Second Chances

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The next morning when Nikki woke up it was to see Matthew staring out the window in a pair of shorts. Her thoughts went from surprised to appreciative in seconds. When he turned and caught her staring she blushed and he grinned. Catching her rise in pheromones he smirked to himself.

“Good morning,” He softly cooed at her as he walked towards her. He leaned over and kissed her forehead gently. His lips set off a chain reaction of sparks that completely engulfed her body and the infusion of heat that burst through her made her cheeks even redder.

“Morning” Nikki responded barely above a whisper. Her eyes were on her mate and she decided to study him. “So you are the alpha and I am the luna. How did we meet?”

Nikki could hear Claire in her head panting hard over looking at their mate. After several moments she began to become irritated at her moaning and flashes of suggestive comments.

MMMM my god he is delectable! Claire cried out.

Oh my God! Shut the fuck up Claire!

Oh come on Nikki, for fuck’s sake REMEMBER HIM!

Really? Do you think I haven’t tried? I want to remember!

(Claire moaning)

Shut the fuck up! Nikki screams at her before blocking her.

Matthew watches her facial expressions knowing that she is talking to her wolf.

“Baby? Are you and Claire okay? Marcus is giving me some interesting, um…. Information about Claire.”

Nikki sighs frustrated and runs her hand through her hair.

“Yeah, she is just pissing me off! She is acting like a porn star or something.” Matthew grinned and chuckled at that and murmured, “that sounds about right.” Nikki blushed in embarrassment at her wolf’s antics.

The pack doctor came in and looked at them and smiled. “Oh good! I was hoping to get the chance to talk to you both alone. Matthew cocked his head a little and gave Nikki a confused look. “What’s wrong doctor?” Nikki asked, more than a little afraid. Matthew took her hand in his which comforted her immediately.

“Nothing is wrong per se. It’s just that I didn’t want to hit you both with too much at once. So, today is surprise number two.”

Nikki looked like she might be sick. Matthew felt her hand tightening around his and it made him smile. “What is it doc? Just tell us.”

The older man smiled and asked, “Did you know you were pregnant or is this the first you have heard of it?” Nikki’s expression was one of shock and fear. Matthew on the other hand was thrilled and excited. He reached over and kissed her on the mouth quickly then he saw her face.

“Nikki, it will be okay. I’m not leaving you and your memory will come back in time. We can do this together baby.” He raised her hand to his lips and kissed it gently. Eventually her eyes met his and tears rolled from her eyes.

“I’d say you are about fourteen weeks along. I’ll leave you two alone now. Congratulations!” Neither of them really paid him attention as he left.

Nikki looked at Matthew in time to hear Claire bust through the block screaming with happiness. Nikki sobbed into Matthew’s chest as he held her. She felt so confused. Claire was excited. The part of her that couldn’t remember anything was terrified. Did she know anything about babies? Did she want one or was that something that Matthew just thought she wanted. Did she want kids with Matthew? She had no memory of him but Vanessa said he was good to her and that they loved each other deeply. She was so confused.

Matthew rubbed little circles on her back as she sobbed into his chest. He knew that she was scared, that her memory wouldn’t tell her the most basic things that she needed to know. He felt sorrow for her. He was truly thrilled that they were going to have a baby and he could hear Marcus howling with joy.

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