Second Chances

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Matthew was holding Nikki on top of him. Her head was propped up on her hands as she looked down at his face. She felt almost guilty that she had been with him….Almost. Derek crossed her mind but she shoved him aside a moment and just focussed on Matthew. She wasn’t sure if it could be love so fast but she knew the mate bond was strong and that if she didn’t love him yet that she would soon. Staring at the flecks in his eyes she smiled at his expression. “What? Why are you looking at me like that?” Her hand automatically reached up to remove the hair that fell over his eye.

“I’m just thinking we need to introduce you as the new Luna. You need to take your place among the pack.”

“Oh, well ….on that note. Are we having any rogue problems here? I know that the Crescent Moon lost three members over the last year due to rogues but they seem to be getting more aggressive and that worries me. They like to take children I’ve noticed.”

Matthew watched and listened to her and he reached up kissing her in a gentle and teasing way that caused her to moan breathlessly. “What was that for?” Her soft eyes took in his emotion and she felt her heart flutter in her chest.

“You are going to be the most incredible Luna.” Nikki blushed.

“I intend to do my best. So what about the rogues? Any trouble here?” She asked rolling off of him.

His growl barely warned her as his arm pulled her back into his side. Chuckling softly Nikki blushed at the attention he gave her. Derek had never been this affectionate and attentive. She couldn’t help but compare their behaviors in her mind. Nikki shivered as she remembered Derek when he was mad, he would hit her sometimes and he had been screaming at her that day while she was driving. She had seen his fist just before the car veered over the guard rail.

Nikki shook the memory away and realized she had missed what he said. Matthew was looking at her with concern and he was feeling her feelings. Quietly he asked, “Nikki, why are you thinking of him? I will not share you physically nor emotionally. You need to get over him.” Matthew rolled away from her. She knew he was angry and hurt.

“No, Matthew! It’s not that-” He stopped but didn’t turn around.

“You are Mine. I’m not giving you up and I’ll kill anyone that tries to take you from me but I don’t know how to fight a ghost. You need to figure it out and fast.” He pulled some pants on and walked out of the house.

Nikki ignored the tears in her eyes and choked on the emotions his words caused.


Matthew had been keeping his distance from her for three days. Nikki felt like crap but she tried to hide her feelings. The longer she was without him the more emptiness and pain she started to feel. Feeling loss was something she should have been used to but not like this.

Keeping busy by working with the children she was teaching them how to hide and how to stay alive during an attack or war where kids tended to get killed if out in the open. Nikki had become very protective and close to a little girl about four years old. Her name was Abigail. She had the cutest face with blue eyes and blond hair. She was shy at first but had the most adorable personality of any child she had met to date. Abigail was often seen clinging to the new Luna talking her head off.

Matthew had been watching her as she had taken it upon herself to jump into her new duties. He made sure that she was not in the office when he was and if she came in he would leave, often with her pain written on her face. He watched her with Abby and smiled softly. Nikki was doing wonders for Abby. The small child had lost her parents the year before in a raid on a rival pack. Abby had kind of been absorbed into the pack house as everyone’s child, but without a set of parents to call her own she was everyone’s and no one’s all at the same time. She had needed someone to take an interest in her and that someone happened to be his beautiful mate.

Grumbling he went towards the house to get a shower. He hadn’t been in the house since the other day. He had crawled into the cot in his office in the packhouse. The other pack members knew something was wrong but he wasn’t one to share so they kept quiet and watchful.

Nikki was keeping an eye on her mate and when he went inside their house she darted towards it and went up to their room. Hearing the shower running she stripped down and entered the bathroom to find him in the shower with his eyes closed under the water. His body was sculpted as if by an artist. He was perfection. His eyes never opened but his voice growled lowly at her. “Have you figured out what you want Nikki?”

She was close enough to him to feel the sparks jumping between them. Her voice was low and raw and next to his ear. “I need you and I want only you Matthew.” Her tongue licked her mark on his neck and he pulled her into his arms kissing her deeply. “I’m sorry I hurt you.” she murmured between kisses.

His eyes opened and searched hers. Seeing the love in her eyes he dropped to his knees and started licking at her delicate folds and her hands delved into his hair as he spread her wider setting her legs on his shoulders as she leaned against the shower wall. Nikki arched against the wall as his tongue darted in and buried itself inside her teasing her relentlessly until she shuddered against his mouth. Greedily drinking her release he rose up and kissed her deeply, letting her taste herself on him.

Matthew lifted her up and slid her onto his hard length and Nikki almost lost her mind at how good he felt as her body tightened while still contracting around him. Her moans became more urgent as she began lifting herself over him. Matthew’s eyes were black with lust when she took control and rode him til he was nearly vibrating with need. She knew how to bring him to the edge and then tease him without letting him cum. His hands gripped her ass as she got closer to the edge herself. Nikki couldn’t hold out much longer and she finally took him over the edge at the same time that she did. Nikki clutched him around the neck and she kissed her mark sensually. He had shouted her name as his body was racked with his release. His neck tingled where she kissed his mark and he felt her milking him. Matthew buried his face in her wet hair. “You are mine, love.”

“I’m all yours and yours only.” Nikki murmured in his ear. She could hear Claire purring in happiness.

Nikki jumped under the covers at the sound of someone running into the house yelling. Matthew’s expression hardened and he got up yanking on pants. “Alpha Matthew!” Opening the door to the bedroom he stepped into the hall pulling the door almost closed so she could hear.

It was Gamma Alex. The panic in his voice was clear. “Rogues! They are just outside of our borders! There is a battle going on at the north break.” The door opened and a fully dressed Nikki went racing past him. He grabbed her hand and stopped her. Her eyes darted back to him fear in her eyes.

“Baby, take care of the kids and elders. I’ll handle the rogues.” Matthew watched her nod.

“I love you Matthew. Be safe.” He smiled at her and pulled her close kissing her mark and then her lips.

“I love you too.” She watched as he took off with Alex both shifting as soon as they hit the grass. Nikki wasted no time in getting to the children and the non warriors.

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