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Billionaire's Unfortunate Marriage

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Chapter 2

"No.” The same man who was arguing and seemed to be the boss among others shouted glaring furiously at me standing at the doorstep. I wonder who is their employer as the employee has a shitty attitude.

“Why not? The patient situation seems to be critical and if not-” Before I could finish speaking the boss who seems to be in his late thirties stride inside and pushes the ward boy at the side.

I don’t know if it was intentional or not but the poor ward boy couldn’t withstand the force the man exerted and he stumbled falling on the floor. Nurse Nina rushes to help him get up and I clenched my fist resisting the urge to beat that ignorant bulky man.

“Sir! Please maintain silence and do not cause the scene here. This is the hospital, not the arena.” One of the doctors reminded and five of the men who were guarding outside came inside and formed a protective circle around the bed making me take a step back.

“Call Dr. Dakels right away. We’ve ordered that he can only treat our master.” The same man said with a stern face leaving no place for an argument.

“We’ve already said that he is in Berlin attending the seminar. And even if we call him immediately it will take hours for him to get here.” Nurse Nina started trying to put some sense in them.

“Ryan! You heard it right so what does the higher-up say?” The boss asked someone on the other end using the ear-pod adorned on his ear.

The boss listens for few seconds with a serious expression and gazes at the person lying on the bed. “He is severely injured. There is-” I couldn’t tolerate watching their childish antics anymore so I move forward pushing the men aside and checked the pulse of the patient.

The person lying on the bed was an old man around 60-year-old who might have to be in a car accident. The doctors have tried their best to stopped the external bleeding but his right leg has been crushed with some heavy metal object and if the operation is not done immediately then the patient might need to amputated his right leg.

And his condition is worsening each passing second which will complicate the surgery further. But his men were adamant to not let other doctors do his surgery. Sometimes being rich makes life even worse and dramatic.

“The patients need immediate operation otherwise he might lose his life.” I stated looking directly at the boss’s face and his face stiffen when he looked at the person lying on the bed.

“T-hat...” He stammered sounding guilty and seeing him distracted I take out the mobile from his coat.

I don’t know where the courage of stealing came from but I know one thing that the patient would die if I don’t use this method. Also, I couldn’t imagine what the higher-ups are thinking as his decision might cost one’s life.

“The patient is in his worst condition so pray for his well-being.” I said those words and ended the call without waiting for the other persons’ reply.

The man glared snatching the mobile from me and it started ringing immediately. I gave a look to Head Nurse to prepare the OT and the boss who was on the phone call ordered his men to take the patient to the OT.

Unfortunately, the second-best doctor was also not available so the responsibility fell on me. Head Nurse gave me the patient medical history and after going through it I along with four doctors from before operate on him.

The operation took 3 hours in which we were successful to save his right leg but we couldn’t be certain when he would gain his consciousness. The shock from the accident and the delay in operation had caused the problem so we shifted him to the I.C.U for the time being.

After the tiresome operation, I went back to my cabinet to freshen up, and then I headed towards the cafeteria which was just down the building to have some lunch. The lunchtime here is not fixed so the cafeteria prepares lunch any time of the day and the doctors do not need to wait longer.

Along the way, I met with Luim full name Luimon Detex, my friend since high school, and a few of my colleagues who were also going to the cafeteria. I wave at them saying hello and then we entered the cafeteria together.

Today the cafeteria was filled with more people than usual and the minute we entered we heard people gossiping about the commotion that happened earlier. We ignored the bustling crowd and walked towards the food counter ordering our usual food.

“Nicholas Reghen, the greatest tycoon of the business world had a car accident near the Reghen empire. Looking at the footage obtained from the surveillance camera his car was crashed against the garbage truck and the car driver died on the spot while protecting his master. The police are investigating the crime scene and we will be heard more about his health condition in the upcoming news.” The flat screen at the side flared up which grabbed my attention.

While I was busy looking at the screen someone tapped on my shoulder and I tilt my head to see Luim pointing at the food on the counter. I gave a small laugh hiding my embarrassment and carry the tray of food walking to the table where my colleague had occupied it.

“....Nicholas Reghen has been admitted to our hospital?” Roy one of my colleagues said looking for gossip.

“Reghen, who?” Mia another of my colleague asked looking confused.

“What? You do not know about the Reghens. They literally owned everything and anything and are the most renowned family which have connections all around the world. They are second to the royals and this hospital is also one of theirs.” Roy said with excitement and I could see the people from the next table perking theirs ears to listen more.

“Oh! Then the accident?” Mia asked looking quite interested.

“It might be normal for them as the richer the people become the more, they encounter the enemies. Also, I heard there was a scene created by the bodyguards in the VIP ward?” This time Lexi the silent one asked looking directly at me.

I was enjoying my food listening to their gossips when all of them look at me to hear more. I try to act as if I do not know but their expectant gaze made me blurt out.

“The rich are so full of themselves that even their employees are so arrogant. The patient was about to die when they were still waiting for the so call order from the higher ups.” I snorted thinking about those stupid bodyguards who only know how to use power rather than their brain.

“What arrogant? They were simply following orders and if they took action, they might lose their job. Working for others is quite a tough job.” Roy shakes his head giving us a we-are-victim-we-should-know look and we all burst into laughter.

“So now what happened to the Reghen Empire?” Mia again asked after a moment of silence and our gossip king Roy started again.

“The one who had the accident is the ancestor of the Reghen Empire. There is still the heir left. The grandson of Nicholas Reghen is the one behind the prosperity of the Reghens till now. Reghens has only one heir and the whole empire will belong to him alone.” Roy sighed looking dejected and then his mobile chimed indicating an emergency.

Others mobile too chimed and they left hurriedly finishing their food. Luim and I were the only one who was left behind and we finished our food in silent.

After finishing our food, we walk out the door heading towards the emergency ward. Luim had surgery in 2 hours so he left to prepare for the surgery bidding me goodbye and I round off the emergency ward checking out the patients.

I was checking out the last patient when a nurse came to inform me about the patient who was in the ICU. Then I headed towards the VIP ward where Nicholas Reghen was residing.

The entire floor was filled with more bodyguards than before and I feel irritated when they asked for my id before letting me enter the room. I huff once I enter inside and walk straight to the bed to check out the patient’s condition when I felt someone presence besides mine.

I halt in my step and look around the room to see a man standing near the window with his back towards me and he seems to be talking on his mobile. The man was wearing a navy blue Armani suit and had a well-built back.

Suddenly he burst out making me startled and I flinched hearing his harsh voice. “The hell you can’t? I need the details immediately. Find that fucker at any cost. I paid you for nothing. Better-”

“Mr. please go out. You’re disturbing the patient.” I snapped regaining my composer and walked to the foot of the bed retrieving the clipboard without sparing a glance at the man whom I had interrupted.

Then there was a moment of silence and I was going through the report when suddenly someone grabbed my left arm and pulled me towards the edge of the room. He then pushed me to the wall behind me and caged me putting both his hand on the wall.

I was startled due to the sudden attack and panicked seeing the attacker’s bloodshot eyes. I clenched my fist trying to put a brave facade glaring at the bastard who had lost his mind. How dare he molest the doctor who is on the duty?

“Hey! Mr. What’s up to you?” I whisper yelled as not to disturb the patient and that jerk of a person bend his face almost touching mine.

His cologne wafted my nose and I felt uncomfortable being this close to the opposite sex for the first time. I turned my face sideways as I couldn’t control my racing heart due to anxiety and fear and I heard him chuckle seeing me scared.

“What did you just say?” He whispers near my ear and his breath fanned on my left cheek making me shiver.

I don’t know why but his voice made me feel weak and I couldn’t control my increasing heartbeat. I’m not the one to cower away but his presence made me feel dominated. And that’s the thing which I do not like the most.

I hate when someone controls me and made me feel inferior. I was battling with my inner thoughts when I felt his hand gripped on my shoulders and that made me furious. I put all my force into pushing his hands away and then I slapped him hard on his right cheek.

He was taken off guard and stumbled a little but managed to control his footing. I took that time to walk to the bed but he blocked my way. He was about to vent out his anger when the heart monitor started to beeped startling us.

We both look at the heart monitor on the right to the bed and I hurried to the bed to check out the patient who had oxygen masked and different machines attached to his body.

“Fuck.” I heard him mutter and he too hurried towards the bed looking panicked.

“What happened?” The man shouted making me gave a sharp glare at him and I continued checking out the patient’s heartbeat.

His heartbeat was rising irregularly so I performed CPR and tried my best to save him. I don’t know why his condition worsened when everything was normal when we had placed him in the ICU and it was fortunate of the nurse to have reminded me of him. Otherwise, I couldn’t imagine what would’ve happened to him.

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