Kidnapped By the Mafia Prince

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Follow Melanie and her life that twist more then she ever could imagined. With a deadly attractive kidnapper, Prince to the mafia. What could go wrong always does. For mature sex and violence. Book 1 Pain, betrayal, loss, and love Melanie Renall's is thrown into a world she had never known from the lonely lost one she has lived with here parents for years. Moving around the US as her parents write there lives in different town were no one treats her like a living person but an outsider for being one of the poor. In hopes one night her parents move to a city she always dreamed of to find she is the one moving this time to a boarding school none the less. Only she never makes it to the airport and is taken for a more unexpected purpose that turns her life upside down for a man harder then stone. Will she run at any chance that appears or will she succumb to the devilishly handsome Prince. Is love in the cards for them or will she find herself with a broken heart from his arrogant's? Time will tell as events change there lives forever in a twist of fate. Will the deceit, cover up's, and scandals, they uncover throw them apart by other's or bring the two together in the web of liars that is the Mafia? Love or Death that is the question?

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Chapter 1: Just a walk

Are you one of those people that grown up in one town and are one of the most popular girl in school who have the car, the body, and the most sexiest boyfriend ever? Like the world is at your finger tips?

Then I wish I were you.

Are you actually the girl that is the geek with straight A’s in every subject and dreams about living like them, RICH and popular with your geeky friends?

If yes, than you are luckier then me because, well that isn’t me either. I’m far from all that.

I’m not a geek who get straight A’s either or has a lot of nerd friend because that would be better then me.

No, I’m the girl who sits in the back of the class where nobody knows your real name, (other then the ones they give you).

For me, I go by Leprechaun and Smurf apparently. Nobody cares enough to know my real name here. They like to make fun of me because of my height obviously. I’m only 5 foot! Everyone else here is about 5′5 in this town. Making me be unseen by everyone when I’m in the halls, bumping into me and falling to the ground with a hard thud all day, everyday.

I guess it’s because this is a farming town, which doesn’t make sense to me that everyone is RICH! I swear I don’t know how my parents found the richest farming area in the whole country and just had to live their!

It sucks being poor in a town like this. The people are such snobs because they have money. Rich people can be the worst. They think money is everything! God it makes me sick!

I’m rambling now.

Moving on.

So here’s my story.

My parents move around about the country, a lot. My mom and dad are writers and say that they need “inspiration” for a story by changing the scenery every few months. Pretty ridiculous I say. Since that is the case, we’ve lived in different parts of the continent. I’ve been to ten different high schools in the last 3 years because of them. It sucks! Especially this time because no one wants to be friend with me here. Nobody wants to be friends with me because I’m poor, and I’m like an alien or something to them. We have been living here for two months and I’m still the New Girl to them. People here make me feel like I’m invisible or that I have a disease because I’m poor or because I’m plain short. Either way, it sucks.

Obviously, when you have two writers trying to make a start in the writing world, it never really makes that much money. My mom just publish one book, but it didn’t take off as well as she would had hoped to, and my dad is working on his “autobiography” because he used to be a scientist but stopped because he thought he was going nowhere in life. (I know stupid) Anyways, so we picked up everything and moved. That was about ten years ago, when I was 7. But in a few months I would be 17 and be able to buy my own car. But first, I would need my license. Ya like that’s going to happen right, If I could get it. My parents would always say to me “Until you have your own car, you can’t get your licenses.” In other words, I will never drive in their minds.

Complete bull!

That’s why I have been saving up for a few years now from the jobs I’ve had over the years. I’m close to having enough money to get my own car and be able to pay my car insurance for a few months. I definitely don’t want to live here when I got my car because it obviously won’t be a luxurious car (or new for that matter), so I can’t wait to hear what my parents are going to choose next that I might actually like. I wish it could be Illinois or California, or even better, my favorite city that I dream of living in: Seattle, Washington. I have always wanted to go to the Space Needle and look at the people below on the streets as I looked down on them. Maybe I would feel like I had some power or something in my life for once.

Sadly, I don’t think they would ever move there because of the noise and the fact that we don’t have enough money to live there. A studio there is even too expensive for us. The town we live in right now is dirt cheap. The house we’re in right now is the biggest one we have ever had. We live on an acre of land with a small pond in a one story, three bedroom house, which means I have an actual bed room to myself! Other than having no guests in the house, it isn’t that bad.

One good thing about this house is that it’s only a mile away from the school that I attended: “The Bell of Montana High School.” Every morning, I wake up at six to take a shower, get dressed, and then grab my things and breakfast, walking out the door to school. I actually like walking to school. It gave me a little exercise in the morning, but the only thing that sucked the most is walking there alone and back. Since I have no friends, I’m always alone. I walk into school early, go to my locker and then hide out in the bathroom till the bell rings for class to avoid everyone. It’s not like I am ugly or anything, I think? It’s just nobody likes new people in this town, unless you’re rich.

Which makes everything different... and by the end of the day, (I’m still trying to avoid everyone) I would be pushed into the dirt, have spit balls shot at my face, and notes taped to my back to laugh at me. (Middle school you think?) The things they said about me really hurt, even when most of them aren’t even true. They would just make up anything to laugh at. Special miss popular head cheerleader that seemed to have it out for me would always be the center of my problems. They’d make up stories about why I moved here, saying I kill someone just because the person looked at me, or my parents are ashamed to have a retarded daughter and stuff. It’s like grade school all over again. Making things even worse with having her in most of my classes, giggling to her friends through them about something stupid and ganging up on me with her minions. The walk home isn’t any different because everyone drive pass me, swearing at in there fancy cars, yelling names at me on their way home. Since I have been here I could see my selfestem dripping away with everyday that passed with there hurtful words. The moment I would walk into the house, I blow out an aggravating breath like everyday here, then walk to my room and start my homework, getting ready for a whole another day of torture. Summing up my life here in beautiful Montana, nice day huh?

“Honey is everything okay, can I make you something?” My mom called from the home office across the way.

“No mom, I’m okay just working on homework and studying for my finals next week.” I yelled back to her. It was the spare room that they converted into an office with note pads scattered across the room and shelves of unorganized books and various knick-knacks in between an old computer in the middle on a shabby desk my parents used everyday.

“Your Father went out to get some steak for tonight’s dinner.” She called as I looked out my door.

“Wow steak! What’s the occasion? Isn’t meat, like, really expensive?” I said slightly leaning out of my door to see my mom typing away still, seeing her brown hair stick out at random ends from sliding her fingers through the short length of her straight chest-nut hair.

“Yea, but we have great news to tell you tonight over dinner” she replied, popping her head over the screen for a second.

“Okay, nice.” I wonder what it is. Putting my pencil to my mouth, I thought what it could be as I looked over the math homework I was doing that wouldn’t be due till next week seeing as I finished most of the packet at lunch in the library.

Maybe it’s about our next move, I thought, happily working on the equations that were set at college level. My teacher gave me a stack of packets for the entrance exam, giving me a head start even though I still had more then a year before I needed to worry about it.

A few moments later, my dad walked in with groceries and started preparing dinner. My dad is a great cook! He could make a microwave dinner into a tasty five-star meal. Anything was good if he was in the kitchen. A few hours later, I was done with homework, just on time for dinner. I walked into the small kitchen to help my mom set up the dining room table in the next room as dad placed an amazing looking streak in the center. We used an old worn down four seeder table where one chair was missing, which is fine since there were only three of us. We ate our meal together, like always. Happily ready to chew away at the delicious meal in front of me.

“So what big news do you have?” I asked my dad as I sat down at the table with all the plates of food on it now.

“Well, your mother and I have decided to send you to boarding school.” he said, getting straight to the point with enthusiasm.

I stopped for a second to comprehend what he just said, letting it set in before i replied angrily with. “What?!” I yelled at him like he was insane. Wondering if he thought that his tone of voice would make it sound better, regardless that anyway he said it would sound bad.

My mother leaned into the table reaching for my hand as she spoke. “You won’t have to moving anymore honey, and you’ll be going to a nice school and be able to make real friends” she stated, trying to reassure me, but it wasn’t going to do anything but reassuring.

“What!!! “ I said standing up in my chair. “Why!” I paused for a second “Do you not want me anymore!?” I mumbled as I looked them in the eyes showing them the hurt they had just planted in my heart of abandonment.

“Honey, we just think that making you move with us all the time isn’t healthy. You need to make friends and actually find a boyfriend” she said hastily, not making the situation any better by informing me of my inability to find a guy that would look at me. Geez! All guys want are big boobed girls with nice curves, and perfect skin and hair. Not someone plain like me, which my parents didn’t get obviously.

“Mother!” I yelled in frustration, now grinding my teeth at her.

“I’m just saying, you haven’t even kissed a guy honey.”


“Honey, she’s just a late bloomer.”


“I know, but we were already two years into our relationship by now.”

Okay, so just ignore me and my feelings like I wasn’t even here, stomping my foot on the ground like a child. Great family meal!

“I’m still right here!”

“It’s okay. Hopefully at this new school, she’ll find someone.” Dad said back to mom, still ignoring me. As I sat in my chair, pouting till they acknowledge me. Again.

“God you guys! I’m your daughter here. Maybe I just haven’t met the right guy for god sakes! Grrr.” I said jumping up from my chair, hearing it screech agains the lamoneit floors as I ran out of the dining room, straight to my bedroom, slamming the door violently behind me.

“Well this sucks.” I said dramatically laying down flat on my bed.

A few moments later there was a knock at my door.

“Honey, it’s your dad. I know you’re upset, but later in life, you’ll be happy about what we did. Tomorrow, a cab is coming here to get you. Have your things ready in the morning, okay kiddo?” He said through the door loud enough for me to hear, but still soft in the reassuring voice a father could give.

“Tomorrow!?” They’re already getting rid of me!

“I’m sorry this is so sudden, but spring break is just ending for them in a few days, and the new semester is beginning. They want you in early so you have time to catch up and settle in before summer.”

“DO I have to live in a dorm?” I asked hesitantly sitting up in my bed now facing the door.

“Yes, they have dorm rooms for girls and boys.” My dad said finally, opening the door and coming in to sit next to me on my bed, probably tired of speaking to a talking door.

“So it isn’t an all-girls school?” Now warming up to the idea a little more.

“No it’s not. Boys and girls go to school there together.” He said patting my hand reassuringly. Thank GOD! I thought myself now happy about that idea.

“Do I have a roommate?”

“We made sure that you had your own room.” He said, knowing me like any father should know about ther daughter and me with my privacy.

Hey, now I can live on my own and maybe get a car. Hmm. “Okay, I could live with that.”

His face lite up with a smile as he replied. “Good, the cab will be here early in the morning and will take you to the airport.” He took out a plane ticket and handed it to me. Grasping my hands still smiling.

“Where is this school?”

“Washington D.C.”

“No way. That’s so far!”

“Yea, but it’s a good school.”

“How did you pay for this?” Knowing there was no way they could have paid for this place.

“A friend of mine from the department I used to work for needed a girl that he could sponsor to go to school there. I said you would be perfect.” He said as he brushed some of my hair out of my face as it he was going to cry but staying strong with the idea of his little girl leaving far away.


“I’m going to miss you tiger.” He said patting my head as i smiled back at him now.

“Me too Dad. I’ll miss both of you everyday.” Giving him a hug telling him ill be fine.

“You will love it. A guy with the schools name will meet you there when you get off the plane, so look for D.C. Private School. Okay?”

“Okay Dad.” I sagged on the bed from all the weight with so much on my mind.

“Now get some sleep. You need to leave at six to get on the plane at seven, so pack your clothes tonight and anything you need for school okay?”

“Okay dad.” I leaned over and gave him a big hug again.

Talking in to my hair. “Mom and I will keep everything else you don’t need and can’t take.” Then pulled back looking into my eyes. ” I just want the best for you tiger.”

“Okay. Thanks dad.”

“Good night sweet heart.” “I love you honey.” My mom said popping her head out from beside the door. Guessing she was standing there listening to our conversation.

“Good night. Love you.” I replied back laying back down on my bed.

“Love you too sweet heart.” They said together.

My mom and dad then left the room, leaving me to pack in peace. It kinda sucked that I was the one moving this time, but it meant that I wouldn’t be moving anymore. I packed up everything I really needed in a single suitcase. It was nice that I could do a good job packing up a lot in one bag, something I had to learn well if I wanted to take everything and not have to leave anything behind.

I knew in the morning my parents wouldn’t see me off because they always slept until nine, so them saying good night was there last good bye to me. When I was done going over what I needed and packing it all, I rolled the suitcase to the wall next to my door, ready for the morning.

Figuring my parents were asleep when I was finished, which was at 11 pm, I snuck outside into the fresh air to walk around the block, feeling too restless to stay inside. It was cold and misty out already threatening to rain. Thankfully, I had a thick jacket on that kept me warm with a hood, just in case. I walked on the silent street in the middle of the road, knowing no one would be driving this late at night. I looked up to the moon feeling my long strawberry blonde hair sway in the light breeze passing over my body. I think that was the only thing I liked about myself was my unnaturally long, almost pink hair. I have never died my hair, so the pink was all natural, even if it didn’t look it.

Soon, I noticed I walked to the little park on the outskirts of the housing development with a playground on a hill of grass layered with snow. I sat down on the wet grass, not caring about my old clothes getting dirty since I’ve had them since middle school. I laid my head down spreading my long curly hair across the grass, staring up at the stars overhead. This neighborhood was so quiet, nobody ever comes around here at night. Suddenly, I found myself thing of what was to come, listening to the crickets and the wind as it rustled the green lush grass. Dreams of crowded hallways and the smell of fresh paper in the air, student bustling around to get to classes filled my mind. Bricks layering the walls with signs above the doors, marking the room numbers. My dreams were about what my new school would look like. I opened my eyes instantly when I heard a door slam shut close by, leaning forward to see what it was.

Two figures appeared in the moon light walking towards me, in all black clothing. At first, it seemed that they hadn’t noticed my presence, but I was surely wrong. Unexpectedly one of the men met my gaze and started to run towards me, pulling out a big brown bag as if he was going to throw me in it. The moment I realized that’s what they had planned, I got up from the cold grass and bolted for my life. Luckily, over the hill through the park, was a forest that I could run into. I sprinted, dodging trees and jumping over fallen branches in the moonlight shining down through the thick tree leaves.

Unfortunately for me, a river came in my way, making me stop to see where to go and run before they could catch up. There was no way I was going to run through it, it was way too big to jump over too. I turned around to see how far they were from me, but there heavy footsteps breaking the leaves on the ground told me they weren’t far off.

Why did I have to take a walk so late at night alone, shit! Now what do I do? I swirled around in circles, looking for anything to hide behind away from them before they came into the clearing I was standing in. I noticed in the corner of my eye. A little down the river was a decaying tree stump big enough for me to fit in it and be hidden away from the men. Walking as quietly as I could, I ducked down and hid myself. Moments later, footsteps started to come through the bushes were I once was. A tall buff man came out, brushing off the dirt that had fallen on him.

“Wher’ d’d that garl go!” he said in a thick accent.

“We will fihnd her she coldn’t h’ve gone that far.” a man said, coming out from behind the other one with the same thick accent.

“We need to find her now or we won’t make it to our mission dead line.”

“I know don’t worry she’s is here I know t’s.” he said confidently making me shiver like he already knew where I was. Moments later they seem to decide to split up and walked in different directions from each other.

As I sat in the tree stump waiting, I could feel the dried up wood started to scratch at my back and knees, making it uncomfortable in there to sit anymore. When I felt that it was safe and they were gone. I slowly came out, still checking out the area around before stepping out fully. It looked clear as I took my first step back into the moon light lifting up my head and standing up, listening to every noise that was being made. Unexpectedly, a hard hand came down on the back of my head, making me pass out from the force. Damn they found me, and now I’m dead.

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