Second Chances

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Matthew arrived at the packhouse and surveyed the bodies. His pack, his people had fought. Vanessa came running out of the house in a T-shirt. She was covered in blood and tears had stained her face.

“Matthew, come inside quick!” Matthew bolted into the house and stopped at the sight before him. There was blood everywhere. It looked like there had been a massacre in the living room. The pack doctor was just sitting up from unconsciousness. Matthew’s eye focused on the tiny baby that was laying on the couch wrapped in a baby blanket. He only breathed when he saw its little hand move. He knelt down to his son and looked at his sweet face.

“What happened? Where is Nikki?” The pack doctor looked at Matthew and shook his head.

“Alpha, he made me cut your son out of her without any pain medication or blood. She screamed and screamed but in the end she passed out. Her body was struggling to heal because she was losing blood so fast. Your son is well but we have no idea where he took her or if she is still alive. I’m sorry.” The older man said through a haze of tears.

Matthew had felt her pain as he fought his way back. For the first time in his adult life Matthew cried.


Several days later Nikki opened her eyes. She was laying on a couch in a familiar place. She was too weak to move but she recognized it as hers and Derek’s old bedroom in the packhouse at the Crescent Moon Pack.

Her hand automatically went to her now flat and healed stomach. Realization hit her that her baby had been taken from her. She felt her heart breaking into a million pieces. How could she tell Matthew what Derek did to her? Her tears ran onto the couch cushions. She could hear Claire crying in her mind.

She could hear Ramone and Derek in the office downstairs. She had an advantage. She could still contact Matthew. If he had given her wolfsbane she wouldn’t have been able to link, shift or heal. He must have figured that he would give it to her after she healed.

Matthew! I’m at the packhouse at Crescent Moon. I- I’m sorry. He killed our baby. I wasn’t strong enough to stop him. I just want to die.

Matthew stopped. He could hear the emotions and feel the waves of gut wrenching pain from her. They had been looking for her ever since she had been taken. He had been fearing that they would never find her. He opened a link to his warriors.

We are moving out! I know where she is!

Baby, I’m on my way. Please hold on for me. I love you!

Hurry, please!

Matthew was already outside and shifted midair as they headed towards the Crescent Moon pack.

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