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Billionaire's Unfortunate Marriage

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Chapter 1

New day, new beginning and the new way of enjoying the life with our love ones…” A melodious voice resounded and a smile crept on my lips waking me from my sleep.

Everyday I wake up listening to this voice and at the exact same line my eyes will flew open. Say it my instinct or what not but I don’t need the alarm clock. Hehe…my granny voice is just so powerful to even wake me up from the deep slumber.

I heard faint footsteps outside my bedroom and a minute later it faded away giving me the cue to leave my bed. My grandmother lives in the room next to mine and she wake up at sharp 6 o’clock mumbling her favorite song, which happen to be my wake my song.

I usually left a small gap on my door as the door needs extra force to pull open so her voice will easily enter my room. She is your typical grandmother but with extra sweetness. She is strict sometimes but most of the time she is childish making our boring life to lighten up.

Me and my brother Syong are her favorite grandchild or maybe because we are the children of her only son. But she is the dearest person in my heart since childhood till now. My best buddy and my secret keeper. Whenever I would break my mom’s heels while playing during my childhood, she would always cover up for me saving me from my mom’s wrath.

Recalling those sweet memories and shaking my head with a foolish smile I walk to the bathroom to get ready for the new day. I brush my teeth with the mint fragrance toothpaste and scrub my face with the cherry flavor facewash. Then I wipe my face with the towel and walk to the room to look for my mobile.

I unplug the charger from the mobile and press my thumb finger to unlock my mobile. I scroll through the Nigel Hospital forum to check out the latest news and after reading some feeds I lock the mobile walking out the room in my floral print pajama.

The minute I step out from my room, I saw my brother Syong in a spot attire with sweat dripping on his face indicating that he has just came from his morning run and I scrunch my face looking at my hardworking younger brother. He was about to pass by me but somehow, he saw me standing on my doorstep and gave me a devilish grin.

That grin startle me and I know what’s coming next but like the most of the time I was late on pushing that damn door and that devil back hug me smearing his sweat all over my pajama.

“Syong!” I yell gritting my teeth and the devil giggle making me annoyed to death.

Luckily, I haven’t had the shower yet otherwise I would have to waste my time showering for the second time today. I broke free from his tight grip and before I could shout more, he sprinted to his room laughing like the maniac.

I glare at his closed door and push open the door sprinting towards the bathroom to take the shower. I was planning to have some breakfast and them dress up for the day but that brother of mine spoil my plan. It’s not everyday that I get to wake up in my warm bed and have the homemade breakfast chatting with my love ones as other days I would be busy serving the patients in the hospital.

Well, being the surgeon have its own share of good and bad side. Most of the time would be spend on the hospital and only few weekends will be spend enjoying with our family and friends. Today is the weekend and my dad and brother are free to enjoy it but the poor me need to report to work.

After showering I put on the robe and rub my hair with the towel then dried it with the hair dryer. Then I walk to the closet to put on the blouse and the boyfriend jeans pairing it with the white snickers. I comb my waist length hair letting it free and apply the nude lipstick on my lips matching it with Gucci’s watch. With a once over look at the mirror I pick up my mobile from the side table shoving it into my jeans pocket and walk out the room.

I hear voices coming from the kitchen and my stomach growl making me take large stride. I saw my brother walking along me and I hump walking to the dinning table. Granny was seating at the head seat with my dad at the left side and mom at the right with two chairs left vacant for my brother and me.

“Good morning Granny, dad and mom.” I greeted taking the seat beside my dad and Syong too sat down greeting our elders.

“Morning.” Dad replied as usual slicing the pancake and mom nodded passing the plate of toast to me.

“Good morning choco.” An energetic yet extra sweet voice greeted after few seconds and that voice belong to my sweet granny who is busying munching on the pancake. And that extra sweetness is for the cover up for her habit of forgetting to take her medicine.

I shake my head glancing at my mom and she nodded confirming my guess. My granny is 70 years old now and she is diagnosed to have high blood pressure causing her to have an attack once when my grandpa left the earth so we are worried that it would act up when not taken proper medication.

We have lost grandpa five years ago and we don’t want to lose her so we especially me being the doctor became more concern about it. Being a doctor, I see people dying everyday yet I don’t want that person to be one of my loved ones. It’s really difficult to cope with their death and I’m afraid of losing her.

“It’s just five minutes late choco. Your mother knows better to fed me that bitter thing.” Granny scrunch her nose looking at my mother and we all broke into the fit of laughter.

Granny tried hard to be the strict mother-in-law but till now she couldn’t fulfil her wish. My mother knows how much granny love her and care her so she didn’t mind the childish criticism of granny. She has been listening to it for almost 27 years and would be for years to come.

“Granny, you know that bitter thing is for good health so please take it on time.” I reminded in a professional manner as if talking to my patient and granny grimaced nodding her head in approval.

After 10 minutes we all finished eating our breakfast and I walk out the door to the elevator bidding goodbye to my family members. I had just walk towards the elevator when the door open and Mr. Carlos walk out with his dog Freed staling behind him.

“Come on boy, walk out.” Jack Carlos scowled looking at his stubborn dog and I chuckle seeing their usual interaction. Freed has been with Jack for almost five years and Jack being our next-door neighbour I’m quite familiar with Freed’s antics.

“Freed!” I squeal gaining its attention and it walk out jumping in front of me. I laugh bending down to rub its head and it waggle its tail siting like an obedient dog.

“You naughty boy.” Jack scolded with a shake of his head and press the elevator button for me.

“Thank you.” I smiled at Jack passing the Freed’s belt and he nodded in acknowledgement.

The elevator door closed up once I enter and then my mobile rang up making me pull it out from my jeans pocket. I touch the green button to accept the call and I was greeted with the tiresome voice.

“Morning Choco!” Bella, my bff since grade 4 voice came out.

“Morning Bell! You’re on the way to home?” I smiled at Cherry who lived at the 3rd floor and there were already five people in the elevator.

“Yup. I’m feeling damn sleepy. I don’t think I could drive back.” Bell yawn and I heard the honking of bell at the other end.

“Oh! Then you have a ride now, do we?” I teased imagining her half dazed scrunched up face.

“Umm…there is someone name Alex. He wants to provide free service.” I hear footsteps approaching her and thought that Alex moves too fast. They had met three days ago in the orthopedic ward when Alex’s sister was admitted and now, they are close enough to provide the so-called free service.

“Free service? Then he would be happy during night or maybe day. Anyways have some rest and don’t dive in too deep.” I said in a double-meaning showing my dissatisfaction.

“Okay, choco. I will remember that and got to go now. Alex is here and he seems to be in daze looking at my utterly tired appearance.” She whispered the last part making me roll my eyes and then the elevator door opened at the parking area.

I walk to my car unlocking it and enter into the driving seat. “Oh! Then use your charm to captivate him. And Bell I will see you tomorrow. Bye for now.”

Bell ended the call with a short bye and I put my mobile in the dashboard not forgetting to look at the time. I’ve nothing major appointment today but still I like to always arrived on time. It’s 40-minute drive to the hospital but sometimes it might take an hour so I need to hurry up now.

I fastened my seat belt after locking the car door and ignite the engine hitting the road. Almost 45 -minutes later I parked my car in the hospital parking lot and walk out of the car looking at the building I’ve worked for four years.

At its top Nigel Hospital huge sign board was alighted screaming its elegance and excellency. It’s the top hospital where mostly rich people would be admitted due to its highly tight security and better service. I was fortunate to be recommended by my university professor for the internship and due to my outstanding work, I was then appointed as one of the permanent doctors.

Here, most of the doctors are from the renowned family leaving few, including me with an average household. Although discrimination is the absolute taboo here but some are there who couldn’t forget their bad habits easily making others feel someone bitterness.

“Doctor Shalifa. Good morning.” A voice greeted me making me look at the right and the head nurse Nina gave me a polite smile.

“Good Morning Nurse Nina.” I greeted with respect to the 40 something head nurse and suddenly a chopper landed on the top of the VIP ward indicating the emergency. 4 or 5 BMW came in high speed halting in front of the VIP ward and men in black suits walked out scaring the hell out of the passer by. From the commotion it’s clear that the injured person is someone renowned and powerful.

“We should hurry doctor.” Nurse Nina who was beside me sounded nervous and hastened towards the VIP ward.

When we reached the top floor of the VIP ward, we heard one of the men shouting at the staff outside the room while others were guarding the whole floor and a nurse there came rushing towards Nurse Nina reporting situation. The men in black were demanding to see Dr. Dakels who is out of the country at the moment and they were fussing over the doctors who were treating the injured person.

I walked inside the room to see four doctors treating the patient and accessing the patient condition I could tell that he would need immediate operation. I glared at the idiotof the men who were still arguing and beckon the ward boy.

“Take him to the OT now.” My voice boomed startling everyone and they look at me as if I’ve gone insane.

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