The Loudest Silence

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I run a hand through my messy hair as I glance down at my watch which read 8:21 a.m. I was leant against the wall a few feet from the classroom door awaiting Isabella Wright’s arrival. It would be in my best interest to introduce myself to her today to get the plan in action as soon as I could.

Though she and I didn’t share every class together, a good majority of her schedule matched mine, courtesy of Mrs. Harris who had made that happen.

Just as I turned to make my way towards the classroom, my gaze landed on two familiar faces.

Both Isabella and Fletcher were walking side by side towards the building where various other students were also headed. Taking a step back to remain hidden from their line of vision, I leaned against the wall causally and bowed my head as they made their way up the steps to the entrance. From where I was standing, I could hear the sound of Fletchers voice mixed with a softer one which more than likely belonged to Isabella.

How did Fletcher know Isabella?

Could he also be affiliated with Rick Wright and his crew?

Making a mental note in my head, I reminded myself to look into Fletchers background to ensure he too wasn’t a part of the illegal activity, though I doubted it. Fletcher seemed like the type of person who wouldn’t even think of driving above the speed limit, let alone illegally smuggle and deal drugs whilst murdering and wounding others.

The same however could also be said for Isabella Wright who appeared to be nothing like the girl I had envisioned when learning of Rick’s daughter.

Cocking my head to the side, I studied her. Dressed in a simple top and a pair of jeans, her dark locks curtained over her face as she timidly approached the classroom door. Her frame was tiny and frail, and she walked with a lack of confidence. She most certainly did not look the part of the daughter of a strong drug lord.

But I didn’t let that fool me.

Criminals had a thing for concealing their true selves behind a fake persona.

I waited until a minute or so after she had entered the room before following behind her. Fletcher had entered a room a few doors beside the one we were in, meaning Isabella was now alone.

I watched as she took a seat in an almost empty row towards the center of the room. Looking around, I watched as students began to settle in their seats and pull out supplies.

Watching the giddy students brought back memories of a younger version of myself who had been in their places not too long ago.

College had been a good time in my life before everything in my life began to go downhill.

Shaking the thoughts that were threatening to creep in, I made my way across the room towards the seat beside Isabella. She was oblivious to my presence as I loomed over her.

“Is this seat taken?” I questioned as I stared down at her. Startled at the newfound presence by her, she looked up at me with wide eyes.

She stared up at me silently for a few seconds before silently shaking her head.

I flashed her a smile to which she shyly turned away from before dropping into the seat beside her. I pulled my backpack under my seat before leaning back against the seat. Silence loomed over the two of us as we awaited the arrival of our professor.

I tapped my foot silently as I thought of what to utter to the quiet girl seated beside me.

Turning towards her, I blurted the first thought that came to mind.

“Do you have a pen I can borrow?” She once again turned to me before nodding her head and reaching into her bag. I resisted the urge to pinch the bridge of my nose and shake my head at myself for the only thing I could muster up to say to her.

I flashed her another smile as she handed over the pen to me. Her brown orbs met mine for few short seconds before she quickly turned to face the front of the room.

“Thanks.” I answered before pulling out a sheet of paper.

I watched as she nodded her head in response, not once turning to look at me.

Either this girl was incredibly shy or secretly despised me.

Turning to face the front of the room, I caught the eye of another student who was turned around in her seat. Though she was speaking to another girl in the same row as myself, her eyes were locked with mine. She flashed me a sultry smile and a wave to which I responded with a small smile.

Though I wanted to keep a low profile, I knew I had to play the part of a male college student, which meant attending parties, meeting girls, and making friends.

The loud commotion in the room soon died down as the professor made his way towards the front of the room. The short, pudgy bald man looked frantic as quickly set his items down on the desk. He shortly introduced himself and began to speak about the course before handing out a syllabus.

Isabella remained silent throughout the duration of the class, simply nodding as the professor drawled on about the English course and what to expect throughout the seamster.

The hour passed by quickly, and soon students were shuffling out of the room to either their next classes or towards the common student area where the library and cafeteria were.

Picking my bag up, I made my up the rows behind Isabella who had somehow found herself towards the front,in between an array of students.

I soon made it outside and was about to call out her name to return her pen before realizing that we hadn’t exchanged names.

Pinching my eyes shut in annoyance at my near slip up, I shoved the pen back into my bag before checking the time again which now read 10 a.m. I had around fifteen minutes before my next class began, except this time Isabella and I didn’t share the class.

I turned around to catch up to Isabella who was now walking down the hall when suddenly a pair of red flats came into my line of vision.

Looking up, my eyes met with those of the girl who had waved at me earlier in class. Her bright eyes gazed into mine as she flipped her long brown hair to the side and once again flashed me a smile.

“Hey, I’m Mel.” She introduced as she held a out a manicured hand for me to shake.

Taking her hand in mine, I answered, “Mason.” Though boss had insisted I change my name for the mission, I refused. Only a select amount of people knew that I worked for the F.B.I, and most of them were colleagues so even if anyone recognized me, I would just lie about attending graduate school here.

“My friends and I were headed to grab lunch, care to join?” She asked as she moved closer to me.

Flashing her a small smile, I shook my head, “Sorry, I have a class in about ten minutes.” I answered to which she pouted her lips.

“Pity, maybe next time Mason.” She said before turning on her heels and walking away with her friends, not before flashing me a wink.

Mel was no doubt attractive, but I was here for one reason only and that was to do my job. I wasn’t here to waste my time on girls, no less, college ones who would run at the mention of both my job and problems.

Just as I turned around to see if I could catch up to Isabella, I caught sight of her dark locks just as she walked into a classroom down the hall.

Looking down at my schedule, I sighed before turning back around and making my way to my philosophy class.

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