The Loudest Silence

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Stacks of papers occupied the messy brown desk as numerous manila colored folders lined the bland shelves perched behind the large black swirly chair. I sat on the hard wooden chair located in front of the wide desk as my eyes wandered over the mundane office. The clock ticking was the only noise echoing around the spacious room as I shook my knee restlessly.

I glanced down at the black watch situated on my left wrist and ran my hand down my face. A few seconds passed in silence before the door behind me creaked open. A large burly man in his late 40′s sauntered in and made his way to the large chair. He let out a deep breath as he sat back against the chair and placed his coffee cup near the edge of the desk. My eyes followed his movements in silence as he rummaged through his desk. A few minutes passed before he cleared his throat and stared at me.

“Mason, Its good to see you. How was your trip?” He acknowledged as he folded his hands on the desk in front of him. I flashed him a small smile as I sat up in my seat. His eyes had dark circles under them and his hair was messily styled on top of his head.

“It went well. Tyler told me that you wanted to see me.” I responded as I ran a hand through my messy brown hair. His unawareness to my urgency to avoid the topic of going back home allowed me to let out a breath of relief as I awaited his reply.

“Yes I did. Sorry I was a little late, the agency has been pretty hectic lately. Then again, when is it not hectic.” He joked as he turned in his seat and began looking through the rows of manila folders behind him.

“I don’t start work again until Monday, but is there an issue that you needed to discuss with me?” I questioned, leaning back into the chair. I watched the back of his head as he nodded before he reached for a folder and turned back to me.

“Actually, I wanted to talk to you about this first before informing your team. This is regarding your next mission.” He advised as I listened closely. I nodded my head as a signal for him to continue as he took a sip of his coffee.

“I’m going to be honest, you’re probably the best FBI agent we’ve recruited in years. The fact that you’re only 23 is even better considering you have more skills than agents we’ve had for years. Thats the reason why, I’m assigning you this next mission. I’m warning you right now though, it won’t be easy, but I have complete faith you’ll get the job done.” He announced as I furrowed my brows in confusion.

“Thank you sir, but you never mentioned what the mission was.” I queried as he nodded before grabbing the folder and pulling out a series of papers and photographs. He grabbed a picture from the stack and slid it over towards me. I leaned forward in my chair and examined the picture.

A man who looked to be in his early 40′s stood against a brick wall that seemed to be in an alleyway. He wore a stained shirt as a cigarette hung from his chapped lips.

“That is Rick Wright, designated drug dealer and possible leader to a drug ring. We have a little information about him and his group who import and sell drugs from unknown sources.” He informed as I glanced down at the photograph again.

“So you want me to track him and his group down and arrest them?” I asked as I stared up at my boss who was rummaging through the pile of papers that came from the folder.

“If it was that easy the job would have been done by now. We have no evidence at all that they are doing this illegal activity, meaning we can’t arrest them. This was initially a problem for the police department, but it got out of hand.” He muttered as he pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration.

“Out of hand?” I questioned in confusion as I waited for him to answer.

“Its not just drug dealing. There have been several reports of robbery. Not only that but 2 men. were found in an alleyway with gunshot wounds to their chests. One of them were dead before officers reported to the scene, and the second one lost his life on his way to the hospital. The robbery and shooting occurred on the same night and I have a feeling Mr. Wright is behind it.” He sighed as he sipped his coffee. A series of images flooded my brain as my visions of brothers bloody body in my arms flashed in front of my eyes.I shook my head to erase the thoughts that threatened to seep into my brain and brought my attention back to the conversation taking place.

“So, I need to find enough evidence to bust this man. Easy, I’m on it.” I announced leaning back into my chair as I rubbed my eyes.

“No, he covers his tracks good. You need to go undercover for this, and I have a plan for you.” He advised as he pulled out another photograph from the folder. He slid it towards me and I once again glanced down to examine it.

My gaze came across a young girl in her late teens. Her dark hair fell a little beyond her shoulders as a gray hood concealed her head. Her large brown eyes stared ahead as her hair blew against the wind. My gaze once again returned to her eyes that were focused straight ahead. The allure of her eyes was powerful. They were so bright, yet so bland and empty. Her gaze was haunting, as if she wasn’t breathing for the sake of living, but for the sole reason that she had to.

Her eyes reminded me of the same eyes that stared back at me in the mirror everyday.

The look in her eyes was the same look in mine.

“That’s Isabella Wright. Rick Wright’s daughter. She seems to be a part of their team and she is the center of this mission.” He said snapping me out of the trance I was in. I gave him a questioning look to which he elaborated.

“She will be attending the university a few miles from here. My guess is that she’ll be doing something for her father down there and thats where you come in. You will attend the same university and begin associating with her. Become friends with her or date her, just something that will get you close enough to her. Gather as much information about her and her father so that when you have enough evidence, we can warrant his arrest and put an end to the illegal activity.” He declared as a look of determination crossed his face.

“What makes you think she’ll trust me?” I asked skeptically as he laughed loudly.

“You’re a girl magnet, son. Even though you steer clear of relationships, you can’t deny the fact that girls fall at your feet. You’ll find a way to charm her and get her to trust you. I trust that you’ll do whatever it takes to complete the mission.” He concluded as he began placing the papers back into the folder.

I sat in my seat silently as I processed the information I had just received. Of all the possible missions, never would I have thought that I would be attending college again after graduating early and being recruited in the FBI right after.

As I got up to leave, I was stopped by the voice of my boss again. I turned to face him with my hand still on the open door as he looked at me with sad eyes.

“You can’t be so uptight and tense when you’re in college. Mimic those frat boys and keep a smile on your face. You’ve been through hell and back son, but you have a whole life to live ahead of you. Don’t waste it.” He said before he began typing away on his computer.

I simply nodded my head before stuffing my hands in the pocket of my jeans and began making my way out of the office and down the long and somber hallway.

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