Second Chances

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Nikki’s alarm clock went off and as per usual it was sent across the room as she growled at it. She hadn’t slept well, the dream had been in pieces this time but Claire was making her crazy badgering her about Matthew’s wolf. She threw on a blue sports bra, shorts and sneakers and was pulling her hair up into a ponytail as she opened her door. She jumped backwards as she found Matthew with his hand raised as if to knock.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.” His brow furrowed and he looked at her outfit and frowned. “Where are you going in that?”

“To train. These are training clothes also known as workout clothes.”

“The hell you are! You are more naked than covered!” He grabbed her hand and pulled her back into the room and opened her bag of clothes. Pulling out a t-shirt and long shorts he thrust them at her. “Put these on. I can’t have my mate running around out there dressed like that with all of these horny wolves running around.”

Trying to suppress a smirk, “Don’t you trust me not to jump their bones?” He grinned openly at her and pulled her hips towards him. Having nowhere to put her hands she ended up with them on his shoulders. Unsure of his intentions she waited and relaxed a little when he buried his nose in her neck and hair. Her arms relaxed involuntarily around his neck.

“It’s not you, my love. It’s them I don’t trust. You are just too tempting for their self control.” Hearing Nikki’s soft chuckle made Marcus crazy and he momentarily took over. He bent his head forwards into her hair and then he chose his spot and his canines lengthened and he bit into her skin marking her as his. Nikki screamed at the pain and practically ripped his ears off. Matthew’s arms held her tightly to him and he licked the spot when he was done making her quiver. Marcus gave control back to Matthew as he looked at Nikki.

As his eyes changed back she raised her knee and brought him to the floor. “Ah! Dammit Nikki it was my wolf! I didn’t know he was going to do that!” After a second or two she took off down the hallway towards the front door. Matthew was on his feet only a minute or so after she left and he took off after her. When he got outside he took a good look around and and sniffed the air. Launching into a full sprint he took off after her.

Pissed off at him, Nikki had run and shifted at the treeline and disappeared from sight as quickly as she could.

How could he do that to me? I rejected him how could his wolf mark me anyway? Nikki heard whistling in her head and she felt her eyes narrow.

Claire? How could he mark me after I rejected him?

YOU rejected him but I told his wolf that you didn’t mean it so it didn’t count as a rejection to his wolf and HE is the one that marked us.

Nikki stopped running while she argued with Claire in her head completely oblivious to her surroundings. She didn’t notice the other wolves as she yelled at Claire.

YOU DID WHAT? If I could I would kick your ass! Claire giggled at her.

Just because you are afraid doesn’t mean that I am willing to give up our mate. Uh, Nikki we aren’t alone out here.

Nikki glanced up from the puddle she was staring at and noticed there were several wolves around her. There was a deep menacing growl from a large black wolf that she immediately recognized as Matthew’s. The other wolves backed off and seemed to disappear into the woods. Nikki sighed and turned to look at him and she heard Claire purring. Shut up Claire!

Matthew was furious with her. She could have been attacked by the other wolves. He shifted and glared at her in fury. “Shift Nikki.” Not wanting to talk to him she dared to step back. “SHIFT NOW NIKKI!” he yelled using his Alpha voice on her. Angrily she shifted and glared at him as he openly looked up and down her naked body. “What were you thinking?”

Before Nikki could say anything he pulled her by the waist and kissed her deeply and his body vibrated with his need for her. His kisses made her knees weak and her mind went blank as she let her body feel for the first time in two years. For a moment she wondered if she was wrong about him. Maybe the moon goddess was right in this pairing. But how could she chance losing him if he was her true mate?

Matthew growled lowly when Nikki kissed him back passionately. Her hands travelled all over him and she picked her spot on his neck and her canines dropped and she bit into him marking him as hers. The pain was fleeting but the shift in his strength and mind made his eyes brighten momentarily and he growled at her lustily as he smelled her arousal. Nikki sensed the change as well. She felt when Marcus took over. She felt the raw animal need emanating off of him. Nikki suckled on the mark on his neck when he shoved her up against a tree and lifted her by her thighs and rammed himself into her wetness causing her to moan loudly and her thighs clenched him tightly as her body tightened around his.

Nikki murmured against his ear. “I want Matthew.” Marcus growled at her and shook his head as he thrust more roughly into her. Nikki growled back at him and she bit his ear and Marcus yelped at her and let Matthew forward.

Matthew’s thrusts were not as rough but were instantly more sensual and deeper. Nikki moaned low and deeply as she surrendered to him. Matthew buried himself in her tightness and feasted on her lips and mouth. Her moans and whimpers were the fuel that fed his fire and after a few moments he removed himself from her body and tossed her over his shoulder and ran full speed back to his house and into his bedroom. Laughing the entire way Nikki slapped his ass and when he tossed her unceremoniously on his bed and slid into her, her giggles turned into throaty moans of pleasure.

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