Second Chances

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Vanessa noisily banged into the house. “Nikki! Where are you? I need your opinion on this.” She headed upstairs to the nursery. She knew Matthew had painted it and Nikki was stenciling a wolf background around the room.

“Wow this is really looking great!” She stared in awe at the border of the wolves around the room. Nikki grinned and put her hand on her protruding belly.

“I just hope I get it finished before the baby gets here.” She stretched and leaned back trying to ease the discomfort of the late stages of pregnancy from her back. Noticing her sister’s exhaustion and pain she patted the new comfy rocking chair that Matthew had put in there.

“Sit with me. Which of these dresses do you think would look better on me? I’m kind of leaning towards this one or this one.” Vanessa and Tony had gotten engaged and were planning a wedding.

Nikki’s eyes sparkled as she looked at the choices that Vanessa showed her. “Well I honestly think you would look fantastic in either of these but I like this one better. I think it would show off your bust but leave a little to the imagination, not that Tony ever has to use his.” Her chuckles made Vanessa blush a little. Tony was keeping her in bed as much as he possibly could. Vanessa thought it was both funny and incredibly sexy.

Looking down at Nikki’s choice she smiled. “You picked my first choice! That settles it then. That’s the dress.” Vanessa glanced at Nikki’s belly and saw it shake and a tiny footprint appeared as the baby inside stretched. “Oh my goddess! Did you see that?” Nikki grimaced in discomfort.

“Yeah and I felt it too.” Nikki giggled and watched as her sister got to her knees and began poking at her belly feeling the baby kick under her palms.

“I can’t believe it! It’s coming so fast!”

“Uh oh!”

“What, uh oh?” Vanessa’s eyes widen.

“My water broke.”

Matthew! My water broke, the baby is coming!

Claire jumps to the forefront of her mind and starts whooping and hollering The baby is coming, the baby is coming! Yippee!

Matthew is at the northern border about ten miles away fighting rogues. I’m fighting rogues baby, I’ll be there as soon as I can. I promise. I love you.

Vanessa mindlinked the pack doctor who was already on his way. Then she ushered Nikki to the spare bedroom that they had set up as a birthing room. She helped her undress and put her in a comfy nightgown and into bed. Nikki was concerned about the rogues. Grabbing her sister’s arm tightly she made her look at her.

“What is going on with the rogues? Did you know this was going on?” When Vanessa hesitated to answer her she yelled at her in her Luna voice.

“TELL ME EVERYTHING NOW!” Sighing Vanessa nodded and sat down next to her.

Matthew didn’t want you to know. There have been more rogue attacks lately and after some investigating we found out that-” she closed her eyes and then opened them holding her hand. “Derek is still alive and still trying to get to you.”

Nikki put her hand on her belly in fear. “How could no one tell me this?!”

Screams suddenly broke the peace and quiet outside. Vanessa went to the window and the fear on her face was not lost on Nikki. Grabbing the door she locked it from the inside. “Stay here! There are rogues outside. I’ll be back.”

“What? NO! Vanessa! Don’t leave me in here!”

Nikki got up to her feet. She heard the cries and screams of the pack members outside.

Matthew! Rogues are attacking the packhouse! Vanessa went out to fight!

Hearing Abigail crying Nikki unlocked the door and went out into the house to find her.

“Abby! Where are you? Come to Luna, hurry!” Nikki searched for her and found her in the kitchen pantry. Lifting her up she saw her people fighting outside through the windows. Tears rolled down Abby’s small face and Nikki had to ignore the urges to go out and fight. Her first responsibility had to be the baby inside her. She couldn’t put it in danger. All of her maternal instincts wouldn’t allow her to.

She held Abby and turned to take her up to the second floor and she was face to face with Derek. She gasped in fear. He was only five feet or so from her. She knew there was nothing she could do so she tried to stay calm.

Matthew, Derek is here. If I don’t make it...I love you so much.

Matthew ripped the throat out of the wolf he was fighting and a cold fear at her words came over him. He turned towards the packhouse and ran. “Nikki! Baby, I’m coming!”

Abby was sobbing on Nikki’s shoulder and Nikki slid the small child down to the floor and tucked her behind her on body. “Abby, go to your room and hide in your closet. Wait for Alpha.” She didn’t break her eye contact with Derek and he had an evil looking smirk on his face. He watched the little girl run up the stairs and a door was heard slamming.

Derek slowly moved forwards towards her and she moved back and around the furniture trying to keep a distance between them.

“Derek, what do you want? Why are you here, again? Please, don’t hurt my baby. I’ll do anything you say as long as you don’t hurt my baby.”

Derek snarled at her and watched as she stopped in pain with a contraction. She shrieked in pain and Derek grinned as a plan formed in his mind.

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