Second Chances

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The pack doctor finished setting Nikki’s arm and Matthew watched her sleep. Matthew wanted Nikki to wake up and tell him what happened so he could formulate a plan if she knew who it was. He had already asked Jared about everything he heard and saw.

Tony had almost caught Derek outside the house. The only reason he didn’t was that the man was carrying a gun and he shot Tony in the leg with a silver laced bullet. By the time the others realized what happened the man had disappeared into the shadows of the night.

Nikki was back in the car driving with Derek. He was screaming at her for disagreeing with something he had said in public and his fist connected with her face as she was driving and she blacked out for a half a second. The next thing she saw was the guardrail and the drop over the edge as the car careened over the barrier and began rolling. Nikki heard herself screaming as the car fell then it hit the ground and began rolling violently side over side. She felt the car hit the trees at the bottom and the zap of his disconnection from her. Nikki awoke screaming as she remembered.

In her sleep she was thrashing around. Matthew slid onto the bed next to her and pulled her into his arms and wrapped his arms around her calming her down.

“It’s okay baby. He’s gone. It’s alright, you are safe.”

Nikki whimpered in his arms realizing her arm was in a lot of pain and a couple of pills and a glass of water were thrust into her hand. “Pain meds.” Vanessa said. Taking them Nikki looked around the room. There was still broken glass on the floor in the bathroom and on the carpet near it. Derek had gone through the window in a hurry and he had broken it. Nikki started to shake uncontrollably. Matthew held her with worry and confusion.

“Nikki, baby who did this? Did you know him?” Nikki nodded. Her voice full of fear she murmured almost incomprehensibly.

“Derek…it was Derek.”

Vanessa’s complexion paled a ghastly gray. “No! Nikki, are you sure?” Nikki turned her eyes to her sister. “He’s alive.”

Matthew mindlinked Alex and Xander and Quentin to tighten all patrols. Nikki’s eyes closed as the pain pills made her drowsy. Laying her down and covering her up he waved to Jared who was hovering in the hallway. “Jared could you sit with her while I talk to Vanessa?”

“I’ll keep her safe Alpha.” The boy nodded and proudly sat next to his Luna in a chair and kept an eye on the windows watching for anyone who might try to sneak in to hurt her.

Matthew ran his hand through his hair in frustration. They went into the room next door to Nikki’s, where Tony was laid up. The doctor had removed the bullet but he said it would take a day or so for the bone to heal because the silver bullet had lodged inside the bone. Vanessa grabbed Tony’s hand and gave him a fearful look.

“Vanessa, tell me about Derek. What don’t I know? How can he be alive?”

Vanessa shook her head. “I have no idea how he is alive. What has Nikki said about him?”

“Not much. We don’t talk about him. I know he died in a car accident but that is about it. I believe she loved him. It hurt her very much when he died.”

Vanessa shook her head and sighed. “Derek was the Beta of our pack and Nikki was the Gamma. Derek was obsessed with her. He managed to push his way into every aspect of her life. When Nikki turned eighteen and was able to find her mate Derek marked her saying she was his mate. “ Matthew growled.

Vanessa wiped the tears that started to slide down her cheeks. “He was abusive to her. He would beat her and she was always healing from some injury or another. She tried to leave him but he would hurt her and threaten my life or someone else in the pack. She felt helpless against him and so in the end she always stayed.”

Vanessa smiled at Tony who squeezed her hand. Matthew’s jaw clenched with anger but that was the only visible sign of his fury. She continued. “After the accident when he was declared to be dead in the car fire she cried in relief. She told me that he had punched her in the face while she was driving. That was why they went over the rails. She also said she knew he was dead because she felt the electrical zap of his disconnection to her.”

Matthew looked at Vanessa and asked, “Why didn’t she tell her Alpha?”

“She did! Ramone and Derek were best buddies so he didn’t do anything about it.”

“That Son of a Bitch did nothing?!!” Vanessa nodded. Matthew stormed out of the room and then went to Nikki’s bedside. Jared got up and left the room. Nikki was crying in her sleep. Matthew kissed her forehead softly. “We’ll get him baby. I’m not letting him hurt you again.”

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