Second Chances

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The party began around dinner time with a huge bar b que, music and dancing. The darkness settled in and the bonfire danced in its own rhythm. Matthew was holding Nikki on his lap in a comfy lounge chair enjoying the laughter and camaraderie of the pack. Tony and Vanessa had appeared and were seated near them talking softly and sneaking kisses in the firelight.

Matthew grinned at Tony and tossed him a bottle of whiskey. Werewolves couldn’t get drunk on beer. It had to be hard liquor or something more potent. Nikki laughed as Tony choked on something Vanessa whispered into his ear, spitting part of his whiskey into the flames causing it to shoot up and others to jump back in surprise. Laughter rang out in the pack and everyone was having fun.

Matthew watched his mate’s face as she took in the pack’s good mood and He looked up at the dark and cloudy sky. “Looks like we might get some bad storms in the next week.” He said kissing her neck teasing her a little. Nikki turned into his kisses and blushed.

“I hope not we will lose time on the pack house if they are too bad.” Her mind was on the project but she was quickly getting distracted with her mate.

“Luna, it mi-” Everyone jumped hearing a resounding boom and crash that followed coming from the partially constructed pack house. Nikki and Matthew were on their feet in a heartbeat and rushing towards it. Catching a foreign scent in the air Matthew growled and ran faster. Nikki saw the structure move and yelled out.

“Matthew STOP!” He skidded to a stop just as the pack house’s weight bearing beams slid sideways. They crashed to the ground in a heap of dust and debris. Nikki and Tony, Vanessa and several others cried out in shock and anger. Matthew came back to Nikki and wrapped her in his arms thankful that no one was hurt.

“What happened?” Vanessa asked.

“I’m not sure but I guarantee you it was deliberate.” Matthew said. He kissed Nikki’s cheek. “I’ll be right back.Tony!” Matthew started walking to the heap, grabbing a couple of flashlights off of the truck. Tony kissed Vanessa and left her with Nikki and ran after Matthew. He caught a flashlight and they started inspecting the debris.

Nikki mindlinked the border patrols.

Quentin. Someone took the pack house under construction and brought it down during the bonfire. I want to them caught if they are still on our land.

Yes Luna, Was anyone hurt?

Not that we know of.

Good to hear. We are on it. I’ll get the patrols thickened on that side of the territory.

Thank you Quentin.

Not a problem Luna.

Nikki stepped closer as Matthew and Tony returned with grave glances at each other. “What happened?” She asked.

Matthew glanced up. “Someone cut most of the load bearing beams and set off some kind of device that brought it all down. We just lost a lot of time, effort and money but thankfully no lives were lost.”

“Who would do that?” Vanessa asked snuggling into Tony’s embrace.

“Probably rogues,” Nikki said angrily at how much was lost. She was already thinking about the clearing and having to go through the materials to see if anything was salvageable. She let out a deep breath and shook her head letting her weariness show. “I think I want to go inside and lie down.” Matthew could see the frustration in her eyes.

“I’ll handle this and be up in a little bit. You should take a hot bath and relax I’ll see you soon.” He kissed her forehead and she nodded and gave a small smile then walked back to their house.

Climbing the stairs in their house she went into her and Matthews room and undressed and slipped on her robe. She entered the bathroom and ran her bathwater. Slipping into the hot water she closed her eyes and thought about the collapse.

Her senses picked up on something and she opened her eyes turning towards the door and she sunk lower in the tub. Fear seeped out of her pores. She couldn’t believe it.

“Derek? But you’re dead. I saw the fire! How-”

Derek walked closer to her slowly with a menacing grin. Standing up she reached for her robe and slipped it on and tied it. Her heart rate was racing. She opened her mind link to Matthew letting him feel her thoughts.

Seeing her eyes chance slightly Derek pounced at her grabbing her arm and wrenching it behind her back until it made a loud cracking sound. He slammed her up against the wall and then he laughed at her cries of pain. “You can’t hide from me forever MATE. You are MINE!” Derek snarled.

Jared had come into the house to get more marshmallows for the bonfire and he heard sounds like fighting and Nikki’s pained scream coming from upstairs. Hearing an unfamiliar voice yelling at his Luna he ran outside to get his Alpha.

Matthew looked up as the twelve year old boy yelled. “Alpha, Luna’s in trouble in the house! There is a man!”

Matthew dropped what was in his hand and it took him mere seconds to reach the house. Hearing Matthew racing up the stairs he darted out the window behind him. “Nikki! Nikki!” He burst into their room and went to her side.

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