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Avery tried hard not to squirm under his penetrating glance, her body reacting in a way she wasn't used to whatsoever as the man across the room kept watching her. She was only a human on the territory of a pack of weres, a battle for Alpha opens up when the old one is killed. Born to her were-panther parents she didn't expect to find a mate, never really thought she'd have one till he came to the battle of the title of Alpha. A title he didn't want or care for. **Not edited, please be kind**

Romance / Fantasy
Dark Angel
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Chapter 1

She smiled at the couple curled up on the couch cuddling, it wasn’t a surprise to Avery that she walked in yet again on her parents acting all lovey dovey considering they were mated to begin with. Tossing her school bag on the ground near the door of the living room, she patted across the smooth and silky carpet to collapse into the arm chair that she had taken up as her own for the last multiple years.

“Hello, darling!” Her mother, Michelle, chirped happily with a smile on her perfectly rounded and tanned face from the outdoors. “How was class?”

Returning the smile, Avery simply shrugged. “Like every other day; lectures, labs and too much homework, which I should work on before dinner.” She responded with a pout while lifting her body and curling her feet beneath her large plump bottom. Crossing her arms beneath her ample E sized breasts, Avery giggled as her father, Faze, snorted at her pout.

“Well, you are the one that wanted to attend pre-med. Which I personally I think is amazing for my little girl, but it’s never too late to drop it, pumpkin.” Faze replied, curling his arms tighter are Avery’s mother as she tried to stand up and pulled her onto his lap.

Michelle shrieked as she fell into her mate’s’ chest before scolding. “Avery, darling, I’m not going to be able to make you dinner if your damn father doesn’t allow me to rise.” She growled, turning her head to glare at Faze who just turned to look away and started to innocently whistle.

Rolling her eyes at her father, Avery hummed softly before uncurling herself and standing. “It’s okay, Mama. I think I’ll just order in considering you guys should be leaving soon?” She said glancing at the clock that read a quarter past five.

Michelle followed her glance and groaned. “I guess you are right, we need to be leaving. Coming on, Faze.” Michelle tapped at the crossed knuckles of Faze’s hands that were clasped tightly over her stomach.

He huffed and allowed Michelle to push herself off his lap before he to get up from the overstuffed, black leather couch.

Michelle rushed to hug Avery and kiss her on the cheek which was considerably easy as Avery was six inches shorter than her mother’s 5′11" stature. A height that was normal for a Were, but Avery was not one, her human gene had taken over and her wolf never developed. It was the reason she was so short at 5′5" with a larger waistline due to the lack of high metabolism, though Avery ate very healthy.

She said a quick goodbye before rushing from the living room with the need to go change into something more suitable for the pack meeting, one that Avery wasn’t in need of attending as she wasn’t a Were only the offspring of a couple panther Weres.

Rocking back on her heels, she turned to face Faze with a smile.

“You going to go get the Chinese or have it ordered here?” He questioned, pulling out his wallet from his rugged jean pocket before handing Avery three crisp twenty dollar bills.

“Dad, I can-”

He shot her a look which Avery quickly snapped her mouth shut from protesting, but instead replied to his question. “I’ll just order, it’ll be more time for me to work on my essay about medicine injections.” She wrinkled her nose at the words spewing from her mouth as she spoke of the essay she really didn’t want to do.

Faze nodded, “Okay, a timbit of information is that the WiFi has been shit lately and I haven’t had time to look into it with everything I’ve been doing for the pack, therefore use the desktop on my office. Just make sure that all my documents and emails are saved before exiting them.” He told her.

“Is the charger for Mom’s and I’s laptop still attached to the extension cord?” Avery questioned, wondering behind Faze as he left the living room and started for the stairs to where their bedrooms and bathroom was lacked in the two story house on the packs territory.

He shrugged, turning back to his daughter as he slowly made his way up the stairs at a snail’s pace. “I don’t see why it shouldn’t be, Michelle has been using her computer in there the last few days.”

Calling a thank you to her father who was walking from her eye sight, Avery slowly eased around on the balls of her feet to eye her textbook and binder filled backpack.

“Food first.” She grumbled, quickly rushing from the hallway where her backpack seemed to be haunting her to go order the food. Grabbing the take out menu from the one drawer that all the papers and bills were dropped into in the kitchen, she dialed the number on her cell phone she carted around in her pocket before pressing it to her ear. Clasping it between her shoulder and her ear, she tossed the ordering sheet onto the counter before turning and jumping up onto counter with a shriek as she bottom slide slightly.

Quickly putting in her order for the food to be delivered, her tossed the cell phone onto a pile of papers for the Pack’s’ finances; something that Faze looked over rather than the Alpha, a man who couldn’t keep his sleazily dick out of a women for more than ten minutes to really look after the Pack. Something that her father was doing before the Alpha was even pronounced dead at the local battle field after a large group of Rogue were-lions had attacked their pack for dominance. It was another reason her dad and the Beta were the ones mostly ruling the large pack.

Waving away the thought, Avery hopped off the counter and went to collect her bag to head upstairs and do her homework as her stomach grumbled for food.

Slipping by her parents’ room, a smile graced her lips at the sound of her mother’s giggles and father’s deep thundering chuckled as they got ready. She was her parents only child and was very much human, nothing in her body had the aspects of a panther and even though her parents said they didn’t care she was human, she sometimes saw the wanting in their eyes to be able to share that part of their heritage with her when Michelle wouldn’t ever be about to produce another child after an attack she was caught in a few years after Avery was born.

The attacking wolf had sliced a deep and puncturing line through her stomach, tearing through her ovaries and womb. It had devastated her parents for the longest time till finally that they realized they still had one child and they were glad for it.

At the tender ages of thirty-five and forty, her parents had stopped physically aging once they hit the age of thirty and it was one reason that Avery had been pushing her parents to consider adopting from one of the Were orphanages; a place where Weres’ of all species were brought once they lost parents and didn’t have other family members to take them in. Most times a family in the Pack they were raised in would bring them in and care for them, but there were still the odd ones out that weren’t taken in, but shipping out to one of two of the Were orphanages around the world.

Avery was still bugging her parents about the thoughts of adopting as she had yet to tell them that she was going to be soon transferring to a college in Ottawa to finish off her classes once that year was over. Three hours away from her Packs’ land, Avery was hoping it would give her some peace of mind being away from all the mates around her as it was something her human self craved; something she truly missed out on not being a Were.

Brushing off the thoughts of mates and adopting, Avery busied herself getting into her homework before calling a good-bye to her parents before waiting impatiently for the food to be delivered.

His breathing slowly slowed down as he trotted to the large pond, allowing his large head to tip into the water and his nuzzle started to drip with water as he quickly raised it in surprise at the coldness of the pond. Shrugging his large shoulders, he collapsed onto his belly and slowly lapsed at the water, the blood of his kill a few minutes ago washed around his nuzzle as he drank his fill. Once done, he raised on his paws with a glance around the noise of the forest; the birds chirping as the chipmunks and squirrels fought of nuts and seeds they found as the snakes slither around on the ground. The larger animals making it in for the night as the sky slowly darkened.

The hare he caught sat uneasily in his belly when he shuffled back and always from the water; his large grizzly body heading towards the path he knew all too well. His stomach turned and that moment Jayce knew something was going to happen. Something that he most likely wouldn’t like what so ever.

Picking up the slow pace he had set since he finished his fill of the bunny and left it for the other forest creatures to feast on, Jayce trotted quicker towards his cabin; through the trees and shrubs, flowers and other things that was littering the forest floor. He was happy had the land he taken as his own had gone untampered with by the humans for ages, something he loved about the peaceful area.

Feeling the wind brush through his hair, he rounded a sharp corner between two large, old Oak trees and his pace started to slow as he eyed his cabin. A large one floor cabin with three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a kitchen that was rarely in use do to love for hunting in Bear form.

He grunted at the overpowering smell of perfume when he hit a wall of it, Jayce eyed his little sister perched happily on the railing of the wrap around deck as she swung her feet and softly hummed to herself.

In a pair of gladiator sandals and a blue flowered dress that Jayce himself picked out one day in town, his little sister, December, stop her humming and reading of the book in her hands when she sensed him and glanced up.

As quick as she looked up, the book went flying as she launched herself off the railing and towards her brother. Giggling, she jumped and caught herself around his large muscular belly with a shriek of laughter as he grunted in annoyance.

“Hi, Jay!” She chirped happily, swing her body up and over her brother to sit on his back and lay her body down on top of him. “Mama wanted Bryce and I to bring some things over to you, really she demanded it and that you better be at tomorrow’s family dinner. She wasn’t so happy when you didn’t show up to the last one.” December chattered on while Jayce started again for the cabin, climbing up the old wooden steps that groaned beneath his heavy weight till he was on the more solid boards he replaced earlier that day before deciding on going hunting.

Grunting once more and rocking his body slightly to get the message for December to get off him worked rather well as moments later his sister was slipping down his side and scrambling into the house knowing he was changing back to human form.

“Bryce! Bryce?” December called out, her voice traveling to Jayce for her mate as he let the change over go him; his massive body slowly forming into his just as large and thick human body, bones cracking and re-angling filled his body when slight pain as they re-meant. Letting out a growl between human and bear, Jayce was on his own two human feet in moments.

Shaking his shaggy shoulder length hair out, he grabbed for his sweatpants he left on the chair outside his front door along with a ponytail. He left his pants low slung before gathering his hair into one massive fist and trapping it back to the nap of his neck.

Jayce rose his arms, lengthening his body to feel all the cracks and stiff muscles strength; chuckling low as multiple satisfying cracks filled the arm before letting his arms drop and resting back onto his bare heels.

Hearing his sister and her mate chattering in the kitchen on the other side of the cabin, Jayce made his way inside to find them. Halting in the hallway, he wrinkled his nose at the sight of the large pile of mail his mother obviously had December bring with her from the mainland. Something that Jayce always looks over when he’s there, letting his mother gather those things because he couldn’t be bothered. It sounded bad, but it was one of the simple things his mother thrived on doing once her mate passed away. Her mission of making sure her children were cared for was the only thing nowadays she really it, the reason Jayce allowed her to handle his mail because he left his checkbook with her to pay the bills and anything else she knew needed to be paid; other than that his mother would contact him with questions.

He snatched the mail off the side table, knowing that there were things in there for him to look over if there were sent his way.

Looking through them as he walked, Jayce wondered to the stools at the island and slipped into one after nodding a hello to Bryce. He tossed the ones that could be sent back to his mother onto the countertop before coming across one he wasn’t so sure of.

The Weres’ Circle stamp was printed perfectly onto the front of the envelope, his name and mainland address printed on it in mostly a women’s cursive writing.

Flipping it over, he tore into it and pulled the single sheet of paper from the holding case. Unfolding and skimming over it, he cursed, scarring December and Bryce as Jayce roared in anger.

“Stupid! I’m not doing this fucking shit!” He sneered, slapping the invitation down onto the cleaned island.

December rushing over from where she was standing snuggling with Bryce at the stove as he cooked, she picked it up as Jayce vibrated with anger; his bear demanded to be let out and kill something. The simple sentence saying everything that he never wanted to happen.

December browsed the paper before tears started to well in her eyes as she gasped.

Dear Mr. Jayce Heat,

You are required to attend a fight for the title.


The Weres’ Circle

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