Second Chances

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Reconstruction on the packhouse starts out slowly but after a week or two progress starts to become visible. Many of the pack members are able to help and do. Nikki’s days are spent overseeing getting the packhouse rebuilt and dealing with its contractors and it’s members while her nights are spent in her mate’s arms.

Matthew left the house and headed towards the construction site for the new house. Alpha Ramone had called and he was expecting what he hoped was a happy surprise for his Luna. Her sister was going to visit and should be there soon. He slipped his arms around her waist and kissed her neck as she looked at the plans. “Hey baby, you still working on that section of drywall with the guys?” He chuckled but nodded into her neck.

“Yes,” He looked up to see an older model SUV coming down the newly made road. “I wonder who that is.” He said causing her to glance up.

“Probably one of the contractors,” She said and dropped her head to the inventory invoice and the plans. Matthew noticed her brow furrowing and she pecked him on the cheek and headed towards Tony. “Be right back.”

Matthew glanced up at the SUV as it pulled to a stop. He smiled when a young woman climbed out of the driver’s seat. She looked similar to his mate but there were several differences. Walking up to her he said, “Vanessa Grey?”

Turning to the huge man before her she nodded. “Yes, you must be Alpha Irons.” She offered her hand to him and lowered her eyes. He smiled and glanced over his shoulder at his mate. She doesn’t know you are here. I wanted it to be a surprise. Nikki glanced up and saw Matthew talking to a woman and she felt the roar of jealousy in the pit of her stomach. Walking towards them she felt the violence inside her getting ready to take over until the woman turned her head towards her and smiled. “Nikki!”

While the two women hugged Nikki and Vanessa started talking at once and Matthew sensed someone running and turned to see Tony barrelling towards them. Matthew reached out and pulled Nikki to safety at the last moment as Tony stopped inches from Vanessa whose eyes had gone wide. Catching his scent in the air as he gently sniffed her hair and neck.

“Mate!” Tony growled before he picked Vanessa up and kissed her senseless. Nikki grinned as Vanessa’s arms flailed for a moment before they slid around his neck and she kissed back. She remembered the same feeling with her own mate. Vanessa was breathing heavily when Tony broke the kiss. She could see the surprise and tenderness in her sister’s eyes. Tony’s eyes were pitch black with lust. Matthew recognized that Tony’s wolf was trying to take over, so did Nikki.

“Tony! You’d better calm your wolf right now! That is my sister you are claiming there and if you’d like to be able to have children you’ll mind yourself.” Vanessa slid down Tony’s body to the ground. Both of his arms were wound tightly around her and he buried his head in her neck sniffing her scent again. Vanessa put her hand on his cheek and murmured something to him calming him down ever so slightly. She was smiling.

Nikki laughed and rolled her eyes slightly at them. “Tony, take the rest of the day off and we’ll see you both at the bonfire tonight.” Vanessa smirked and chuckled lightly as she got back into the SUV and slid into the passenger seat and tossed the keys to her mate who had climbed into the driver’s seat.

“Thanks Luna.” Tony said. He pointed the vehicle towards his house up the road and Vanessa’s giggles were still ringing in her ears as she turned to Matthew with a smirk as her arms slid around his neck.

“I take it you knew that she was coming?” Matthew nodded.

“I must admit though, I never would have put Vanessa and Tony together.” Nikki’s soft laughter urged him to kiss her neck before he turned and tossed her over his shoulder. He yelled to the crew.” WE ARE DONE FOR THE DAY, Go Home! See you all at the bonfire!” The laughter as the Alpha ran off with his Luna over his shoulder giggling was uproariously loud and good natured. The crew shut down for the rest of the day.

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