The Loudest Silence

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A sigh of relief escaped my lips as I took a step into the warm room. The temperature this morning had dropped significantly from yesterday, and the walk from the dorm buildings across campus seemed especially lengthy today. The smell of coffee instantly greeted my nose as I walked further into the dimly lit coffee shop. Sounds of running coffee machines and light chatter surrounded the room as I made my way towards the back corner of the room where a table remained unoccupied.

Dropping my coat onto the back of the seat, I headed towards the front counter and ordered two cups of coffee. The cheerful barista quickly made the drinks and handed them over before returning to the register to help the next costumer. Settling down into my seat, I leaned against the back of the chair and diverted my attention out the window. It was barely seven in the morning on a Sunday morning which meant that the roads were vacant aside from the occasional stragglers. Dark clouds took refuge in the sky and it didn’t seem like the sun would be coming out anytime soon for the remainder of the day.

I could hear the bell attached to the front door of the shop ring as I looked up to see Tyler headed my way. His hair appeared messy like he had just rolled out of bed, which knowing Tyler, I wouldn’t put it past him to do that. Pulling the seat in front of me out, he sat down and pulled his cup of coffee his way before finally speaking.

“Is there a reason why seven in the morning is your ideal time to meet up?” He asked with an irritated expression before taking a long sip of his coffee. I let out a small chuckle before pulling out a sticky note with a license plate messily written on it.

“I’m sorry, I have to be back at the bureau later today, but I just needed you to do me a favor. One of the back up agents posted on campus for this case saw Roman Carter and Isabella Wright leaving in this car. He couldn’t tail them in time, but I need you to run me these plates. Find me anything you can on it.” I said, pushing the note in his direction. Tyler remained silent as he slipped the note into his pocket before letting out a small sigh. I could see a crease forming between his brows as he stared at me without saying a word. If there was one thing I knew about Tyler, it was that he rarely went silent. It was considered a blessing when he actually did shut up, but for some reason I could tell there was something weighing on his mind.

“Ty?” I asked, using his old high school nickname.

I watched as he a ran a hand through his head before finally looking up at me, “Has boss contacted you at all this past week?” He asked with an unknown look in his eyes as I furrowed my brows.

Sitting up in my seat, I responded, “No? Was there something he needed to talk to me about?” I asked as Tyler avoided my gaze and glanced out the window. I could tell he was silently battling with himself before finally turning back to me.

“He found something about the men associated with Rick Wright.” He hesitantly said as I cocked my head to the side. I didn’t quite understand what he was trying to get at but before I could open my mouth to ask, he continued, “A couple of agents and police departments had provided us with some of Wright’s men’s names, and boss asked me to look into some of them. A lot of them were randoms that had committed minor crimes prior to being recruited, but there were two in particular that stood out.” He explained before pulling a piece of paper out of the pocket of his coat and sliding it across the table towards me.

Opening up the folded paper, I took in a deep breath and braced myself for what was written inside. Two names stared back at me as I felt my blood run cold. All outside chatter faded away as my eyes remained locked on the small letters typed on the page.

Two names.

Names that been engraved in my mind for years now.

“Mason, these are some of the men that had been involved with Nicks...” Tyler started but before he could finish I abruptly stood up. Snatching the paper off the table, I ignored Tyler’s calls and rushed out of the shop as I headed towards the student parking lot where my car was parked.

Sliding into the drivers seat, I ignored Tyler’s instant calls on my phone as I quickly dialed my boss’s number. I could feel my blood rushing to my head as I backed out of the lot and sped onto the main road.

“Hello?” His gruff voice finally answered as I resisted the urge to throw my phone out of the moving car.

How could he hold this information from me? Especially knowing that I was assigned to a case directly associated with it.

Unless he had known prior to assigning it.

I attempted to keep my anger at bay as I finally spoke up, “Did you know?” I lowly asked as I kept my eyes focused on the vacant road ahead.

“What? Son, you’re not making any sense.” He answered as I felt my grip on the phone get tighter.

“Did you know that Miles and Stevens were associated with Rick Wright?! Is that why you assigned me the damn case? Because I’d get the job done if I knew that the men working with Rick Wright were involved with the murder of my brother!" I yelled venomously as my boss remained silent on the other line. It had been my first time ever raising my voice at my boss. In fact, it had been my first time in a while expressing my anger about Nick’s murder in such a manner.

“Son, you need to get off the road and cool off. Come into my office and we can discuss this-”

“Just answer the fucking question.” I interrupted as he finally let out a sigh on the other end.

“I didn’t know about it when I assigned the case to you. Another report was reestablished after you had already begun the case, and it was too late to assign another agent since you had already established connections. I meant to tell you, but I didn’t want this to cloud your mind and block your judgement.” He explained as I shook my head. A dry chuckle left my mouth as I tossed my phone to the backseat.

What are the odds that the same demons from my past still followed me to this day.

It was as if the universe was trying to tell me that there was no escape.

I felt a fire rage through me as I continued driving with no real destination in mind. I didn’t know where I was going, but I knew I wanted to be alone. I watched as small droplets began to fill up my windshield as I quickly turned the radio on. Disastrous thoughts threatened to cloud my mind, and I needed something to sound out the voice in my head.

I didn’t know how long I drove for until I found myself pulling into the same street that held a decade’s worth of memories. Slowing to a stop in front of the tiny white home perched in the right corner of the street, I turned the car off and glanced outside the window. Nothing about my childhood home had changed, yet nothing was the same.

Things hadn’t been the same for so long, yet it seemed like I was the only one suffering.

The only one whose life had stayed at a complete standstill from that one fateful night.

I could see the shadow of two figures behind the curtain and I felt an unknown emotion wash over me. I felt the sudden urge to go in there and just lay on my mother’s lap like I did when I was younger, but I knew I couldn’t. Not until I was done with this case.

Not until I was done with Rick Wright.

There would come a day where I could go in there.

There would come a day where Rick Wright and his men would pay.

And it didn’t matter who perished in the middle of the fire.

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