Second Chances

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Nikki felt the heaviness as she tried to open her eyes. She could hear the voices in the room speaking softly to her. Inside her head she could hear Claire prodding her to wake up.

Come on Nik, Open those eyes and look at our mate. He is really quite the stud!

Nikki smirked at Claire’s lust.

Why does our head hurt so much Claire? What happened? I can’t remember….

Ohh nooo! What do you mean you don’t remember?

Claire searched out her mate Marcus and began to inform him.

Matthew heard his wolf start howling in his head.

Marcus? What’s wrong?

Claire says that Nikki doesn’t remember…

Feeling the pain from his wolf he pulls Nikki’s hand into his and pulls her hair to the side of her face softly.

“Nikki, baby wake up. I need to talk to you.” He looked up at the pack doctor who came in at his mindlink request.

“My wolf said she doesn’t remember...Her wolf Claire seems to though.”

The doctor stepped between the patient and her mate and a loud growl emanated from Matthew.

“If you don’t let me look at her I can’t answer your questions.”

Matthew stepped aside and let the doctor do his thing. Sighing loudly

the doctor restated what he had said earlier. ”We’ll have to wait to see the rest after she wakes up. Memories can be tricky.” Dragging his hands through his hair for the umpteenth time that day he nodded.


Vanessa walked back into the room and handed Matthew a cup of coffee.”What did the doctor say?” She said seeing the older man leaving as she entered.

Matthew looked so stressed that he might break any moment. “My wolf Marcus says that Claire said that Nikki doesn’t remember stuff.” Vanessa looked shocked and set herself on her sister’s bed.

“Nikole! Wake up, it’s your sister, Vanessa!

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