The Young Beauty and The Beast

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She's a fighter and a survivor. Life hasn't been exactly the nicest but she deals with it in her own way. He's stubborn and a tad mean. But then again who wouldn't be after being pushed into taking an Alpha position and having to go through tons of paperwork while listening to complaints from the other members of the community.

Romance / Drama
Roxanne Smith
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Chapter 1

It’s been almost two months since I’ve settled here. It’s quiet here, some might not like it but I enjoy it. For once I can actually relax and pretend for a little while that I have a normal life like everyone else here. She watched wistfully as a group of teenagers past in front of the bakery playing around.

To be young and free. But, alas here I am.

Another day another dollar she thought quietly, wiping down the counter.

Don’t take this the wrong way, but you look like hell.

I lightly rolled my eyes. Thank you for your honesty, I said wrily.

I’m serious, you’ll scare away the customers looking like this Debbie accused. You look sick, she said worriedly.

Give me that cloth.

I’m fine, I’m just a little tired that’s all.

She snatched the cloth out of my hand and hid it behind her back, away from my reach.

I grumbled at her irritably before pinning her with an annoyed look. “I can’t afford to miss work. I already called in sick twice”.

At least let me finish work today.

No worries, I’ll tell our boss you worked your full time, now go. I’ll cover for you. All you need to do is go home and take a nap and rest she said quickly stepping into the back room and returning with my bag and jacket.

I took them from her, frowning slightly I slipped on my jacket.

" Why”?

She looked at me confused. "What"?

“Why would you cover for me, I asked suspiciously”?

Because we’re friends.

“We are”?

Oh, okay?

Jessica, you think too much sometimes. Now go she said sliding the fresh cookies onto the tray to cool.

For the average person, yes but in my case, I’ve learned there is no such thing as overthinking.

Well, I’ll be going then.

Ok, bye.

See you tomorrow, I said a bit uncertainly.

As I make my way down the road I can’t shake the feeling that something is wrong. The only thing is that I don’t know if the queasy feeling in my stomach is from paranoia or this sickness.

As I stood at the bus stop to wait for the bus all I kept chanting in the back of my head was to not throw up on myself or anyone for that matter. I felt awful.

Finally, the bus came, they were a few other people who were also waiting and I let them board the bus first. My foot was halfway in when I heard someone shouting to wait. Naturally, I assumed they meant the bus. Until they started shouting my name.

It was a young man. He was a regular at the bakery I worked at. He and Debbie seemed to be kinda close. As for me, I didn’t know him personally.

He stopped next to me panting for air.

I’ll take you home.

I gave him an odd look.

Debbie said you were going home.

I gave him a strained smile and politely declined his offer. It’s okay, I’m taking the bus home as you can see.

I rather not end up being a case on the ID channel.

“Miss are you getting in or not the driver asked impatiently”?

I’m coming.

I barely managed to get the other foot off the ground into the bus when I felt a pair of arms lift me out of the bus.

“What hell are you doing”?

I’m sorry.

He signaled for the driver to go before slinging me over his shoulder as I continued to struggle and scream.

I’m sorry but this is for your own safety and mine he grumbled lowly.

All this panicking and screaming were making me feel worst.

The jostling wasn’t helping either.

I don’t feel so good I groaned into his back.

We're almost to the car, he said nervously.

I’m gonna puke.

“Don’t you dare”.

Sorry. Not


I puked all over his back and passed out.

The last thing I remember thinking was I hope it left a stain.

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