Here Comes the Sun (Book 1)

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Chapter 11: Liam

I’m not sure why I kissed back.

But I did.

And, for some inexplicable reason, I enjoyed it. It was soft and sweet, and her lips tasted of bitter coffee - the kind I drink in the morning when I have time between dropping Jere off and going to work.


I completely forgot.

I tilt my head in confusion, looking at the girl standing in front of me in a new light. She made me forget. About... everything. About my world crashing down. By just... a kiss? It’s as if it wiped out all worries and left it with only thoughts of curiosity and calmness.

Who is this girl? She doesn’t look like any of the girls around here; she seems... different. Refreshing; the word runs through my mind naturally.I take her in, and decide that it’s suiting. She’s pretty, but not beautiful. Unique. Her nose is small and button-y, along with her ears and height. Her lips are full and pink, a bit swollen from our recent kiss, and her eyes are a warm brown - the kind of brown that makes you calm inside.

Her hair is cut into a pixie, it full and brown. I resist the urge to touch it, my fingers tingling by my sides. Wait. I glance down, and find my hands resting on her hips. Looking back up, I see that she seems surprised by this action too, looking up at me in shock and... pleasure? Blushing, she slowly slides her hands away from my neck, my body shivering at her touch. She’d been touching me this entire time and I didn’t even know? It’s as if her body is mine. Like we are one.

Hesitantly, I search for the right words to say, and I find them in the oddest of places: In her eyes. They’re quirky and lovely and I ask the question I’ve been needing to ask ever since we stopped kissing: “May I kiss you again, Miss?”

Rolling her pink lips inside her mouth, she smiles and nods, and I know that I’ll miss this once she leaves: The numbness I feel when our lips touch, and the erratic thumping of my heart against my chest.The fact that all of my problems seem to disappear becomes, in a way, addicting in such a quick speed. In a small, shy voice, she whispers, “I’m Libby.”

Smiling, really smiling, I nod and the pieces between her anonymity and her being seem to click. “Of course it is,” I murmur. A soft blush crosses her cheeks and I chuckle softly slowly leaning in for the kiss we promised each other. “I’m Liam,” I say before our lips meet.

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