Second Chances

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Nikki smelled the smoke as soon as she got outside. Panic set in and she headed towards the pack house. She could see the flames and she ran faster than she ever had before. Using her Luna powers she sensed at least six or seven people still inside. There was a group of pack members outside of the house fighting rogues. The rogues were actually trying to keep them inside so they would burn to death.

Nikki ran towards the scene and took out the rogues as she came upon them. Her need to protect her pack was driving her and she leapt up onto the lower end of the roof and busted through a window on the top floor. A minute or two later she re-appeared pulling out a teenager and a boy about twelve. Nikki tossed the unconscious teenager over her shoulder and looked at the boy. “Hold on we need someone to keep you guys safe while I get the others.” The boy seemed like he might say something but looked for someone to help them. Nikki mind linked the group fighting.

I need someone to guard the survivors at the pack house while I get those trapped inside, out. Tony Sharp, the beta glanced at his alpha and headed that way.

I’m on my way Luna!

Nikki looked at the boy. “What’s your name?”

“Jared” he looked a bit scared though he didn’t want to show it. He looked at her hand as she grabbed his in hers.

“Okay Jared we are going to jump. You’ll be okay just don’t let go.” He nodded at her and swallowed. She took a step and held the girl on her shoulder and she leaped out as far away from the house as she could, pulling Jared with her. She landed on bended knee and put the girl down as Jared picked himself up from the ground.

“Wow! That was so cool!”

Nikki looked up at the house and planted Jared next to the girl. “Stay here. Help is on the way. Keep her safe.” She added giving the boy a job. He nodded and watched as she ran and leapt back onto the roof and disappeared into the house again.

Tony arrived a minute or two later to see his Luna going back into the house. He found the saved and injured behind the house near a tree that was about fifty feet back from the house. He counted five that she had rescued. When she came out this time he noticed that she was coughing pretty hard. The house was looking to start caving in any minute.

Nikki was holding an unconscious girl about ten years old. “Tony? Can you catch her?” She asked. When he ran as close to the house as he could get she tossed the girl as gently as she could, protecting her neck as she did. Tony caught the child and saw Nikki turn as a high pitched scream was heard from inside the house.

“Abigail!” Nikki yelled and dove back inside. Fear driven by panic

made Nikki plow through the debris as it began to fall around her and the raised her arms to block the beams from hitting her head. The flames were only half of the problem. The smoke was so thick she could barely see and breathing was painful. “Abby! Where are you?” She cried out coughing, desperate to find her when she caught sight of the small girl. She was trapped underneath something that looked like it was a small bookcase. Pushing herself to get to the child she mindlinked Tony.

I almost have her. I’ll be right out.

Pulling Abigail into her arms she noticed that the child was not breathing. Nikki hurried and climbed back up to the roof as quickly as she could. The house started to crack and shake and as Nikki leapt off of the roof it collapsed. She heard the screams from those outside watching. As soon as she hit the ground she pulled Abby over and started CPR. “Tony!” She was coughing too hard to do the breathing and needed help. Tony ran over and took over for her. She turned away coughing so hard that her chest hurt. Abigail took a breath and started coughing and crying. Tony hugged the little girl and calmed her. Abigail looked for Nikki and smiled when she saw her. Abby grabbed her leg and hugged her. Nikki picked up the child and hugged her.

She could hear the fighting picking up around the other side of the house. “Abby go sit with Jared. I need to check on the fighting. Stay here, all of you!” Nikki snuck a peak around the front of the house in time to see Matthew taking down the last of the rogues in sight. She had inhaled more smoke than she should have and she collapsed in slow motion. Her eyes closed as she saw Matthew running towards her.

Nikki felt herself waking up. She could hear the oxygen mask on her face before she opened her eyes. Her hand came up and knocked it off of her face. “Matthew” She hadn’t realized it but she was not laying on a bed but in a pair of powerful arms that were cuddling her to his chest.

“I’m here baby.” He said, his deep voice soothing her.

“Abigail and the others? Are they okay?” She wiggled in his arms trying to sit up. His soft chuckle made Claire purr.

“Thanks to you they are all safe.” She went into a coughing fit and he put the oxygen mask back on her face. “Just stay here with me. Let me take care of you for a little while. She nodded and snuggled into his chest and soon she drifted off to sleep.

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