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Scott Faulkner seeks closure. He uses a tattoo to do so. This tattoo is made of the first letter of the girls he's loved- but lost. It's a name: Lea. And he's determined to find out who it belongs to. Scott Faulkner has had a rough childhood punctured with numerous losses. He's loved and lost and now he, himself, is lost. He wants to find closure, forget his father, and find the love of his life. He thinks he's achieved all three when he finds Adele - but when he loses her in a tragic accident, he's back to square one. And all attempts to move on fail. Then, one day, his friend comes up with a plan: tattoo the first letters of the three girls he's loved (but lost), and use the name their initials form, L-E-A, to find the love of his life. This way, he'll find closure. He'll honor their memory. He'll find his soulmate. Yet Scott is reluctant because he's not the first in his family to have used tattooed initials to find a woman. He's scared. His friend says it's the only way, but can Scott count on that? He won't end up like his father, he'll do the exact opposite. He'll change the history between his family and tattooed initials. So what will Scott do when he meets Leah Chance, a girl who has moved to his University? Will he pursue her? And will she be repelled that he liked her initially because of some initials, or will she stay long enough to find the reason behind them?

Romance / Mystery
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Scott Faulkner.

His father had always been on his mind, and it had always bothered him. It shattered him to pieces. It broke him down every time he remembered. And it didn’t take long to remember. All he had to do was look at his lower abdomen and see a tattoo.

The tattoo.

And sometimes in the mirror – his reflection sometimes reminded him of his father. The dark charcoal hair. The strong Roman nose. The chiseled jaw. The pursed, cautious lips. But not the eyes – the eyes were his mother’s. The kind eyes. The welcoming, passionate, enveloping deep blue eyes.

And then there were the haunting dreams. The sleepless nights. The countless daydreams of the reoccurring nightmares. Always clouding his mind and affecting his thoughts.

Scott Faulkner is still haunted by the past. And that tattoo, which he thought would help bring closure but now just leaves him confused and hurt. Yet he can never muster to destroy it – so, it destroys him slowly, but surely, more each day.

Every. Single. Day.

The tattoo – it was for them... in their memory.

The tattoo – it was a try at making things right.

A chance at moving on...

Scott tried to move on, but it’s so damn difficult that he always ends up back to square one everytime.

The tattoo








The loves of his life. The three he had loved and truly cared for - but which he had lost. Had seeped between his fingers – from his protection and hold. The ones he had to honor the memory of by adding the first letter of their name on his body.

They formed a name – they formed LEA.

A clue. A sign. A chance at... moving on...

He obsessed over this although he had promised himself not to do so. He thought about it all the time.

He would stare at the name for hours on end. LEA.

Find her – have her – love her, his friend would say.

But where? Why?

Use it to find your soulmate, his friend had said that day when he had convinced Scott to get the tattoo. It’s the only way - you’ve tried all the other ways. And all those attempts had been futile. It was true.

Find true love – to accept him and help him and care for him. To love him. He wanted to find the one. Find her.

Find Lea.

Their legacy. LEA. His future.

It was just a tattoo. And that was a lie. It was not just a tattoo.

It was the tattoo. The last chance he’s got.

The tattoo - the embodiment of pain, sorrow, tears – but also the embodiment of fate, future, and foreseen love.

At first, they were just initials - just a memory - but then they became much more: they became a clue... a chance... a name.

They became LEA.

They became her.

But who was she?

He didn’t know yet, but he couldn’t wait to find out.


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