Second Chances

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Later that day, Nikki was working on clearing debris from the old pack house ruins. It was helping her keep her mind busy. She had come out here on her own for the peace and quiet. She had found that dwelling on Derek’s sudden reappearance was doing more to harm her state of mind than it was helping her find him. Matthew was out with Alex on the far north side handling a small rogue issue that had popped up. Tony and Vanessa were working at the new construction site working on getting the new materials situated before the rebuild started over.

The forecast called for storms and possibly tornadic activity in the vicinity. Nikki wasn’t in any particular hurry even though it was raining hard and the wind picked had picked up tenfold. She heard Alex in his mind link telling the pack to get inside and to take cover in case the weather became worse. Nikki ignored this, mostly because she knew the chances were remote. Matthew mind linked her.

Baby? Where are you? You need to take shelter. They spotted a twister less than ten minutes from here and the weather is getting bad.

Nikki could feel Claire going on about something. The longer she ignored Claire the louder she yelled. Irritated beyond all belief as her wolf started screaming in her head. Nikki grabbed her head and yelled out loud.

“What the hell Claire?” The wind and rain was making it hard to see at that point. The packhouses and her own house all had tornado shelters outside of them which were quickly being filled by the pack. Nikki mind linked Matthew.

I’m at the burnt construction site. Claire is freaking out by-

Nikki heard Claire scream, Behind us!

Nikki turned in time to see a figure advancing on her but not in time to stop it. She felt something hard hit her head before she was encased in a world of darkness.

Waking up to hear Claire whimpering in her mind she heard herself moan in pain as she grabbed her head. What the hell had hit her? When she opened her eyes she cringed with recognition and her eyes widened as she scooted her back up against the wall. Her wrists hurt. She gasped as she realized he had a pair of silver handcuffs on her.

“Derek!” She whispered loudly. She couldn’t help the fear that filled her and he only laughed at it. He walked toward her and his eyes glittered in triumph at her predicament.

“Hello my mate! Did you miss me? I certainly missed you. I missed seeing you on your knees in submission to me. You’ll notice that there is wolfsbane on your cuffs too, just to keep you from contacting that alpha who stole you from me.”

Nikki wasn’t sure what to do. The wolfsbane would keep her from shifting and it would block her mindlink to the other wolves. Her tears weren’t something she could control but she had to make it look like she was happy to see him. Her stomach was tied in knots as she looked up at him and bit her lip. She stood up slowly and forced a happy smile.

“Derek! I’m so sorry. You scared me the other night. I didn’t really believe it was you. I have missed you so much!” She walked slowly towards him with as bright a smile as she could muster. She just hoped that Matthew would find her soon.

Derek looked at her skeptically.

“Stop!” She looked up at him knowing there would be more to it than that. She dropped her head in what he would take as shame.

“I’m sorry I didn’t realize it was you. My fake mate kept telling me it couldn’t be you, that you were dead.” She looked him in the eye just as she used to. If she couldn’t make him believe her, she was dead and she knew it. “Everyone kept telling me you were dead.” Her tears came in handy at this point. “I kept telling them that you couldn’t be dead at the wreck. -that you had escaped and would come back to me.” She stopped and acted heartbroken.

“Why didn’t you come back for me sooner? I waited for you for so long.” She teared up again and he appeared to feel sorry for her. He walked to her and placed his arms around her waist and kissed her, sliding his tongue into her mouth. The nausea rose in her stomach but she stamped it down to keep up her charade.

She faked some moaning sounds as he kissed her and it seemed to appease him, his hands travelled all over her body. She bit back the urge to fight him off of her. Feeling good about her obedience level he slammed her up against the wall hard and put her chained cuffs above her head and she realized what he meant to do. He believed her act and now he was going to torture her before he raped her. Her mind could only hear Claire crying in the recesses of her mind.

Claire, can you reach Marcus? Tell him where we are. Get us some help.

I’ll try.

Claire disappeared and as she did Nikki took the first punch to her stomach and bent over in pain. Derek kept up his abuse for the next twenty minutes or so but it felt like forever to Nikki. Her head bounced off of the concrete walls repeatedly from his blows. The doors to the shelter were fighting the locks on them as the winds threatened to rip them apart.

Matthew heard Nikki and then she was gone. He could feel her despair and then her fear and pain. He had Alex and Tony taking care of the pack. When he got back to the main house he made sure they were all on their way into the shelter. He looked up at the sky and he could see the tornado in the distance. He took off running towards the burned pack house. He had to fight the winds and the rain that was falling sideways and duck the debris that was flying towards and all around him.. The tornado in front of him made him curse and forced him into the shelter of the nearest building holding on with all of his strength.

Matthew kept trying to reach Nikki but his wolf was having no luck reaching her and he just knew instinctively that Derek was involved somehow. Braving the weather he pushed the door open to the shelter he was in. The twister had moved just a little bit further from the barn he was at. He took off running as hard as he could towards the old pack house. Just as he jerked open the shelter door to the old pack house’s bunker he saw Nikki being groped and kissed forcibly. Her cries were quiet and her eyes looked deadened as if she were in shock. Her tears streaked face was already bruising and she wasn’t healing.

Derek was all over Nikki. Not hearing Matthew as he entered Derek was getting ready to enter Nikki forcibly. He liked her this way quiet, compliant and broken. Nikki’s eyes didn’t register Matthew at all, at first. After a few seconds she felt him in the room and her tear streaked face felt shame in magnitudes and the nausea Derek’s touch had caused her threatened to erupt from her stomach.

Claire returned. Nikki, I can’t reach him.

Nikki whispered to Derek and he leaned into her more to hear what she said, “What is that?” When his ear was in range she grabbed it with her teeth and bit down as hard as she could, shaking it like a savage beast. His screams were cut short as she refused to let go. His ear was torn almost entirely off when he was jerked around by the wind. Derek struck her in the face and slammed a knife into her stomach causing her to scream out in agony.

“NO!” Matthew screamed as he launched himself at Derek. He got in a blow that sent a resounding crack through the shelter.

The door to the shelter was ripped off of its hinges by the wind. Derek lost his grip on Nikki’s chains and Matthew watched as the soon to be dead man slid across the room not finding anything solid enough to hold onto. His body flew out of the shelter at more than fifty miles an hour and into the heart of the tornado. The howling wind made Derek’s screams virtually inaudible. Matthew had tied himself into some rope that was tied into the piping next to Nikki. He was swaying in the wind with it but his eyes were on her. Matthew could only see Nikki. His need for her to be okay was more important than for his need to find Derek’s body.

Matthew managed to get Nikki in his arms just as the chains were coming out of the walls. His muscles were straining at his demands that they work harder. He held onto her and blocked her head from taking anymore blows. After another fifteen minutes the twister had gone. Matthew tried to wake her up but he had no luck.

Marcus! Can you reach Claire?

After a couple of minutes Marcus responded.

I can feel her but she is not...something is wrong!

Matthew yanked on the cuffs and broke them not even feeling the poisons on them and he cuddled Nikki into his arms as he mind linked the pack doctor. Darting out of the shelter he headed towards their house.

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