The Loudest Silence

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Heaviness weighed on my mind as Isabella and I walked towards the dorms. It was nearing ten p.m, and we had just gotten back to campus. Despite it being relatively late, campus was still lively as students chatted among us. Isabella and I had been mostly silent since our exchange at the park earlier. Both our moods had shifted drastically after asking about her wounds, and we hadn’t spoken much since leaving the park.

It was obvious Isabella had just fed me a random excuse, and although I brushed it off, I knew she was lying to me. I could see the fear in her eyes as she tried to blame the wounds on a cooking accident. As an agent, I had witnessed too much to not be able to identify those wounds. From the looks of it, someone must have deliberately held something hot onto her flesh.

Glancing to my side, I studied Isabella, who was tightly gripping my jacket. It had gotten colder as the night progressed, and she was practically shivering, so I had decided to give her my jacket to warm up. It was nearly twice her size, and it engulfed her figure, yet she still managed to pull it off.

Isabella was beautiful, there was no denying it, but it wasn’t in an obvious way. She often bowed her head, and allowed her hair to curtain her face, concealing her face from the outside world.

I wonder if she did that deliberately to hide her real identity as Rick’s daughter.

The sudden thought of Rick brought my mind back to our encounter at the park earlier. I had been itching to confront Isabella again about the wound, but considering the response she had given me earlier, I wasn’t sure if bringing it up would do much besides push her away and cause her to shut me out even more.

As we approached the doorway leading to the inside of the dorm building, Isabella and I both slowed to a stop. She slowly turned to face me, and gave me a soft smile as she slid my jacket off her shoulders. I could see the turmoil in her eyes as she held the jacket out towards me. She and I both knew that there was an elephant in the room, and it was clear that all she wanted to do was escape the awkwardness of the situation.

“Thank you for tonight. The food was great, and I had a great time.” Isabella said, finally breaking the silence. She continued to hold out the jacket to me, but I simply shook my head and gently pushed it back towards her.

“You can keep the jacket, it suits you better anyways.” I told her, as her eyes lit up with surprise.

“Oh no, I can’t take it. It’s too expensive.” She sheepishly said as she held the jacket out to me once again.

Why would a drug lord’s daughter claim she couldn’t afford a regular leather jacket? With the amount of money Rick had acquired according to our records, Isabella and her father were more than capable of affording these luxuries.

After tonight, I couldn’t help but think how confusing Isabella was. Everything that we knew about her on paper, was so different to how she was in real life. Something didn’t feel right, and I couldn’t pin point if we were mistaken, or whether she played her role really well.

In that moment, I couldn’t help myself as I decided to ask Isabella once again about the wounds. “Isabella, where did you get those wounds.” I gently asked as I studied her reaction. I decided to ask her in a more calm manner than I had at the park, in hopes that maybe she’d tell me the truth.

Isabella wore a poker face as she scrunched her eyebrows and titled her head to look at me. Despite the confused look she wore on her face, I could in her eyes she knew exactly what I was talking about.

“You mean those tiny burns on my arm? It was from when I was cooking!” Isabella cheerfully said as she let out a small giggle. She was lying through her teeth, and it was clear I wasn’t going to get anything out of her. She wasn’t going to reveal what had actually happened, and I didn’t want to possibly blow my cover, so I decided to drop the topic.

Letting out a small sigh, I nodded my head in response to her, “Well, I should get going then, but I’ll see you in class next week.” I said to her before pulling her in for a hug.

I could feel her heart beating rapidly against my chest as she wrapped her arms around me. Her frail figure was shivering agains the chilly wind, and I couldn’t help but want to keep my arms wrapped tightly against her to shield her from the cold.

“You know you can always talk to me, right?” I softly said into her ears as we remained in our tight embrace. Although I was here as an agent, I was being sincere about what I was saying. Despite me being here undercover, this past month getting to know Isabella and spending time with her had allowed me to develop a connection with her. Although my situation here was temporary, I had grown to care for Isabella.

As we pulled apart, I could see the war in Isabella’s eyes as she silently stared at me. It seemed like there was something itching to come out of her mouth, but after a brief moment, it faded away as she replaced it with a smile.

“Thanks, Mason.” She softly said, before she stood on her toes, and placed a soft kiss on my cheek. I had hoped that maybe she would open up to me, but it didn’t seem like it would happen anytime soon. She didn’t say anything else as she waved goodbye to me, before heading into the dorms.

I could feel my mind pulling me in different directions as I tried to make sense of everything that had happened these past few weeks. I didn’t know what had gotten into me for this particular assignment. Usually, I took all the facts I was given by boss, and did my job as per usual, yet for some reason I couldn’t do the same this time.

Knowing that I was going to be restless all night, I decided to head to the office to see if there were any other files on Isabella and Rick Carter that could possibly reveal more. It was late, and there weren’t many people left except those that were finishing up for the night.

As I made my way towards my office, I was surprised to see the lights still on inside boss’s office. It wasn’t rare to see him working so late, but he typically made it a point to head home at a reasonable time.

Stopping in front of his door, I lightly knocked on it, before hearing a grunt in response. Various papers and files were scattered all over the desk as I stepped into the office. My boss himself was standing in front of a wall where he appeared to be piecing together a crime scene board.

He looked surprised to see me as he set down his papers and took a seat behind his desk. Settling down in front of him, I picked up the file he was working on, and briefly glanced through it. A prominent lawyer and his wife had been found dead, and it appeared to be a homicide that was covered up as a murder-suicide.

“Question his partner at the law firm.” I stated as I tossed the file back down onto the desk. Boss let out a tired sigh as he took a sip of his now cold coffee.

“People with money and connections always find a way to dodge the police, but we’re getting somewhere.” He said as he sat back at his seat and glanced down at his watch.

“Didn’t I tell you to stop coming by so late. Shouldn’t college students be out partying or something?” He asked me as a I let out a small chuckle. Partying was practically the last thing on my mind.

“I had my fair share of parties back in the day, don’t worry. I stopped by to see some more files on the Rick Wright case.” I told him. I watched as his forehead creased as he looked up at me.

“Did something happen with the Isabella Wright? Did she reveal anything?” My boss asked as I ran a hand through my hair.

“Not exactly, but I can’t help but feel that theres something missing with the case. Something doesn’t sit right with me about Isabella being involved in all this” I tried to explain as my boss stared at me blankly. I could see the exhaustion on his face, as he tried to register what I was saying.

“Are you saying that we’ve got the wrong girl?” He asked as he sat up straight in his chair. Before I could answer, he began to fumble through papers before pulling out Rick’s file.

“No, she’s the right girl, but things about her just don’t add up. I don’t know how to explain it, except that, the girl that they described in that file is opposite of what I’ve seen.

He was silent as he processed what I had just said. I could see the confusion on his face as he stared down at the file. “You don’t think she’s the person we think she is?” He clarified as I simply nodded in response.

I knew I was taking a big risk bringing this up so far into the assignment, but I couldn’t ignore the gut feeling I had.

“Listen son, I want to believe what you’re saying. You’re our best agent for a reason, you can read people well, you’re able to assess a situation and know what to do from there. I trust you, but you can’t exactly deny the facts.” He said as he opened up the file. I remained silent as he pulled out a series of photos and set them down in front of me one by one. There were various photographs of Rick, his men, Roman, and Isabella, all coming in and out of a warehouse.

“Whether she fits the image or not, she has had involvement in drug distribution, serving as a get away driver during violent crimes, and being an accomplice in acquiring illegal money through robberies and illegal drugs.”

I could feel my head throbbing as I pieced together everything my boss was telling me. There was one side to Isabella on paper, and there was a completely different side that I saw.

“People like her know how to play their cards right. You don’t know whether or not she’s putting up a facade with the way she is portraying herself. You only see as much as she allows you to see.” He explained to me as a let out a deep sigh. I ran a hand down my face in frustration as I processed everything that was being said. Nothing seemed to add up, and I didn’t know what to believe anymore.

My mind and heart were telling me different things, and I was torn about what to do about it.

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