The Loudest Silence

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The day was passing by faster than I had anticipated. My first two classes, which were English and Psychology passed by fairly quickly with the professors simply providing an outline of what to expect for the semester.

Each moment that passed, I couldn’t help but wonder how it was even possible that I was attending college. Months ago the thought of even going outside was scarce, yet here I was attending my first ever college classes.

Isla had met up with me after my second class for lunch and mostly vented about how she had once again misplaced her newly bought headphones. We both ate before bidding our goodbyes and heading to our last class for the day.

Glancing down at my schedule I looked to see which building I was headed to next seeing as my next class was a history course.

Making my way across campus, I looked around at the various students mingling with their friends. My thoughts fell back to Fletcher whom I hadn’t seen since we had parted ways early morning. He was a very talkative person, the opposite of me, but I didn’t mind that about him since he seemed to be nice.

I had tried to stop myself from thinking about Rick who I knew would be checking in soon to ensure I wasn’t doing anything out of line. Roman, who I was told was supposed to be looking over me was absent throughout the day, or many I had just been oblivious to his presence. He seemed to be very aloof and standoffish, so I wouldn’t be surprised to know that he hadn’t announced his presence to me.

I soon arrived in front of the classroom and glanced down at my watch to see that I had made it few minutes before the class was due to begin. Upon entering, I glanced around to see that nearly every seat in the class was occupied. The students seated were chatting amongst themselves as I made my way down the rows to find an empty seat.

I soon spotted a seat near the top corner of the room and made my way over. As I got closer to the seat, I noticed the same boy who had sat beside me during English was now seated beside the empty seat.

He wore a dark scowl on his face as his eyes roamed over the room. Opposed to the friendly smiles he had exhibited earlier, he now appeared to unapproachable and unfriendly as he broodingly sat in his seat.

I quietly walked over to the seat, and sat down, avoiding eye contact with the two people seated on both sides of me.

Earlier today, he had struck me as an odd person. He was undoubtedly very attractive and seemed to be popular, yet he chose to sit beside me, the quiet, shy girl, when various other seats were available.

Though we had only exchanged a few words, I had made a mental note to myself to not make anymore friends. Isla was my roommate so there was no way of avoiding a casual friendship with her and Fletcher was simply an acquaintance, and that was as far I was willing to go.

I would be civil and nice to my classmates, but anything beyond that I would avoid because with Rick and Roman looming above my heads, I was bound get caught up in some mess, and I wasn’t willing to drag innocent people into it.

Pulling out an empty notebook and a pen, I began doodling on the inside as I silently waited for the professor to begin class. The girl seated beside me was tapping away on her phone, lost in another dimension, whereas the guy beside had his stare focused solely on me.

I promptly avoided his eyes, keeping mine focused on the little flowers I was drawing inside my notebook.

A throat cleared beside my before a large hand grasping a pen came in my line of vision.

“I forgot to return this earlier, you ran off before I could catch up to you. Thanks again.” The guy beside me uttered as I glanced up to look at his face. I studied his face for a split second when I realized I had seen the guy before. He was the same guy who I had run into when Isla asked me to return her novel. A hot blush seared my cheeks suddenly as I recalled the embarrassing memory of when he returned Isla’s interesting book choice back to me.

“You’re welcome.” I answered, taking the pen back from him.

“I’m Mason.” He introduced, a small smile enclosing his face.

“Isabella.” I responded. An unknown expression crossed his face for a small moment before a smile returned on his face. His brown locks, which effortlessly laid messily on his head looked like they had been run through numerous times throughout the day. Despite this, it was obvious to a blind person that Mason was attractive, and from our exchange, polite.

Looking away, I once again faced the front of the class where the professor now stood, handing out papers to the students in the first row. As the papers made their way over to us, I listened in as the professor explained what was expected from us in the duration of his classes.

“Here.” Mason said before the syllabus was placed onto my desk. I whispered a quiet thanks to him before returning my attention back to the professor who was now explaining the grading procedures. I intended to spend as much time as I could studying and working for my time being at school. I didn’t know how long this moment of freedom would last for me, but I intended to at least get as far as I could in my classes.

This small bit of freedom I’d been given was more than I could I ever asked for, and although the circumstances aren’t ideal, I was happy with whatever I had.

As the professor spoke on about each of the subject we would be covering, my mind wandered off to the mysterious boy seated beside me. From the outside he appeared to be the ideal jock or popular guy, but something about him didn’t seem to completely fit into that standard. He seemed to be holding something very deep to him, something that runs farther than just his exterior. I didn’t know what it was, but there was definitely something there.

I was shaken from my thoughts from the sounds of students packing their things and making their way out of the room. I barely saw the back of Mason’s shirt before he disappeared into crowed of students making their way outside. The classroom was nearly cleared when I made my way out of the room but just as I turned the corridor I ran into another familiar face.

Roman was leant against the wall, clad in a navy shirt and dark pants, as he stared upward at the ceiling. At the sound of my footsteps his head cocked over to look at me. I slowed to a stop in front of him as he stood up straight and faced me.

“You shouldn’t be speaking to anyone.” Was the first thing he said as he shoved his hands into his pockets.

I tilted my head to the side in confusion as to who he was referring to to which he rolled his eyes at me. “Pretty boy from class.” He sighed as his eyes bore into mine. From where I was standing, I could see the tiredness in his eyes. He appeared to be exhausted, which told me that he was the last person anyone would want to mess with today.

“He just returning a pen he borrowed. Since when did you have this class with me.” I questioned as I hoisted my bag farther up my shoulder.

He gave me a dry look before responding, “Since Rick asked me to look after you.”

“You mean spy on me.” I retorted, pushing a strand of hair behind my ear.

He silently stared at me for a few moments, studying my face before pulling his phone out of his pocket and glancing at the time.

“Rick needs you tonight, so be ready around 9. We’ll be waiting where we were last time.” Roman informed with a stoic expression before shoving his hands back in his pocket and stalking down the nearly empty hallway.

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