Billionaire's Unfortunate Marriage

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•|One is the heartthrob billionaire while another is the hardcore doctor. •|She name him jerk while he call her his love. •|He thinks he is the stubborn one but she made him change his point. •|She is just the normal girl while he is the famous playboy. •|He knows how to play the games but she too know how to end the game. It's said: within a second we can fall in love so here, they have the whole 31,536,000 seconds. Hence, their journey is the tale of the unfortunate marriage.

Romance / Mystery
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"The tale of unfortunate marriage.”

A man wearing a black security guard uniform came running towards the passenger side of the car and Shaub rolled down the window showing something on his mobile. The man glanced at the mobile then at Shaub and me and looked at the small compartment at the side.

He raises his hand signaling the man to open the door and the gate was opened for us to drive in. Shaub threw the mobile on the dashboard and drove inside where a huge mansion was situated. There was a fountain at the center and a butler came running outside the door as if to escort us.

Shaub parked the car near the front door and get off the car without speaking a word to me. I rolled my eyes looking at that jerk and to annoy him, I didn’t get off of the car pretending to be clueless. I busy myself going through the notifications and a knock came on the side of my window.

I ignore it acting as if I didn’t hear it and he knocked persistently making me feel irritated hearing that noise. And when I had had enough of it, I lock my mobile while clicking the lock of the door. I opened the door exerting more force than necessary causing it to hit Shaub on his leg as he was standing near it and I stifled laughter which was about to escape from my mouth when he scowled rubbing at the injured part.

“Fuck.” He muttered closing the door with a thud and shoot daggers at me.

“Sorry.” I sounded not so sorry and tucked the loose strands of the hair behind my ear.

“Young Master.” The butler who was standing at the front door and was watching the scene spoke gaining Shaub’s attention.

“Butler Han.” Shaub nodded at the butler in acknowledgment.

“Master is on his study. Let’s get you inside.” He stepped aside showing the way and Shaub walked forward to get inside.

Suddenly, a frantic cry came from inside and a maid came running outside. When she saw the butler she hurriedly climbs down the stairs and stops beside him catching her breath.

“Mo-Morris has choked on his food. He-” The maid sounded afraid and the butler dashed inside after listening to half of her sentence.

I too enter inside along with Shaub and heard noises coming from the west part of the mansion. And when we stepped inside butler Han was nowhere to be seen and the maid from before lead us to the living room.

“Wait.” I stopped the maid who was about to walk away and she turned to look at me.

“Can you take me there?” I asked the maid giving her a knowing look and she nodded her head leading the way.

As we walked towards the west wing, we heard a woman’s cry and I got the idea that the person who had choked is a child. I fasten my pace once we turned the corner and the maid halt in front of the huge mahogany door.

“This way.” The maid opened the door and I entered inside the room which seemed to be a nursery.

“Young Master!” A middle-aged woman cried standing near the playing desk and a boy around 7 or 8 was sitting down with a tear slipping from his eyes.

“Young Master. Try to swallow it.” Butler Han tried to coax the child but the child was having difficulty breathing.

“Step aside.” I ran frantically towards them and sighed when I saw the boy was still conscious.

“Help him get up.” I yelled at the butler and stood beside the boy.

I grabbed my fist with the other hand and quickly pulled inward and upward as if trying to lift the person. I performed a total of 5 abdominal thrusts and the boy finally began to cough hard.

“Slowly.” I rubbed his back trying to soothe him and after a minute his breathing became normal.

“Young Master.” The woman wiped the tears and came to his side.

“What happened?” A loud voice came from the door and in came an old man holding a cane in his hand with a middle-aged woman trailing behind him.

“Master. That..” Butler Han sounded guilty and bow his head down not daring to meet his master’s questioning gaze.

“Young Master. H-he c-chocked on his food and-” Before the woman could finish her words the young boy ran towards the old man hugging his waist.

“You okay my boy?” The old man asked looking distressed and the boy meekly nodded his head glancing at me.

“This lady?” The old man raise a brow when he followed the child’s line of sight.

“She is with me.” A voice came from the door and there the jerk was standing at the door frame with an unknown expression etched on his face.

“Shaub?” The old man voice out, unable to keep the disbelief out of his voice.

The lady too turned to look at Shaub and her face paled when she saw his face. She opened and closed her mouth as if to say something but stop once she saw his indifferent gaze.

“How have you been grandpa Lee?” Shaub seemed reluctant to enter inside and stood at the door frame.

“I’ve been good young man. And this lady....she must be your fiance?” The old man gave a glance to me and I was stupefied hearing his question.

Fiance? No. Never in the millions of years.

“Yup. Meet my fiance Shalifa Velour.” Shaub lied without batting his eyes and I gawked at him as if he had come from another world.

Has he lost his mind? What nonsense is he sprouting?

“Haha. You had promised my son that you would come here only when you had a girl you wanted to marry so after many years you finally bring the one.” The old man snickered rubbing the young boy’s head affectionately.

“Grandpa. She was the one who helped me.” The child said blushing slightly and smiled looking at me.

“Thank you, young lady.” The old man said patting the child’s head.

“Don’t be modest. It’s my job as a doctor.” I wave my hand smiling back at the child.

“Doctor?” The old man cocked his head at Shaub and looked at me with amusement.

“Grandpa.” The child tugged at his coat and the old man looked down at his great-grandson.

“Say, my child?” He leaned to look at the child’s face and nodded to whatever the child whispered in his ear.

“Oh! It’s time for lunch. Everyone let’s go to the dining room.” The old man walks out of the room along with the lady and the child ran back to the middle-aged woman.

“Love!” Shaub called out when I was busying looking at the child and I glared fiercely at the man while walking towards him.

And before I could burst out, he intertwined our hand like a lovely couple and dragged me to walk with him.

“Leave my hand.” I hissed near his ear trying to break away but he squeezed my hand faking a smile.

“If you want that medicine then do as I say.” He whispered making me clenched my teeth and Nicho’s face flash on my mind.

“Fine.” I hissed flashing the fake smile and tolerated his filthy touch.

“Patience Choco. Patience.” I muttered under my breath and tried to suppress my anger.

“Shaub! That old man of yours didn’t tell me about your fiance, the last time I called him. He is so hateful.” The old man complained once we reached the dining area.

The lunch was already served on the table and the old man along with the lady from before had already sat down.

“Come sit down.” The old man smiled looking at us and Shaub pulled the chair for me like the gentleman.

“Thank you.” I turned my face sideways and my lips brushed against his creating havoc on my system.

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