How Many Licks Does It Take

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Chapter 2 Cooling Off or Heating Up?

Alex entered her apartment carefully looking for Elise. Not seeing her she called out softly “Elise? You home, baby?” Not hearing a response Alex breathed a sigh of relief and walked into the living room. Dropping her ball in the closet she went over in her head what she was going to say when she saw Elise next. That couldn’t really have been her could it? How the hell do I find out? It’s not like I can just ask her. Hey baby, I know it sounds crazy but you weren’t out by the soccer fields with Nico while I was playing soccer with Roni were you? That sounded like a brilliant idea.

Thinking about what Elise would have seen if she had been there made Alex squirm with guilt. Alex knew she hadn’t actually done anything but, if Roni’s ex hadn’t shown up would she have kissed her? It seemed like such a good idea at the time. Roni’s soft skin against her and the smell of strawberries in her nose. She could feel a blush staining her cheeks and a flutter in her stomach at the memory. Shower. A nice cold shower should get the blood back to my brain.

Heading for the bathroom she shed her tank top, shorts, sports bra, and panties along the way. Glancing into the bedroom she saw the clean laundry piled onto the stuffed chair in the corner like usual. On top was a pair of Elise’s lace thongs. Where does she buy these? I didn’t even know they made lace thongs with ties on the side until I met her. Everything she wears is lace or satin. She really looks good in that red one on top.

Feeling even warmer than she had running under the sun she reminded herself. Shower. Need shower. Once my brain is back in charge not my groin I’ll be able to think of what to do when Elise gets home. Turning toward the bathroom with renewed determination she turned on the water and looked at herself in the mirror. Chocolate brown eyes stared back at her through a curtain of sandy brown hair. Long mocha skinned limbs and svelte curves. An athletic build that Elise often said was the perfect contrast to her more curvaceous figure. She had always thought she was built like a twelve year old boy until Elise had come along and told her how sexy she was.

The memory made her smile. Stepping under the water she thought back to that first year with Elise. That all too knowing smile she would give with half lidded eyes while Alex had been trying to figure out how to flirt. She’d never had a girlfriend before Elise and was awkward when she had first come out on the dating scene. It was all new and exciting and slightly terrifying to ask another girl out.

Lathering the shampoo she remembered how Elise would run her fingers through her hair. A feathery light caress that still made her shiver. Everything had been light touches and long looks. Her touch was so light it was almost like she was brushing a rose petal across your skin. Her eyes though. Whatever Elise was feeling always showed in her eyes. Those eyes seemed to intensify whatever emotion had possessed Elise and it really was like a possession every time. Looking into those pools of green she always felt herself being pulled in. It was how Elise always got her way in a fight. Her eyes defeated Alex every time. They also never failed to incite an intense reaction in Alex. A heat would well up and take over with an urge to nip, bite, and lick every inch of her. To hold her down and see the submission. She’d never been particularly aggressive before despite her participation in sports but when Elise focused those green bits of fire on her she felt positively violent.

Always comes back to her eyes. Looking at me. Daring me to push her down. Make her squirm. Make her moan. She’s mine after all I can do whatever I want to her. Whatever I do she always pushes back asking for more. Rinsing out the shampoo and taking up the soap she thought about how bright her eyes became whenever Elise was angry. An entirely different set of feelings began to stir replacing the nervous guilty fear. She’ll be so mad her eyes will practically be glowing. Already panting ready to dig her nails in. Fuck her nails feel good when she’s dragging them down my back or across my shoulders.

Heart beating faster she almost moaned at the thought. Her soap covered hands felt almost too good sliding across her skin. Elise’s scent filled her head and she realized she’d grabbed the wrong soap. That exotic spicy scented soap that Elise had to special order. Not Alex’s regular whatever was on sale soap. She rested her head on the cool tile and tried not to think of the feel of Elise’s hands caressing her from behind. Cupping and massaging her breasts then gliding lower over her stomach to spread across her hips to grip her ass. Squeezing the cheeks and slipping between her sensitive thighs. Two fingers would always find their way to her slick entrance and tease her, starting a rhythm that had her hips rocking in time.

It was a shock when she realized her own fingers had followed along with her thoughts and were teasing her slick folds. Now she really was moaning. Leaning full against the tiled wall with the spray of the water feeling more like hands touching her everywhere while her fingers slid inside to fill her. Her other hand joined the torture to stroke her swollen clit. Hips still working to Elise’s rhythm she was only vaguely aware of her own voice echoing off the walls back to her. The warm weight of release built up inside her while she struggled to keep her knees from buckling. She felt Elise’s name ripped from her throat as her orgasm hit her in a spine tingling rush. When her heartbeat and breathing had slowed to normal she looked around and realized she was on her knees under the spray of now cold water.

Shivering she pulled herself up and turned the water off. Stepping out of the shower she wrapped herself in a towel and grabbed another to dry her hair. After that tension relieving interlude she felt better and wandered into the bedroom to get dressed. Spying the thong from earlier she thought of Elise wearing it and another wave of heat hit her. A round two sounded really good. With a positively wicked smile she changed her mind. Perhaps it was time to give Elise a surprise. If she thought Alex was jumping Roni then a little reminder might be in order. Besides it would be such a shame to waste all that passionate fire on a fight.

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