Second Chances

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Nikki sat in the back seat between two men who were obviously Matthews friends. Alex and Tony were being perverted and a little obnoxious trying to get a rise out of her. She just ignored them and closed her eyes. Matthew watched her reactions in the mirror for a few minutes. He kept getting anger from her and he was curious as to why she was so opposed to having a mate.

Once they arrived at the Iron Wolves territory they saw wolves everywhere and they looked happy she noticed. As soon as they got out of the vehicle Nikki felt Matthew’s arm slide around her waist possessively. She tried to move his arm but he was insistent and his arm was too strong to move without making a scene so she left it, for now.

Looking up at her mate from the side she realized how tall he was. He had to be at least eight inches taller than she was putting him somewhere around six foot four inches. He was handsome and he was built with solid muscle. He had light to medium brown hair with gorgeous blue eyes. His easy smile was the one thing that she was going to have a difficult time with she realized frowning to herself. These thoughts made her blush and turn her face away from him.

Uncomfortable with his closeness, she moved as far as he would allow her to. She had to be careful. He was an alpha and as such he wouldn’t be able to allow disrespect so she had to maintain boundaries in public. She sighed as he pulled her back in. Everytime their skin touched electricity flowed between them. It was unnerving to her. It reminded her too much of Derek and that last zap of disconnection. Pain flooded her senses at the memory and she entered the Alpha house and jumped out of his reach.

Nikki’s pain was obvious in her eyes but the reason wasn’t. Matthew watched her as she yanked away from him and her eyes flashed of pain before turning defiant. Unsure of what was bothering her he took her hand in his tightly and pulled her into the living room and motioned for her to sit.

“Nikki, what are you thinking?”

She fidgeted and when he pulled her chin up to look at him she saw concern in his eyes and she pushed his hand away. “I’m sorry, but I’ won’t be your mate. I can’t.” She crossed her arms and looked at the floor. Matthew stared at her for a moment and ran his hand through his hair trying to stifle his need to kiss her.

“Look, I know you weren’t expecting to find me. I have no idea why you think we shouldn’t be together so please tell me what is going on with you. Nikki? Why shouldn’t we be together?” When he reached out and touched her arm the sparks made her shy away from him and she looked like she was going to cry and bolt again. His need to comfort her made him get up and pull her into his embrace and wrap his arms around her. At first she struggled against him but after a couple of minutes she just breathed in his scent and let her tears wet his shirt.

He’s being so patient with you. How can you keep pushing him away? Claire said.

How can I tell him? He won’t understand. How are you okay to move on with another wolf when I can’t seem to move on at all?

Claire grumbled at her. Two years and he didn’t leave us. HE DIED! You need to let us move on!

Not wanting to listen to Claire, Nikki closed her eyes a moment. How likely was it that she could be right? She is the one who was so immature as to sing stupid songs into our head all of the time.

Tell him Nikki. “Fine, Claire!” She said out loud.

Nikki pushed Matthew gently back onto the couch and she didn’t object when he pulled her into his lap. Instead she took comfort in his arms. Matthew listened to her tell him about Derek and he had to calm his jealous wolf down. Sounding slightly jealous he asked, “So where is this Derek?”

Nikki shivered, “There was a car accident and he died.” Her quiet words tore at his heart and she looked away. Nikki couldn’t bring herself to tell him more than she had. “I’d like to go lay down for a while.” Matthew hugged her and then stood up with her and set her on her feet. Tugging her by the hand he lead her to the second floor and turned right down the hall and opened a door at the end on the left. She entered the room and nodded her head. “Thank you.”

Matthew pulled her into another hug. “I’ll be right back with your bags.” Nikki nodded. As soon as he left the room she pulled her shoes off and slipped off her pants and shirt leaving her in her bra and panties only. She was just slipping under the covers when he reappeared with her bags. Nikki blushed as she realized she hadn’t been fast enough and that he had seen her. Matthew had a tense smile and his eyes were darkened with lust as he tried controlling his wolf. Marcus wanted her now and Claire was purring in Nikki’s ears.

Matthew walked into the room and sat on the edge of the bed. His eyes never left Nikki’s although it was impossible for him to miss the wary look in her eyes. His hand came up and cupped her cheek. “I’ll be right across the hallway if you need me.” Nikki watched as he struggled with his wolf, but he walked out of the room and closed the door.

Sighing Nikki turned and dropped her head into her pillow. The all too familiar torture of insomnia taking its toll on her. Slipping on a t shirt angrily and a pair of shorts she opened her window and climbed up onto the roof to look at the stars.

Matthew was laying in bed unable to sleep. Marcus kept yelling at him to go to his mate and lay with her. He heard her window open and he waited a moment wondering if she was too warm. Remembering her penchant for roofs he got up and opened his window and stuck his head out to see her looking up at the stars while laying on the roof. Moving the stuff on his dresser he climbed out his window carefully.

“Nikki? What are you doing out here?” He asked nervously edging his way over to her. Sensing his discomfort she smirked and grabbed his hand so he wouldn’t fall. It was obvious that he was not comfortable with heights. He chuckled nervously as he looked down to the ground. His roof was higher than most two stories because he had vaulted ceilings so he was looking a good distance down. Hearing her chuckle at him, he smiled as he lay next to her on the roof. Feeling the sparks as their arms touched he wanted to kiss her but he just took her hand in his instead.

“So where does this gymnast part of you come from?” He asked curiously. Nikki blushed and confessed.

“I loved watching it on tv as a kid so my mom put me in classes when I was five and I kept them up until I was fifteen. I’ve been watching some of that Parkour stuff on youtube but I’m still unsure about some of that. It basically looks like it’s set up to get you maimed or killed.”

Nodding in agreement Matthew chuckled. “I agree, please don’t do anything foolish. I don’t want to lose you.”

Nikki was being stubborn. “You can’t lose me because I don’t belong to you, remember?” Sitting up she got to her feet and looked down. He sat up and watched her. “What are you doing?”

Nikki gave him a knowing smirk and ran down the pitches in the roof til she got to the eaves and flipped off landing on her feet. At that point she was just pissing him off. Cursing himself he crawled back into his window and took off out the front door looking for her. Following her scent he caught sight of her doing flips in the grass. He smiled and just watched her for a few minutes. When she realized he was there she stopped and headed back towards the house. He was blocking the door. Damn he was huge. “Let me pass Matthew. I’m going to bed. I’m tired.”

Nikki looked up at him and she couldn’t help the butterflies in her stomach from just looking at this delicious man in front of her. His hand reached out to her waist and she went to step back but his other hand came out and captured her pulling her towards him. Her eyes were locked on his and when he leaned forward and kissed her softly on the lips she felt the familiar sparks that used to calm her so. It was a quick kiss and he moved over so she could pass. Hurrying upstairs she went into her room and shut the door and leaned against it. Her heart was beating fast and her body was tingling everywhere. This man was already getting to her and she wasn’t sure how she felt about him. Matthew chuckled softly to himself at her reaction to his kiss and headed up to his room.

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