Second Chances

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Matthew and his warriors snuck into the Crescent Moon territory. About halfway to the packhouse he was spotted and then Ramone and Derek were alerted of their arrival.

Derek frowned at the news and furiously went upstairs to Nikki’s room where she was sobbing quietly. He knew she was healed now but her body was weak from all of the healing it had done. He just wished he hadn’t let her have the full amount of time without giving her the wolfsbane. He should have known this would happen. When he opened the door she flinched as it hit the wall with force. She stayed quiet and faced the wall not wanting to see the man that she had once loved. The man that had killed her baby. She loathed him more than anything, except her own helplessness.

Derek came towards her with a needle and she ignored him. He turned her over onto her back forcefully by grabbing her face and pulling her towards him.

“Contact anyone my love?” She pushed his hand away.

“I hate you! How could you kill my baby?” She turned back sobbing.

“Just kill me, please. I have nothing left. You took everything and ruined it. Just kill me…” She begged.

No! Nikki don’t!

Nikki ignored Claire’s plea.

Derek listened to her, and for a microsecond there was a flash of humanity, then it was gone. He stabbed the needle into her neck. She cried out at the pain it caused her as it immediately shut down her mindlink and ability to reach Claire.


Matthew and his wolves battled their way to the packhouse to see Derek pulling a barely conscious Nikki towards a jeep. Matthew snarled and leaped over the wolves in his way and landed in front of Derek. Matthew challenged him. Derek didn’t even question it. He dropped Nikki and she collapsed like a sack of potatoes. Matthew’s vicious roar only made Derek laugh maniacally.

“Matthew, Matthew, Matthew I took her from you before and I’m doing it again. I took her from you years ago but you didn’t know it.”

Confused, Matthew just let him talk assuming he would out himself somehow. Derek had always liked to put on a show and right now Nikki was on the ground passed out and he had a gun with silver bullets pointed at her head.

“You see, she was not my true mate. My mate died the year before, attacked by rogues. It was quite sad it really was. So I just decided to take Nikki as soon as she was of age but before she found you. I mated her that night and she thought I was her true mate. It all worked out really well I must admit.”

Matthew realized that he really had stolen her from him and his growl even scared his own men. Derek took the safety off the gun and half cocked the gun aimed at Nikki’s head. Nikki was conscious now and she watched Derek as she moved slowly while he was fixated on Matthew.

Rolling away she grabbed a watering pitcher off of the step near her and bashed it into his arm knocking the gun away. He rounded on her hitting her in the face with a good punch just as Matthew began ripping him to shreds. His screams only lasted a second and Nikki watched the remainder of the rogues run off in fear.

Alpha Ramone Blackheart came outside. His head was still covered in blood. “Nikki! Are you alright?” She shook her head.

“No, he killed my baby and maybe my wolf.” It was at that moment that Matthew shifted human and caught her as she fell.

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