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Second Chances

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The Visiting Alpha was in the passenger seat of the SUV as it pulled into the clearing where the pack house was for the Crescent Moon pack. He glanced at the building not finding it very interesting until his eyes saw the top of it. Sitting up in his seat he stared hard at the girl on top of the third floor roof.

“That girl is gonna get herself killed!” Alex the Iron Wolves Gamma said. Matthew’s eyes followed the girl who was facing the front of the house. She raised her hands and appeared to concentrate on her footing while not even noticing the vehicle coming down the road. Suddenly she flipped into the air landing on the roof perfectly, then she sprinted off one eave and jumped down to the ground with a final flip and landed on her feet. She picked up her water bottle and walked towards the gym as if she did this all the time.

“What the hell!” He muttered jumping out of the vehicle and heading towards the brunette.

“Alpha Irons! I’m glad to see you didn’t have any trouble getting here!” His eyes stared after the young woman but turned toward the voice calling my name. Matthew took the offered hand and shook it.

“Thank you Alpha Blackheart. Did I see a young woman doing flips off of the pack house a minute ago?” Ramone sighed and nodded his head.

“Yes, that’s Nikki Grey, our resident gymnast and daredevil. The girl is my gamma and one hell of a warrior though, I gotta tell you. Come on in and we’ll talk before we show you our training. I followed in the Alpha. I glanced at the other building curious about this girl.

After lunch the Alphas and the three men that joined him on his trip walked to the gym to find the children being taught gymnastics and basic hiding and running games and skills. At twelve years of age their training would change. After the Alphas spoke and observed, Matthew began to get a little restless. He couldn’t get that girl out of his mind. Ramone picked up on it and took him outside to the adults training.

Matthew stood there staring at the groups and his eyes scanned the crowd for her. His senses were overrun with the most delicious scent he had ever smelled. He spotted her and winced as she knocked her opponent out and he didn’t get up until she bent down and nudged him with her foot. Suddenly, the man grabbed her and flipped her onto the ground, Matthew growled as she bounced back onto her feet and came down punching her training partner in the chest hard. He was winded instantly and sat up having breathing difficulties. He waved her off and she looked around for someone else to fight. The wind shifted and Nikki caught a new scent and her head popped up and she looked up in time to see Alpha Irons coming towards her in a hurry.

“Nikki! Over here!” Ramone waved at her. Seeing him she kept her expression muted. She knew that must be the Iron Wolves Alpha with him. Nikki casually walked towards them. “Alpha Irons. I’m Nikki Grey.” She offered her hand and caught his scent in the air. Her head turned to Matthew’s eyes dark with lust and her eyes widened at the look on his face.

Matthew could feel Marcus going wild clawing at him to get out. Matthew it’s her. MATE!

Nikki was so shut off she didn’t see the warning signs even though Claire was making all kinds of racket. The instant his hand touched hers sparks went off between them so unmistakably loud and obvious that even Nikki couldn’t mistake it for anything else.

“MATE.” Matthew said before pulling her into his arms and kissing her possessively on the mouth. Nikki pushed at him hard muttering.

“No, no, I won’t!” The next words out of her mouth she never even thought about.

“I Nikki Grey reject Alpha Matthew Irons as my mate.” As soon as they were out of her mouth her eyes widened in shock and his got darker with fury. She turned around to run but he grabbed her arm. That was his mistake. Her defenses were automatic by now and she twisted her arm and bent his backwards flipping him over her shoulder and onto his back. Then she took off in a flat out run towards the woods. Jumping to his feet he looked at Ramone.

“I’ll give you whatever help you need but that girl is going with me.” He growled and took off after her. Ramone just stared at the pair and shook his head and tried not to laugh. Intrigued he watched along with the rest of the trainees who had all stopped to watch. It looked like Nikki had stopped to disrobe before shifting before entering the woods. Before she could she was tackled to the ground. That made him laugh out loud. Who knows, maybe the hardass Alpha Irons could handle her.

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