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Caught by the Bad Boys #1 (SAMPLE)

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"Are you scared because your dad is the sheriff?" "Why do you keep on asking me that?" "I won't stop until I get a proper answer." Lana Jane Willson, just a depressed and misunderstood geeky teenager because of her glasses and her dad being the Sheriff. Yet all she wants is to get into Yale, far away from everyone, the incidents, the heartbreaker and the bullies. Four popular boys, suspicious about Lana, reignite an old bet that her 'true' self will be exposed as time goes on. One night in Lana's life changes everything. The only people to help her are her tormentors. This causes the boys to have more questions, fights, and arguments more frequently. The more people involved, the more questions arise, secrets reveal themselves, trust is shattered, feelings become blurred and friendship is ripped apart. While Lana sees, the good and forgives easily, others search for the bad to try and defeat it. People cross our path for a reason but for a second chance, it does not always mean to have a happy ending.

Romance / Mystery
Age Rating:

Chapter One

I held my books against my chest as I walked up the stairs to another day in hell. Senior year only started a few weeks ago, but I couldn’t believe it was my last year. As I walked into the building, teenagers lurked from every corner. A group of boys stared at me, but I kept my head up high. A stupid idea though, because the next thing I knew, I was on the ground.

“Geeky Lana,” they said and laughed as they walked away.

“Douchebag Benny,” I muttered as I stood up and fixed my glasses. Of all the days I wore a skirt, it had to be today when I got tripped, and my skirt rose. I dressed in a black skirt, striped shirt, a denim jacket, and boots. I pulled up my maroon knee socks and picked up my books. As I walked to my locker, people greeted me with the term of ‘Geeky Lana’ or ‘Good girl,’ which I got used to by Junior year. I turned the corner, and my sad face lit up when I saw my best friend. “Hey, Miranda,”

“Hey girl...how was your weekend?” she smiled. Miranda Stevens had been my best friend since she arrived in the Sophomore year. Seniors teased me, and she came out of nowhere and rescued me. From that day, we became friends.

“It was boring...I finished my English assignment and went with my parents to that boring dinner,” I groaned as I took my books out. Before Miranda spoke, someone turned the corner.

“They’re coming!” the girl squealed. She set her top so it’d be more ‘revealing’ and adjusted her skirt so it’d be shorter. I rolled my eyes as I got my Calculus book out then shut my locker. I turned around and leaned on my locker as I watched they turned the corner. Them. They did it ever since the new guy arrived, well not them, but also the whole school. Everyone gave them space to walk like their knights who saved an entire village and everyone congratulated them, but no, they were a bunch of narcissists. The biggest ego heads the school ever had, and it made me sick to watch them every day as they walked past and be acknowledged by everyone.

Ethan Baxter. Jefferson High’s jock. He had dark brown hair with blonde highlights that he got when the Senior year started. He was captain of the basketball team, and his dad owned the biggest and most popular sports store in Illinois. I had to do a project with him last year, and we got an A for all my work, even though he came to my house. He had broad shoulders, and there’s a rumor they each had a tattoo, but you only saw it if you slept with them. Aidan Rowley. The school’s prankster. He always had a mischievous grin on his face and was up to no good. He’s the shortest out all of them, brunette hair and a six-pack, that made the girls swoon. At the start of the Senior year, I walked to my Calculus class and saw Mr. Bronx with the rest of the class. The door was locked. Mr. Bronx opened it, and I kept in a laugh. Aidan and his friends turned everything upside down. The desks and chairs were on the ceiling, and the posters were upside down. Aidan got away with it because it was the first day and Mr. Bronx was a cool teacher. Carter Halls. He was the nicest, well the smart one of all. Also, a player with his platinum blonde hair and indigo blue eyes, he got any girl with his looks. Also, he’s sarcastic, so I barely spoke to him. As soon as he talked to a girl, then they’d be the most hated girl in school. Blake Gunner. The new guy became friends with them on the very first day; I wish it were that easy. Blake and Ethan were the tallest which made sense since Ethan was a jock while Blake was tall. Every day when they walked in, he had headphones on, music played on its loudest as he looked straight ahead. It’s rumored that he sold his one kidney and used the cash for an upgrade on his motorcycle. Cliché and scary at the same time.

As they walked past me, I saw Aidan and Blake’s gaze on me. My jaw tightened as I eyed them. Once they turned the corner, I bit the inside of my cheek because they never looked at me. The bell interrupted everyone, and I made my way to Calculus.

“Good morning Mr. Bronx.”

“Morning Lana how was your weekend?” he asked and propped his legs on the table then put his arms behind his neck.Griffin Bronx and my dad were friends in college, and he always used to play with me when I was small. It turned out that he was my godfather so to have him as a teacher too, was a bonus.

“It was good and yours?” I smiled as I opened my book.

“Boring.” He laughed.Mr. Bronx took the attendance, and I watched everyone come into class. I sat right in the back because I didn’t want to catch any attention.“Where is Mr. Rowley?” Mr. Bronx asked as he looked around the classroom, as he got up the door open, and of course, it was a goofy Aidan.“Aidan...you’re late, sit down!” Mr. Bronx warned him as Aidan sat down next to me.“Right class, please take out the homework that I gave you last Thursday.”

“Homework? I don’t recall.” Aidan shouted.Mr. Bronx walked to the back of the class where Aidan and I sat and looked at him.

“Exponential Functions, Aidan, it was mainly practice, which you requested!” Mr. Bronx exclaimed then turned to me. “Lana show him.”

“Well, I didn’t do it,” Aidan said. Mr. Bronx turned around and sighed.

“You should be more like Lana Willson, Aidan, or otherwise you’ll fail.”

“GG.” Aidan coughed out. There were a few snickers as Aidan looked at me. I rolled my eyes and raised my middle finger at him.

“Detention.” Mr. Bronx coughed loudly for the whole class to hear. Everyone laughed, and I smirked at Aidan who rolled his eyes.

Next, I had Phys Ed, and the only good thing about Phys Ed was, I had Miranda in the class, but there’s always a bad when there’s a good. They were in my class. I changed into my uniform and walked out of the girl’s locker room to stand with Miranda. I glanced at them and found all four of them there, which was rare since they ditched a lot.

“Okay listen up...since my throat is a bit sore, we’re going to do some stretches then have a good game of dodgeball alright? Good? Okay. Stretch!” Coach Harris who was also the Coach of the basketball team said in a raspy voice. After doing a few stretches, we were in two groups. None of them were on my side.

“Shit,” I muttered to myself as we got into position. Aidan glared at me, and he must’ve told the rest to get me for revenge since I got him detention. At least I had an active girl in front of me who did all the work, but I still had to be careful.

It was halfway into the period and on my team, was another guy, Miranda and I. On the opposite end were, Blake and Ethan. We. Were. Screwed. Ethan grinned as he rested his palms on his knees while Blake stared. Ethan came out of nowhere and knocked down the poor boy. I looked back at Miranda who got the ball, she was good at sports, but Ethan was better. She ran up and threw it, yet missed both of them. I backed up as Blake took the ball, he threw it immediately, and I dodged it then sighed in relief but heard a scream. I turned around to see Miranda on the floor. I ran up to her and completely forgot about the ball.

“Miranda are you okay?”

“Willson, back in the game!” The coach said, his voice loud and clear for me to get a fright even though he said it ached. I made my way to the ball, picked it up and looked at the guy. I stared at Ethan and aimed it at him. I threw it, but it didn’t hit him. It hit Blake. I smiled to myself as his face changed as he realized he’s out. Blake scoffed and sat down by Carter. Ethan turned to look at me with determination in his eyes. He picked up the ball and threw it without any aim. It hit Miranda on the head again as she tried to walk to the nurse.“That’s it! Game over, everyone, change!”

“Are you okay? I’m going to kill him!” I grumbled as I ran over to Miranda.

“I’m okay, and no you’re not...see you later.” She sighed as she walked to the nurse’s office.

Miranda went home, and I heard Ethan and Aidan looked for me, so I hid in the girl’s bathroom and ate my lunch there. The final bell rang for the end of the day, and I walked to my locker and got my bag, I was about to go to Miranda’s locker but remembered she went home. Which meant I had to walk home because Miranda usually drove me. I groaned as I began to walk, I lived ten minutes away, and that’s by car. So, for the next half an hour, I strolled. I walked until I heard something. Music, not any music, it was American Slang by The Gaslight Anthem. I turned around to see a black BMW. It stopped right next to me, but I continued to walk and look straight, at the corner of my eye it continued to follow me. So, I stopped, and the car did too.

“Get in, Lana.” The deep voice said, and I furrowed my eyebrows. I walked to the car and look down to see them.

“Excuse me?” I asked. Ethan drove while Aidan sat in the passenger seat and glared at him.

“Get in... I’ll drop you off.” Ethan shrugged. The music was off by now, and from the corner of my eye, I saw Blake and Carter in the back seat.

“That’s okay, I live around the corner...”

“No, you don’t, now get in,” Ethan demanded. I scrunched my nose up at his attitude then backed away from the car. As I backed away and onto the sidewalk, my heel slipped, and I landed on the ground with a thud. I cursed as I looked at my foot that got stuck on the edge of the sidewalk. At the corner of my eye, I saw someone get out of the car. I glanced up to see Carter’s blonde locks fan my face as he helped me. I tried to walk, but my foot ached as I gripped onto his arm. He dusted the dirt off from my back then rested his hand on my shoulder.

“Are you okay?” his voice was deep as I looked up at him. His blue eyes stared down at me with concern. I slowly nodded as my mouth fell open, yet nothing came out. “Come on, we’ll take you home.” He said as the corners of his mouth pulled up into a smile. Carter held the door open for me as I got in.

“Thanks,” I mumbled and sat next to Blake Gunner who had a cigarette rested at the corner of his lips. He didn’t seem fazed as he stared out the window. “Hi.” I forced a smile to see what he’d do.

“Sup.” He said. I rolled my eyes and looked straight ahead as Ethan drove.

“Err...sorry about your friend,” Ethan broke the silence.

“It’s okay...but it’s not me you should be saying sorry too,” I muttered the last part. I think Blake heard me when he scoffed. I watched as he threw his cigarette out the window then looked at Aidan.

“Hey, Aidan...put on Happy Song,” Blake said. Aidan had that grin on his face as he took his phone and searched for Happy Song. My eyes widened as I knew what would come. I took off my glasses as if I’d clean them but I wanted to surprise them. The song started as they watched me. I lip-synced as the song went on because I liked Bring Me the Horizon. I sang with a smile plastered on my face and banged my head to the beat while everyone fell silent in the car. I lip synced the entire song like it was nothing yet they took it as a big deal. Once the song was done, they gaped at me.

“What did I do?”

“What was that?” Carter asked as a look of confusion crossed his face.

“That was Bring Me the Horizon, singing Happy Song, keep up Carter.”

“No, I mean...how do you know the song?”

“I like their music.”

“You like, rock?” Aidan asked he turned in his seat.

“Yeah what’s wrong with that?”

“Well, it isn’t normal for a goodie like you to like music like that,” Blake scoffed.

“Well, I don’t care. You don’t know me, and I don’t know you, aren’t we all full of surprises?” I laughed as I put on my glasses.

“Whatever, put on American Slang,” Ethan told Aidan, and he did. We sang along and bobbed our heads to the beat even though, they found it weird. We came to a red light, and I turned to look at the car next to us.

“Shit,” I mumbled and ducked down.

“What, what?” Carter asked as he looked around.

“It’s Kelly,”


“She hates me, I hate her, she sees me and then she’ll embarrass me,” I said as tried to keep level.

“Ah, a good girl doesn’t want to get caught, does she?” Aidan asked, and I pictured that grin. I kicked his seat and told him to shut up. We moved again, and I lifted my head up. All of them had smirks on their face, which I didn’t like.


“You’re the ultimate good girl Lana.” Aidan laughed.

“But we all know good girls are masterminds at being bad girls,” Blake whispered in my ear, which sent a shiver down my body.

“Whatever...I just don’t like getting into trouble.” I rolled my eyes even though Blake was right.

“We’re here,” Ethan said as the car came to a stop. Carter got out of the car to make way for me, and I got out. Once he was in, I turned back around.

“Thanks for the ride Ethan,” I smiled at him, by now my foot was settled to walk. “Listen...nobody has to know that this ever happened, right? I mean for the sake of you guys and mine...like, I almost got caught back there with--”

“No problem...we wouldn’t want you getting into trouble, now would we?”

“Thanks, and bye.” I smiled then spun around. I heard their conversation behind me, yet I continued to walk.

“Why is she so scared?” Blake asked.

“Her dad’s the Sheriff,” Aidan replied as I laughed. My joking manner immediately changed as I frowned. I let out a sigh as I thought of the recent event. Whom am I kidding? They didn’t want to get involved in my sad life. In the end, they’d scream their way out.

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