Second Chances

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Abigail woke up and realized two things. The first was that she was naked in bed with Matthew and the second was that the door wasn’t locked. She knew this because Abby was climbing up the end of the bed singing ’You are my sunshine” rather loudly. Upon seeing her eyes open Abby jumped up and down on the bed laughing happily. “YAY Luna’s awake!” Matthew sat up and quickly snatched the child out of the air and tickled her ferociously. Happy giggles and screams filled the air.

“Abigail!” One of the other mothers scolded and came into their room. Matthew had turned Abby upside down and her giggles made him grin. He handed her to the young woman and she grinned turning her back upright as she walked to the door with the child on her hip. Locking the door before she walked out she said “Sorry Alpha and Luna.”

Laughing softly Nikki looked at Matthew as he dove back down to her for a kiss. He deepened the kiss and she slid her hands up his back and down to his hips, planting her hand firmly on his ass. She moaned as he slid his hands to her core and slid his hand over her just a little lower. Feeling her wetness he slid over her and between her legs. His hardness against her body caused her breathing to hitch and she spread her legs around him as his tongue plundered her mouth. Matthew ground his hips so that he could tease her a little and she moaned and dug her nails into his back a little. “Matthew why are you teasing me so?” She questioned breathlessly.

His chuckle turned into a low rumbling growl as he thrust into her fast and hard. She couldn’t help the moans that escaped her over the next couple of hours. They teased and pleased each other until they were depleted. Matthew had fallen asleep almost immediately and Nikki slipped out of bed and into the shower.

Turning on the shower she stepped into it and smiled to herself. She was glad that she had given their relationship a chance. The Moon Goddess wouldn’t allow her to be paired with another like her first husband again. Just as she was rinsing her hair she felt strong arms encircle her waist and lips kissing the back of her neck. Her smile at her mate’s need for her was just one of the things that made her happy. Turning in his arms she wrapped hers around his neck and kissed his mark that she had given him.

Matthew couldn’t get enough of his feisty strong little mate. He picked her up and slid her onto him and leaned her against the tile of the shower thrusting into her as he held her in the air. Her moans were so loud he was really glad that he had had the bedrooms soundproofed when he had it built.

After they had gotten dressed they went out into the rest of the house. Matthew went into his office and called some of the best guys in construction in the area and got them out there to get started on clearing out the old packhouse and started on new plans for the new house. Matthew didn’t mind them living in his house until the new packhouse was built but that could be a long time. Many of the members were absorbed into the other three packhouses or some of the other personal homes of other members but there were still quite a few in his own home.

Nikki went into the kitchen to see some of the women preparing food for many people and the radio was on. They were listening to dance music until the weatherman interrupted forecasting tornadoes in the next few weeks. “The only profession that they get paid to be wrong. She thought to herself.

“Luna!” Abigail yelled as she threw herself against Nikki’s legs. Nikki reached down and lifted the child into her arms setting her on her hip.

“Well hello there Abby. I’m glad to see you feeling better today.” Abby threw her little arms around Nikki’s neck and nearly strangled her with her hug.

Feigning dying Nikki pretended that she couldn’t breathe and the little girl loosened her hold on her neck. Laughing at her Nikki kissed her cheek and put the little girl down. “Go play nicely with the other children Abby.”

“Okay Luna!” Nikki shook her head with a smile as Abigail ran off and there was soon laughing in the room where she went to play.

Nikki mindlinked Tony and Alex.

Okay guys how are our losses on last yesterday’s attack and was it only the one packhouse that burned?

We lost eight people Luna, 6 were warriors and two omega’s one of which was an elder of the pack. It was only the one house. Tony said. Her heart felt pained at the deaths. Alex chimed in next.

We are running perimeter guard not just checks and there has been no sight of them yet.

Okay, keep me informed of any changes. Oh and before I forget we need to make sure all of the storm shelters are accessible. It’s that time of year again. We need to clear the one to make sure that the fire didn’t block it and if it did it needs to be cleared out asap.

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