The Loudest Silence

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The sun creeping through the thin blinds greeted me early in the morning, accompanied by the clanking nearby from the bathroom.

I pinched my nose in frustration at the loud noises early in the morning before sitting up in my bed. Glancing over to my left, my eyes fell upon the empty bed that was usually occupied by Fletcher who was missing.

Running a hand through my unkept hair, I let out a deep yawn. My night was spent turning and tossing with the stress of todays mission looming over me. Today was the first day of classes which meant I had to initiate the plan today.

Most of my missions never involved direct contact or relationships with the subjects, which was the cause of my stress.

How would I approach a 20 year old girl who I barely knew a thing about.

Her lack of social media and physical presence served as a burden in this case.

Not to mention the fact that I wasn’t a people person and never would be.

Life has taught me enough lessons to know that doing things alone and independently would cause no harm to anyone.

Feelings are the pathway to pain, and no interaction meant no feelings would be involved.

I still wasn’t sure on how to approach things but one thing was clear. I had to get close enough to the girl to figure her out. I needed to get her vulnerable enough to reveal her secrets, and as soon as I had enough evidence, I would arrest Rick Wright and any other party involved, including her.

It was as simple as that.

“Are you going to just sit there and stare at the wall?” A pesky voice called from behind me. Fletcher’s scrawny body moved across the room towards his bed where he swiftly took a seat. Propping one his legs on top of the other, he folded his hands before staring at me. His dark curly hair was neatly brushed on top of his head and he was wearing a plaid button up with khaki pants.

It was as if he wanted the whole world to know he was a freshman.

“I was waiting for the bathroom to be available.” I responded as I ran a hand down my face. Glancing at my phone, I saw that the clock read 7:14 a.m. Puzzled, I stared up at Fletcher who was now attempting to put a tie on.

“Classes don’t begin until 8:30, why are you awake and ready so early.” I questioned as I watched him struggle. His tongue hung out of the side of his mouth as he randomly knotted the piece of cloth.

Upon hearing my question, his head shot up. “I didn’t want to risk the possibility of being late on my first day, plus, first impressions are important so I wanted to have enough time to get ready.” He answered, pushing his glasses father up his nose from where they had fallen down.

I slowly nodded at his reasoning, before brushing it off. Though I may not have remembered doing that my freshamn year, I had already established that Fletcher and I were very different which meant different ways of doing things.

“You should get ready, we could both get breakfast before classes begin.” He offered, a bright smile illuminating his face.

“I think I’ll pass today, I’m not a breakfast person.” I replied. I watched as his face fell before he quietly nodded and sat back down on his bed.

A pinch of remorse hit me before I brushed it off. I was here for one reason, and that was to do my job. Making friends and goofing off isn’t part of the plan, and I intend to make sure of that.

Besides, innocent people like Fletcher are better off without me in their lives.

Anyone would be better off without me in their life.

“Okay well, I’m going to be in the dining hall if you need me. Have a good first day.” Fletcher happily called before shutting the front door.

Silence engulfed the room as I laid back down and stared at the wall. Before I knew it, I had dosed off, but was awoken once again by my loud alarm.

Lugging myself out of bed, I made my way to the bathroom where I took a quick shower to freshen up. I brushed my hair and teeth, before making my way back towards my room. Pulling out a clean pair of clothes, I retuned to the bathroom where I got dressed. I had opted on wearing a pair of dark jeans with an old plain long sleeve grey shirt. Before leaving the room, I grabbed a backpack that I had bought before coming here and packed it with a couple of empty notebooks and pens.

I grabbed my phone and wallet along with my schedule before making my way out of the dorm and towards the building where my first class would take place.

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