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Summer is an orphan, who has always felt lonely, she had people she cared about but they slowly drifted apart having believed the lies her so called friends spread about her. Jealousy changes people, she learnt that the hard way. No one cared about her existence, she lost her friends and people she called family. Tired of being mistreated she decides to leave and have a fresh start somewhere different. Although distraught she still hadn't lost hope, but knows to never trust easily. All that changes when she bumps into a certain blue - eyed man, who is hell bent on changing her mind.

Chapter 1. The Move

Finally, the bus stopped, still sitting on the bus I wait for people to leave, not wanting to get caught in the rush. I couldn’t help the shaking of my feet; nobody seems to be as excited as I am. Getting away from that horrid place is the best thing that’s happening to me. While waiting for the crowd to lessen my thoughts drift back to my old home if I could even call it that. The smile slips from my face as I remember how badly I was treated, tears begin to blur my vision, my throat tightens and I swallow with a little difficulty.

No, Summer stop! You’re here to move on, to be happy again, stop thinking about them. You’re better than this.

Looking down I begin staring at my worn out jeans, the little stain still there from that little accident at work, god how I hated washing those dishes, my hands would get all dry because of all the soap I’d use. My employer just couldn’t provide his staff with dishwashing gloves. I hated the job, actually I hated more than half the jobs I did, but I had to work, how else would I be able to get away from that place. Taking favours from people was not an option. I don’t need a reason to remember that place. One is enough, Nicholas. Sighing I shake my head.

It’s aright Summer those days are...

“Lady, do you want to get off or not?” snaps the bus driver breaking me out of my thoughts.

“Oh, yeah sorry,” I say apologetically, quickly grabbing my bag I rush out of the bus just after checking around my seat to see if I’ve left anything. I didn’t even realise all the passengers have already gotten off and left.

Urghh, I hate when I zone out and get distracted. Being new to the city I had already found an apartment in advance. Of course, you can’t move to a new place without at least finding a place to stay, especially if you have no relatives or friends.

The weather is surprisingly warm, although it’s supposed to rain according to the weather predictions today. I stand by the bus stop with my bag, which has my important documents, clothes, shoes, and toiletries.

I have some money saved from all the small jobs I used to do where I lived before. Besides dishwashing, I’d babysit the neighbours’ children. Take their dogs out for walks feed their pets. I do love animals. How people abuse animals is beyond me.

Shaking my head, I look around the area wondering where to go from here. I look around the bus stop, trying to get the courage to ask someone for directions and because of the long journey my phone battery died or I would’ve just used google maps, so I have no choice but to ask. If I want to get to my apartment I need to ask people the directions. Many people pass by while I stand, some holding umbrellas probably thinking it might rain.

It’s now or never Summer.

Taking a deep breath I look for a friendly face.

“Okay, okay c’mon Summer they’re not going to bite,” I whisper to myself and take a deep breath again.

“Here goes,” I mumble. After all the jobs I’ve done you’d think I’d stop getting shy, it takes me a while to get used to new people.

A lady passes, “excuse me!” I holler. The lady seems to not have heard me because she just walks by and gets lost in the crowd. Great, should’ve been a little louder.

A few seconds later a man passes by.

“Excuse me!” I shout out; he stops and looks at me having heard my voice.

“Yes?” the man asks looking confused. Sighing in relief and glad he heard.

“Umm, could you please direct me to this place?” I timidly ask showing the man the small piece of paper with the address that I had safely tucked in the pocket of my jeans.

The man checks the address and squints because of my tiny and rough handwriting.

“Okay, go straight from here, cross the road take a right, just opposite the small bakery you’ll see the apartments,” he explains using hand signals.

“Thank you,” I say politely. He nods his head and walks off. See that wasn’t so bad, was it?

Alright, straight from here, as I walk down the street I take the time to look around. People seem to be in such a hurry, nobody even gives me a glance, and why would they? Shaking my head I continue walking looking into the shops looking for job signs because I definitely need a job, I don’t know how long the money I’ve saved is going to last, I hope I find a job before I end up starving.

I reach the road cross and wait for the cars to pass, once the cars pass I cross the road quickly not wanting to get pushed by the people around. taking a right, looking for a bakery, it wasn’t hard to find it seeing as it has a big sign that says “City Bakery” the bakery wasn’t so big but it looks well maintained, the scent of freshly baked goods fills my nose, making my stomach grumble slightly, I’ll just grab something later.

Walking towards it I check opposite the bakery to see if I got to the right place, and finally, there it was the apartments. I walk towards it, man I wish it looked like the one in the picture. The building needs to get repainted, the doors definitely need new locks, oh god! The picture the landlord sent was probably old. Without any more thoughts, I walk towards the apartments, hoping the inside is at least better than the outside, beggars can’t be choosers.

I’m definitely checking the bakery out once I’ve settled in.

My feet are killing me, although I haven’t been walking for that long, sitting on the bus for so long and now walking. I just need a bed and a shower, oh and food but food can wait for now.

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