How Many Licks Does It Take

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Finding yourself and your place in the world would be so much easier if other people weren't involved. A story of two girls discovering who they are and the mistakes they make along the way.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1 The Soccer Date

Stepping out of her beat up Camry, Alexandra surveyed the soccer fields. The sun was high and a pleasant breeze blew her sandy brown hair across her eyes. Not too many people out right now she thought to herself eyeing the other three groups playing on the closer fields. I’m not doing anything wrong. It’s just a bit of soccer practice for exercise. This doesn’t count as cheating! She admonished herself yet again as she walked to her trunk to get her ball and hopefully calm her nerves. In the back of her mind though she knew the very fact she was even telling herself this was a bad sign. Her girlfriend was the insecure jealous type and would definitely see her meeting with her cute co worker as cheating. Hell, just going to lunch with anyone else was seen as cheating! Lately it was getting worse and worse.

No. It’s not getting worse. I’m just getting tired of dealing with it and gave up hope that she’s going to loosen up any time soon. Or ever. Admitting this to herself didn’t help the butterflies in her stomach. Nervously she glanced around again looking for her girlfriend as much as her co worker. Thank goodness Elise doesn’t still have her car. All I need is her coming out and starting a fight with Roni over this. It had taken ages to work up the courage to ask Veronica aka Roni if she’d like to play a little one on one. They both loved working out and this was fun especially considering the lack of running trails in their area. Working out. NOT cheating. It’s just exercise. She practically chanted this as she saw Roni pull up in her truck.

“Hi! I hope you weren’t waiting too long!”

“Not at all! I just got here myself. Which field do you want to take?”

Alex looked Roni over covertly as the redhead squinted her eyes picking out the perfect spot. Her deep red hair was pulled back into a braid that caressed the top of her ass as the wind blew it here and there. Bet it feels like silk. Every time she walks past me at work I can smell her strawberry shampoo. Mmmm, strawberries sound awesome right now. Take a bite out of one and let it dribble over those perky nipples that are always showing through her shirt. Lick my way from one to another then lower….Unconscious of the salacious thoughts directed her way or how Alex was straining for a whiff of strawberries on the breeze Roni smiled and pointed at the field to their far left.

“Over there looks good! There’s also a water fountain and it’s close to the bathroom.”

“Bladder of a squirrel still?” she asked giggling.

It was a well-known fact at work that Roni had to go to the bathroom almost every five minutes. Smiling over her shoulder the red head simply stuck out her tongue and started walking over to the chosen field. Alex swallowed as she watched the braid sway over Roni’s back. The contrast of the red silk against the white tank top. The curling tendrils teasing and taunting her to look over the swells of Roni’s round bottom. Her eyes caressing the firm globes and following down to where the baby blue running shorts ended revealing tanned legs that went on for miles.

That’s it Alex. Keep eye fucking her. That’s the perfect way to remind yourself that this is NOT cheating. I am so screwed… Following after the almost hypnotic sway of braid and hips she started wondering if the beat down her girlfriend would give her and the guaranteed awkwardness that would happen at work afterward would be worth a grope of that ass. It’s just so ROUND. Around the time she decided it would definitely be worth it they reached the field and Roni swung back around to face her. Snapping her eyes up to Roni’s with what she hoped was a neutral expression she held up the ball. “Shall we start?”

An hour and some bruised shins later they were sweaty and breathing hard. Roni advanced down the field toward Alex. She feinted left then went right as Alex, seeing through the ruse, followed. What happened next Alex didn’t know if it was a blessing from the Gods or a curse. The tip of Roni’s shoe caught on the grass and caused her to trip into Alex sending them both tumbling over onto the ground. Once the flailing limbs and rolling bodies stopped Alex was laying almost full across Roni.

She suddenly couldn’t breathe. That or she forgot how which was completely understandable considering that her modest B cups were now pressed full against Roni’s soft double D’s. The warmth of Roni’s body heated from the running and sun seemed to seep into Alex and catch her blood on fire pooling most notable in her groin. Roni’s rapid breathing caressed her lips almost like a kiss.

Should I kiss her? She feels so good. All I can smell is those damn strawberries! Would she taste like them too? Her lips are right there. It would be so easy…they look so soft… Her thoughts kept centering on how soft Roni’s lips looked. Should she? Licking her own lips she couldn’t tell if she’d been fixated on those petal pink bits of heaven for a few seconds or a few hours. All she did know was that her nipples were standing up and brushing against Roni’s with each breath. The sensation was making her mouth salivate which probably matched the wetness she could feel lower though she did her best to ignore that. She really did. Before she could decide to try for heaven while preparing to catch Hell they heard someone call out for Roni back by the road.

“Hey Roni! I think you need more practice!” Face turning bright red she rolled to the side and immediately felt cold with the absence of Roni’s heat. Looking to the newcomer she realized it was one of Roni’s ex-boyfriends. I should be thankful for this. A reminder that she doesn’t swing my way. She had been so close to finding out if Roni really did taste like strawberries. That question would be on her mind for who knows how long now.

Standing up the redhead bounded off to answer the boys teasing with a flirting smile on her face. Sighing and feeling a pang of jealousy for what she knew wouldn’t be Alex started gathering up the equipment. Despite the heat she felt a chill go up her spine. Spinning around she scanned the cars parked along the road and focused on a silver mustang that looked vaguely familiar. Is that? That can’t be NIco’s car right? There’s no way Elise would get her cousin to drive her around tailing me… Looking closer she started to take a few steps forward when the suspicious car started up and pulled onto the road.

Watching as it pulled away she couldn’t make out the driver or passenger but had to reach up and rub the goosebumps from her arms. If Elise had seen her hanging out with Roni let alone that little tumble she might as well just fill out her will. No way though. Even Elise wasn’t that crazy. Right? Turning back to the flirty redhead and the unwelcome third wheel she tried to smile and pretend that everything was okay. She hadn’t kissed Roni in a moment of temptation and Elise wasn’t following her around. She sincerely hoped that last part was true. Because if it wasn’t then things at home were likely to get very unpleasant. Please let Elise not be that crazy…

Unfortunately for everyone involved Elise was indeed crazy enough to have followed Alexandra to the soccer field that day. Especially unfortunate for her cousin Nico who had failed in talking her out of following Alex and was only there to keep Elise from doing something that would likely earn her a place on the news.

“I think she saw us.” Nico said glancing at the rearview mirror.

“I don’t give a flying fuck that she saw us! Did you see what she was doing?!”

“Playing soccer?” Nico answered hoping that maybe Elise would surprise him and see what was there instead of her latest jealous delusion. He loved his cousin but she gave new definition to the words over reaction. “You know she loves the game. Just because you don’t like getting out and sweating doesn’t mean she can’t.”

“She wasn’t exercising. She was flirting! Why is she meeting with that girl? She has me! I know she has to spend time with the skank at work but on her days off she should be spending her time with ME. Besides, the fact that she didn’t tell me about all this just proves she was trying something.”

“Sure. She was trying something. In an open field surrounded by people. By a public road.” Coming to a stop at a red light he chanced a glance at her. She was scowling and her face was almost as red as the light. Not a good sign.

“Were you looking at the same field? She jumped right on top of her! Rubbing all over her! They could have been kissing even! I told you that we should have parked on the other side. For all I know she could have had her hands down those stupid short shorts!” Was that a vein throbbing on her forehead? Yes that was definitely a vein throbbing on her forehead. If Elise hadn’t looked ready to break something Nico would be laughing his head off. The desire to keep his precious mustang safe was all that kept his mouth shut. For a while at least.

“If we had parked where you wanted then she would have seen us sooner. Why are we following Alex around anyway? You can’t really think she’s cheating. Then again the way you treat her I wouldn’t be surprised if the girl does end up cheating just to shove your nose in it. She’s got a hell of a temper when you piss her off. How would you feel if Alex followed you around?” Maybe if Elise turned things around in her head she’d see how crazy this all was.

“Alex wouldn’t have to follow me because I already take her with me wherever I go! She’s my girlfriend. She should be involved in everything I do. The fact she runs off places without me shows that I can’t trust her. After today I’m just going to have to make sure that she doesn’t go anywhere alone. At least until she starts showing me the proper respect I’m due as her girlfriend.”

That could have gone better. I’m sorry Alex. I tried to get her to think about it rationally but logic doesn’t exist in Elise’s head whenever her heart gets involved. Shaking his head Nico made a silent promise to Alex that over the next week he’d be a frequent visitor to their apartment. Give her a little support when Hurricane Elise decided to hit.

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