Second Chances

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Nikki woke up to realize she was in a vehicle. She felt sparks and knew that meant that Matthew was the one holding her. Tears rushed down her cheek as she buried her face into his chest and sobbed.

Matthew watched and held her tightly to his chest trying to comfort her. When they arrived he carried her inside the house and took her up to the nursery where their son was waiting for her. “Baby, he is alright. Derek didn’t kill him. He just told you that he did.”

Nikki went to the crib and lifted her newborn into her arms and kissed his little face and just stared at him in awe. Matthew wrapped his arms around her and his son smiling for the first time in days.


Two months later Vanessa and Tony got married and as they watched them leave for their honeymoon to the Island of Punta Cana, Nikki looked at Matthew as he watched the car getting smaller in the distance.

Nikki ran her hand down his back and over his butt suggestively. His grinning face turned to her and kissed her passionately. He lifted her up by her butt and her legs wrapped around his waist as he carried her up to their room.

A few moments later Nikki told him her news and his shouts of happiness burst through the pack’s mindlink as he yelled out. “We are having TWINS?” Her laughter at his expression turned to giggles as he growled at her playfully before kissing her senseless.

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