what he would be doing if he wasn't going to come. Would he sleep, read, play video games, or just hang out with some friends.

Then she saw something that made all thoughts about the boy disappear from the front of her mind. Just a few short feet away from her was a sleek, red, Nissan 350Z with black flames painted onto it that looked like they were pouring out from under the car. The flames were blue coming from the bottom and turning black as it rose to the top. It was parked in front of a huge old, but nice, looking mansion.

Amie couldn't help but get closer to her dream car. It was just so beautiful, the blood red paint job, the black fire that seemed to clash nicely with the red, and then there was the leather seating. Amie just kept looking until she felt her wound sting. She put more pressure onto it and then she looked at the time on her watch, she needed to hurry to Liz’s. If she didn't leave now, who knows what Liz would think.

With a sigh, Amie looked up and was automatically shocked. There was a boy standing at the doorway of the house. He had shaggy black hair that almost reached his shoulders, his dark sea blue eyes seemed to look straight through her, he looked about Amie‘s age, fifteen, maybe sixteen.

Looking at his clothes Amie could tell that he would probably be Liz’s type, he had black skinny jeans, a black graphic T, and black converse. He was also wearing a gold coin necklace around his neck; when Amie tried to get a better look at the coin she saw the face side had a huge slash mark on it.

However, her mind was pulled away from the necklace when she felt his aura. It was a mixture of all different kinds of emotions. Amie couldn't figure out what one was before it got mixed into another. The longer she stood there, taking the aura in, the more she couldn't help but feel nervous, or even fearful of the aura that was rushing through her.

Amie had only felt this type of aura a couple times and she had never really been able to pinpoint the source. However, her thoughts were cut short as the boy suddenly took a step towards her.

In that moment Amie felt her heart stopped, and then immediately went into overdrive as if it wanted to jump out of her chest and then run in the opposite direction of the boy. Nonetheless, despite the terror that racked at her heart, her feet still refused to move.

“Amie!” She heard Liz say from behind her. Amie immediately turned around to find her most beloved friend running out of her car towards her. “What are you doing, and what happened?” She asked referring to the wound on her side.

Amie turned around to look back at the boy, but found no one there. It was like he was never there at all, like a wraith.

“Nothing,” Amie said, quickly turning around, trying to keep Liz’s concern to a minimum, “I fell in the house and landed on a bottle. It’s nothing to be concerned about.”

Liz gave her a look, and Amie immediately knew that she didn't believe her lie, but thankfully didn't push the matter. Only Liz has ever known about Amie’s dad. Of course, like the good friend she was, she has tried to tell her to see the school counselor or go to the police. But Amie refused to budge; she loved her dad far too much to just send him off to jail.

Liz let out an exhausted sigh, “Okay, but let’s hurry, we don’t want to be too late,” She gave Amie her devious smile then lead her into an almost brand new black 2012 Corvette, that just so happened to be Liz’s car.

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