Second Chances

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Two months later

Nikki was doodling on a pad of paper when Matthew came up behind her and slid his arms around her. Feeling her tension loosen a little he asked her, “What are you up to this morning?”

“Hmm, I was thinking that we need a baby nursery before the baby gets here.” Nikki smiled to herself picturing all things baby in her mind.

“Well now that most of the pack is in the new pack house and we have our house back we should do that.”

He said this while kissing her neck softly. Matthew had been trying to make her remember her feelings for him. The mate bond was strong and she seemed to love him like before but she still didn’t remember.

While Matthew was kissing her softly showing his desire for her, Claire was inside Nikki’s head moaning and making Nikki blush profusely.

Claire! Knock it the fuck off!

A flash of Nikki and Matthew making love in the woods appeared. In it Matthew is clearly devouring his mate in the most carnal of ways. Claire howls and moans. Nikki hears her panting loudly and turns the loveliest shade of red. Matthew feels the changes in her and moans against her throat.

Claire is that even a real memory or is that something you want to happen? You need to chill out on the porn you horny bitch!

Nikki heard Claire laughing at her and continues in the back of her mind. Nikki shakes her head chuckling softly.

“Nikki? Where did you go?” His eyes darkened with lust at having caught scent of her arousal.

“What? Oh, I...I’m sorry. I wasn’t paying attention after Claire started up.” Nikki purrs while trying to get herself under control.

Her blush didn’t go unnoticed by Matthew who knew what Claire was doing. She was trying to help Nikki remember. She had told Marcus who had told Matthew who laughed at her plan to make her remember by arousing her. She had a crazy theory and Matthew was getting a kick out of Nikki’s complaints about her wolf the porn star.

Matthew leaned into Nikki’s neck and sucked on his mark causing Nikki to moan breathlessly. This kind of encouragement only caused Matthew to pick her up and take her to their room. Once she was on the bed he tore his clothes off and ripped hers off as well he kissed her passionately.

Nikki licked her lips nervously as she stared at her mate’s body openly. She couldn’t take her eyes off of him and her hands quickly pulled him down to her. Matthew’s eyes kept darkening and he was struggling to hold Marcus at bay.

“Baby, are you sure?”

Nikki arched against him grinding into him hungrily. “Yes.”

He is some kind of man candy.

Claire go away!

Claire was making all kinds of suggestive sounds in her head. Blocking her, Nikki raised up to meet Matthew’s lips.

Nikki had come to realize that although she may never remember how they started she knew how she felt now and she loved him and she wanted to make new memories.

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