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Second Chances

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“Ugh!” Nikki kicked and tried to get out from underneath the much larger man.

“Get off of me!” Hearing his deep laugh she grew more irritated.

“Not a chance, you are MINE.” He growled as he sniffed the side of her neck and her hair. “My beautiful mate.” He smirked.

“Did you not hear me reject you? I belong to no one but myself! I’m not a toy!” Ignoring her words, he climbed off of her and kept hold of her hand tightly yanking her to him. Keeping the pressure on she tried to bolt but he held fast.

“I’m sorry darlin’ but you are Mine, rejection or not. I’ve been waiting too long for you.”

“I’m not accepting you. I’m sorry but I won’t.” She pulled her arm away and jogged towards the pack house. She needed to think.

Nikki come to my office asap. Letting out a deep breath she instantly turned toward Ramone’s office and opened the door.

“I’m not-”

“He is your mate and you are going!”

Nikki shook her head vehemently. “You know why I can’t have another mate. I can’t do it again. I won’t!” Ramone sighed and used his Alpha Voice on her.

Nikki Grey you are hereby re-assigned to the Iron Wolves pack under the Alpha Matthew Irons. You will obey his commands and you will accept him as your mate.” Nikki blanched at his words.

“You can’t make me accept him!” She shouted back at him.

“Since you were so quick to reject him he made you part of the deal. We get his help and he gets you. As much grief as you have given me lately, I’ll miss you. In this case though I think I’m getting the better deal. I have a feeling you will give him a lot of grief.” The door opened and Matthew walked in and sat next to her grinning from ear to ear. Marcus was howling for all he was worth because he wanted to touch their mate again.

Nikki stood up and looked at Ramone seething at his betrayal. Matthew watched her as she left the room and headed upstairs to pack her things. Mindlinking Zura she told her to come into her room.

Ramone tried not to laugh as she slammed the door. He turned to Matthew and said, “Good luck with her. She is entirely too headstrong for her own good. She will come around though just don’t give up on her. Keep pushing her if you have too. She will make an excellent Luna.

Zura opened the door and saw her packing. “Where are you going?” Nikki didn’t even know how to explain it but her tears were enough to get her best friend’s attention. Her arms went around Nikki and she let her rest her head on her shoulder.

“Nik come on tell me. What’s going on?”

“Ramone is making me go to the Iron Wolves pack to be mates with that Alpha!”

“Wait, What? No one can force you to mate. Is he your second chance mate?” Zura looked at her for an answer and slowly Nikki nodded.

“Yes, apparently he is but I-”

“That’s fantastic! I’m so happy for you!”

“NO! I don’t want to go through that again. I wouldn’t survive it again! I rejected him.” Zura’s face became red and furious.

“Are you out of your damned mind? Do you know how seldom second chance mates are? Is he hideous and cruel? Did he do something to deserve this because if he didn’t then you are just being an ass and throwing away your chances of ever having a family and happiness in life again!” Zura slammed the door shut leaving Nikki sobbing into her pillow.

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