Second Chances

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A few days later the pack house had been cleared off of the foundation and the materials have been scattered into piles that were useless and one to be reused or repurposed. Security had been tightened on the pack’s territory and borders. Matthew was adamant that Nikki was not to be left alone.

Matthew was very concerned about her. She was barely eating and seemed to be scared all of the time. She denied it but he had caught her carrying a butcher knife in the house. This guy had really done a number on her. He walked up to the construction site and called her name as he got close to her. She was scanning the area and couldn’t hear him with all of the noise. When he touched her shoulder she turned and almost nailed him in the face with a roundhouse kick. Realizing that it wasn’t Derek she covered her mouth and stared at him, eyes wide.

Matthew had seen her leg leaving the ground and thrown his head back and caught her foot as it barely missed his nose. “Nikki!” Matthew yelled. He was angry. Angry at her for not telling him the truth about Derek in the first place. Angry that Ramone kept the entire thing from him and Angry at Derek for hurting his mate and causing all of this. Anger radiated off of him in waves and her eyes showed fear. Realizing this Matthew stepped forward letting her foot fall. He reached out to pull her waist to him and she jumped backwards in fear.

“No! Don’t touch me!” Nikki knew she was being ridiculous, that Matthew would never hurt her but inside way down deep she couldn’t help being afraid.

“Nikki, baby come here. You know I won’t hurt you. Please.” The pit of despair in her stomach was making her nauseated. Tears came to her eyes.

“I’m sorry. Just give me a little time. Matthew I know you wouldn’t but I-” Her voice broke and she turned back to the crew working on the house.

“Tony!” Matthew waved him over.

“You are in charge.” Tony nodded. Matthew grabbed Nikki around the shoulders and pulled her to his side and took her back to the training room. He looked at her and saw the pain in her glassy eyes.

Matthew sighed and placed his hands on either side of her face and began placing soft kisses on her cheeks, nose and finally her lips. “Baby, I know you are scared.” He grabbed a black marker from the desk and walked over to the full sized body punching bag and drew an ugly face on it and gave it spiky hair. He wrote the name Derek above it. He came back and took her hand and pulled her behind him. She cracked a small smile when she saw his artwork. It looked like something Abby would have drawn for her.

“This is Derek. I want you to take and give it everything you have in you until you aren’t afraid anymore. Beat the crap out of him!”

Nikki wiped a tear from her eye and stretched a moment. Matthew gave her a kiss on the forehead. “I love you.”

As Matthew walked out of the room he heard hits to the bag and he smiled.

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