Billionaire's Unfortunate Marriage

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•|One is the heartthrob billionaire while another is the hardcore doctor. •|She name him jerk while he call her his love. •|He thinks he is the stubborn one but she made him change his point. •|She is just the normal girl while he is the famous playboy. •|He knows how to play the games but she too know how to end the game. It's said: within a second we can fall in love so here, they have the whole 31,536,000 seconds. Hence, their journey is the tale of the unfortunate marriage.

Romance / Mystery
Yuki Thapa
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″You cannot do this to me.” I told him.

“Well darling I can do anything I want and don’t forget who I am “he says with a bitter tone.

" I don’t think you can go low to take revenge “He should have told me directly before taking such action.

″Staying with me for long time also you couldn’t understand me and my ways, my love”.

" I am not your love.” I raised my voice. We were interrupted by a call. His mobile rang and he received the call. I went to the washroom. I had tried a lot to make him understand but he is one stubborn person who doesn’t believe other. I don’t know why he is like this but it’s hurt seeing him like this. I don’t know why I can’t hate him. I think he is nice and acting. He is hiding his true self from the people.

He is showing his different personality. After five minutes in washroom I went inside the room and hear him shouting at someone. He don’t have any other thing rather than yelling and shouting at other. Sometime I think he is foolish and stupid rather than rich. He loses his temper than using his mind. He hung up the call and throw his mobile on the bed. His action caught me out of my trance. He was tense and felling pain. I see vulnerability in his eyes . He couldn’t masked it and I feel urged to hug him. I don’t know how it happened but I hugged him and find him returning after few seconds. He broke the hug and apologized and I felt bad. He told me to get ready and come down after 30 minutes. I was remembering about the hug but the slamming of door made me conscious.

I hurriedly went to the closet and wear jeans and a blue top. I apply lipstick and comb my hair and braided . I took my bag and mobile and went downstairs. He was wearing jean and a t-shirt. He was looking very handsome and I was gawking at him. He too was staring at me and the driver break our trance. He moved towards the car and get inside. I followed him and the guard open the door for me. I asked him where we are going but he didn’t reply me.

I just play game in my mobile and after 1 hour the car came to halt. He get outside and I also get down. After observing the surroundings it seem a beautiful mansion with beautiful garden. He intertwine our hand and we went inside. Inside was more beautiful than outside and there were people talking with each other. We went to the living area and saw a woman in her late 40′s wearing a beautiful dress with a brown lipstick sitting in the luxurious sofa ordering something to the man beside her.

They get interrupted by the clearing of throat. Really Shaub he cannot be patience and needs to interrupt. I told them sorry but he interrupted me by dragging me to sit down on the sofa. What he tell next made me shocked.

" Lady she is my fiancée and would be granddaughter in law of Nicholas Rehgen.” Really he told that I was surprised and about to talk but the lady came forward and hugged me. She was happy and kissed me in my forehand. Before the lady could asked anything or I could ask who was she that idiot drag me to the front door by saying he have a important meeting. I mouthed bye to that lady and went outside. He opened the car door for me and I got inside.

After five minutes of silence he broke the awkwardness. ” Don’t be happy about the things I have told to that lady ,every thing can be changed in one minute. ” How dare he think that I am happy that he is my fiancée. Never in my dreams I will marry him. He is irritating and I lost my temper and turn towards him to yell but I got a warm lips on my lips. Damn it was so good and sparks erupted in my skin. I was beyond shocked my first kiss with that jerk. Eww, but my subconscious was enjoying the feeling.

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