Second Chances

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Nikki could hear voices that gradually get louder as she tried to open her eyes she was blinded by the bright lights. Quickly closing them and trying again her eyes slowly adjusted to the lights. Seeing her sister she smiled.

“Vanessa? What happened?” Looking around she frowned at the obviously distraught man who was holding her hand. Her smile faltered and she quickly pulled her hand away from his and set it in her lap. His eyes were watching her every move and she could see the hurt on his face. Vanessa saw it as well.

“Nikki, this is your mate, Alpha Matthew Irons.” Nikki looked at her and shook her head in confusion. Confusion set in as she tried desperately to remember. Vanessa saw the emotions cross her face.

“What?” Nikki looked at the man to her left and tears formed in her eyes. “No, my mate was killed in an accident.” Matthew looked into her eyes trying to see past the confusion and fear. After seeing nothing else from her he looked out of the window trying not to show his pain to her.

“I’m sorry, I don’t remember you at all.” Matthew touched her wrist and sparks flew up and down her arm from their bond. Feeling it and still unable to place him she felt more frustrated than ever. Calling on her wolf she felt Claire’s happiness at being near Matthew’s wolf. Nikki saw his eyes cloud over slightly and soon a woman came in with a bubbly little girl.

“Luna Nikki! I’m so glad you are awake! I drew you a picture to help you get better. See?” Abigail climbed up Matthew’s leg and onto the bed with her.

Confusion and feeling lost in her own mind she stared at the talkative little girl. She was so cute but it wasn’t bringing anything back. She shook her head as she looked at Matthew and Vanessa.

“Thank you little one. I’m sure I’ll get better faster now.” Abby hugged her, and Matthew sent her back to the other room with the other woman.

Nikki’s voice, heavy with emotion faltered. “Is that our child?”

Matthew shook his head. “No, but you wanted to adopt her, her name is Abigail. Both of her parents are dead and we look after her in the packhouse. You don’t remember her either?”

Tearfully she shook her head slowly. “No, I don’t.”


After talking to Vanessa and the doctor in the hallway. Matthew was furious and he couldn’t hold in his anger anymore. “I’ll be back later Vanessa.” He stormed out of the pack’s medical building and shifted midair. He entered the woods and ran hard.

Matthew was angry. He was angry that he wasn’t there in time to save her from the head injury. Furious that a tornado stopped him from getting to her faster and he was irate that Derek still managed to take her away from him. Mostly Matthew loathed how helpless he felt and wondered if she would ever remember. He ran for hours just thinking about her and what he had lost already. In a clearing several miles out he let out a sorrow filled howl, the kind that hurt your heart to hear.

The doctor had said they wouldn’t know how long it would last and that it might be permanent. Matthew eventually ran until he realized that he had come full circle and was outside the building again. Feeling both Nikki’s pain as well as his own he was drained of energy. Not ready to go into her room just yet he lay near her door in wolf form and guarded this mate.

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