How Many Licks Does It Take

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Chapter 3 Totally Worth It

“Please tell me you’re going to at least give her a chance to speak before you bite her head off?”

Elise glared at her cousin with her mouth clamped shut. He’d been driving her around for at least an hour trying to get her to calm down before he would take her home. She needed to go home dammit! Nico thought this would force her to calm down. All it really did was give her more time to watch the replay of Alex rolling around the soccer field on top of that red headed floozy.

“You’re going to have to take me home eventually, Nico. I promise to give her a few moments to explain before I murder her.” She gritted out.

“You’re not going to murder her. She means too much to you to do that.”

“If only I meant that much to her…”

That was whispered so softly it had Nico looking at her in sympathy. He didn’t agree with Elise about Alex’s feelings but he knew where Elise’s insecurities came from. Her last three relationships had ended with her being cheated on. Frequently lied to. Can’t forget about the one who had also cleaned out her apartment. Alex had to be the first girl Elise had fallen for that wasn’t trying to use her.

“Alright. I’ll take you home. Just keep in mind that I’m not bailing you out of jail if you go ballistic and a neighbor calls the cops.”

“Ha ha. Very funny.”

She refused to give in to her frustration. When she got home, finally, she and Alex would sit down and talk about today. Then Alex would beg Elise for forgiveness. Then she would start treating Elise with the respect that she was due as her girlfriend. Or things would end. She wasn’t going to sit around and let another girl take advantage of her!

She opened the car door before it came to a complete stop. Didn’t bother saying goodbye to Nico or even looking at him. He yelled something that was probably meant to slow her down but she was done with his meddling. Stalking along the path she bounded up the stairs to the apartment. Fishing her key out of her pocket she jammed it into the lock, turned, and…stood stunned.

What were all these candles doing here? She walked through the doorway into the darkened living room lit only by more candles than she thought they owned. Were those rose petals scattered on the kitchen counter? How was it so dark? She looked toward the windows and noticed their spare sheets were pinned up like curtains blocking the extra light that always managed to get in through the blinds. It created an intimate almost cavelike effect. Was that one of her classical CD’s playing?

Wandering through the flickering candle light she walked over to the kitchen counter to examine the rose petals and found a single long stemmed rose on top of her green satin robe and a note.

Slip into this and meet me in the bedroom for a surprise.

What is all this? She’s never gone through all this trouble before. Oh hell, if rolling around with that red headed skank got her all hot and bothered and she thinks she can use me as a substitute I’ll show her! With that in mind Elise left her robe on the counter, tossed the single rose into the garbage disposal and headed into the bedroom to rip Alex a new one.

“Alex! You get over here right now and explain what the hell is going on!!”

Her anger led her straight into the bedroom where more rose petals had been sprinkled across the bed with candles on their dresser and vanity. No Alex. Where the hell was she? Suddenly she felt both her arms pulled behind her and shivered as a warm breath tickled her ear.

“How did I know you’d be too pissed to get into that robe? Oh well. It’s that fire in you that I love so much.”

Before Elise could think up a satisfyingly acidic response she found herself pinned stomach down on the bed with Alex still holding her arms behind her. They’d playing this game before and her body tingled everywhere she could feel Alex pressing her down. No! She was NOT going to be distracted!

“What the hell were you doing rolling around in the grass with that skank!?”

“So that really was Nico’s car huh? I just went out to play some soccer. What you saw was Roni tripping onto me. Nothing happened.”

“Oh really? Then what’s up with all the candles and roses? Trying to ease a guilty conscience? Or maybe seeing us at the field kept you from going home with the slut and now you’re using me as a substitute? I’m not stupid! I know you’re attracted to her!”

She started pushing up off the bed and trying to get her arms out of the firm hold. To her surprise Alex let go and rolled to the side. She rolled over as well so they were looking at each other eye to eye.

“I’ll admit I’m attracted to Roni and sometimes it IS a temptation but it’s hard not to be tempted when you accuse me of cheating all the time. Sometimes I feel like I should just go ahead and do it since it feels like I’m being punished for it regardless. I don’t want to cheat but it’s hard to remain faithful when you always expect me not to be.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. I don’t punish you!”

“Yes. You do. Hell, you came in here planning to read me the riot act without really listening to what I had to say right?”

She had to pause at that because she had meant to do exactly that but she quickly recovered thinking of all the trouble Alex had gone through to set everything up to romance her into forgetting that she’d been off ogling and fondling another girl. In public no less.

“Anyone would have been pissed to see their girlfriend rolling around with someone else in public where everyone could see! Then I get home to see all this done just to get me to forget how you disrespected me! If you didn’t want me thinking you’re cheating then maybe you shouldn’t make yourself look so guilty!”

She got up off the bed but Alex reached out and grabbed her arm. This time the touch was soft, gentle. Looking into the chocolate brown eyes she saw the hurt. Damn it. Why did she have to look at her like that? It went straight to her heart and made her even more pissed.

“You think I did all this to get you to forget? I did all this because once I got home all I could think about was how sexy you are in those slinky bits of nothing you call panties and how damn good you feel. Hell, I used your soap by accident and ended up feeling myself up in the shower because all I could smell was you!”

Why did she say things like that? Looking like she could see straight through to her heart… She let Alex pull her back down onto the bed. She was still pissed at her but couldn’t find the strength to pull her arm away. Or to move her head away from the kiss that began as a soft touch of lips then became more firm. As if from a distance she could feel hands sliding over her, raising goosebumps along her arms and then making her shiver when they gripped her more firmly around her waist.

In a sudden movement she was pushed onto her back. Her mouth opened in surprise and suddenly she could taste Alex. Feel her tongue slipping in and tangling with hers. She pushed back and thrust her tongue out into Alex’s sweet mouth twisting and stroking. Hands gripping the offending t-shirt that kept her from feeling all that warm skin against hers. Growling she tried to pull it up out of the way but her hands were roughly pulled up and held over her head.

“Hey!” She tried to pull her hands out of the hard grip but instead was flipped over and back onto her stomach. Alex leaned over her and whispered in her ear.

“Hold your hands here and I’ll make it worth your while. Move them and…” She felt the sting immediately from the hard slap brought down onto her ass. She stiffened about to let fly a string of cursing that would make Alex’s ears bleed but her own ear was suddenly assaulted by a hot mouth and talented tongue. Goddammit, why did she always melt when someone played with her ears?!

That melting extended down her spine to pool low in her belly sending shivers out. Should she keep her hands where they were or move them? Why the hell should she do what she was told? Before she could move and take charge of things the hand holding hers above her head moved down her arm gently caressing her bare skin. Kneading across her shoulders and neck. She’d been so tense this whole time. Moaning her muscles started to ease and relax under the tender touch.

Lips replaced the fingers on her neck. The gentle touch on her arms glided down to her waist still softly kneading. Was she going to let herself be distracted like this? She had every right to be upset and she was still flaming mad but those fingers playing along her sides. The sensuous way Alex nipped and kissed and licked the back of her neck. They could talk about things afterward.

“Well...okay...but you better make this worth it. We are also talking about today afterward.”

She could feel Alex smiling against the back of her neck as hands slipped under her shirt to glide over her ribs. A low moan slipped past her lips and the sensations made her shiver.

“As you wish, Princess.”

Alex took a moment to calm her breathing and plan her attack. Elise was laying on her stomach with her hands stretched out above her. For the moment. She knew from long practice that if she let Elise have a moment to think the lovely submissive picture before her would fade away and the fire breathing dragon would return. She had to smile at that thought because it was the risk that made seducing Elise so much fun. Time to remind them both that she didn’t have to go looking elsewhere when she already had such a beauty in her bed.

Leaning down to bring her lips to the back of the pale neck begging for attention she let her hands continue spreading goosebumps and shivers up Elise’s ribs. Loving how the moans seemed to be gaining in volume she bit gently. Elise gave out a sharp cry sending a hot wave of need through Alex. Nibbling and biting her way to the right she licked and sucked on the tender point where Elise’s pale throat met her shoulder. She could feel Elise’s rapid breathing against her hands as she brought them up to rest under the bra that had to be lace from the feel.

Giving in to the urge turning her blood to fire she brought her right hand back and used it to slide the back of the offending shirt up exposing the hooks of the constricting bra. She was right. Red lace. Flashing back to the red lace thong that had haunted her shower earlier and set this in motion she wondered what else was hidden under the layers of clothes. Growling a little at the thought she brought her mouth down to use her tongue and teeth to unhook the bra. Pleasure bloomed through her when she accomplished the feat. Thinking back to how long it had taken her to get that trick down she grinned devilishly and brought her mouth back up to torment the other side of Elise’s neck as both of her hands now glided up her ribs and cupped the soft fullness of the breasts recently freed from the lace.

Gently squeezing and massaging the soft mounds Alex moaned as loudly as Elise at the sensation. She could feel the nipples that were already hard when her fingers brushed against them become even more achingly taut. Pinching and tugging gently she brought her right knee up between the temptingly spread thighs beneath her to rub and draw attention lower while she quickly pulled off the shirt and bra that was impeding her view of all that tasty soft skin. Elise made a soft cry of surprise as she suddenly realized she was topless but Alex was working her magic on the sensitive curve of her ear and her hands had resumed their teasing of her breasts.


Hearing her voice go so breathy, on the verge of begging. It sent liquid heat through Alex. She pulled on Elise’s nipples a little harder and dragged her tongue along the pale throat she was currently fixated on.

“What was that baby?”

“Alex! Stop teasing me!”

“But it’s so much fun…”

Sitting up she kept one hand on the middle of Elise’s back while the slid down to cup the curvaceous bottom. Fuck, she loved how plump all of Elise’s curves were. Her soft breasts drove Alex to distraction but she swore she could cum just from nibbling the globes of that ass.

“You have no idea what you do to me do you?”

With a hard jerk she yanked down Elise’s pants to expose her pale bottom. Smoothing her hand along the perfect skin she tried to sooth both of their rapid pulses. At least that was the plan until Elise decided that she’d had enough slow and wanted to hurry up. Huffing with impatience she moved her hands from above her head and started to roll over. Laughing softly Alex moved her hand from the lovely curving back to recapture Elise’s wrists before she could make an attempt to take things over.

“Where do you think you’re going? I thought I told you to keep your hands there or…”

Bringing her other hand down sharply onto Elise’s rounded bottom she felt the jolt throughout her body. The gasp Elise tried to hold in had her following it up with a round of hard smacks that soon had the pale perfection below her glowing pink. Elise wasn’t fighting back anymore, not even bothering to hold back her moans. Alex brought both hands down to massage the sensitized skin. Leaning down she gave the right cheek a hard bite. Elise jumped and tensed, trying to keep still.

“Ohhhh. Alex...please….”

hat lovely sound of submission in her voice. She had never known what a kink she was until she’d started dating Elise. The push and pull of their relationship pushed buttons Alex never knew she had. Pulling her pants all the way off of her legs she exposed all of Elise to her hungry eyes. Spreading her legs wide she settled between them and gave another round of slaps. The way the mounds jiggled whenever she spanked them. It was almost as good as watching her breasts bounce while she rode Alex’s strap-on. That of course brought on a whole other host of ideas that had Alex panting.

Need to keep focused. This isn’t about me, it’s about loving Elise properly. Though I could also do that with the strap-on. Her wandering thoughts were brought back to the moment by the needy moans gaining volume caused by her wandering hands. Looking down she saw her hands had taken the initiative while she was distracted. One was still massaging the lovely pink bottom while the other had two fingers buried in slick pink folds.

Pushing deeper she felt Elise try to raise her hips, meaning to drive the fingers invading her deeper. Feeling a bit evil Alex used the hand still on Elise’s bottom to hold her down keeping her at her mercy. Starting a slow shallow rhythm she chuckled at the sounds of frustration coming out of Elise’s mouth.

“Clit tease!”

Alex had to laugh at that moaned comment. Elise’s hands were fisting the sheets to either side of her head as she dug in her knees and pushed harder against Alex. It was a wasted effort they both knew since Alex was stronger and could hold Elise still for a hours. Like they had done the first time they had made love. Thinking back to their first night together and how hot it had been to hold those luscious hips still no matter how hard Elise thrashed she couldn’t hold back anymore. Digging her nails in making Elise whimper a little she pulled her fingers almost completely out of the tight wet sheath before twisting her hand around and plunging them back in as deep as she could go.


Her hips would have come off the bed completely if Alex had been weaker. She wasn’t though and she began working her index and middle finger in and out of Elise’s dripping entrance while her thumb found the aching bud her clit had become and began stroking it in time.

“You’re going to cum hard for me. You’re also going to keep cumming until I’ve decided you’ve had enough.”

She put steel into her voice because she knew that really got Elise going. Feeling her fingers squeezed almost to the point of pain filled her with an almost primal satisfaction. Alex’s fingers probing deep into her, owning her. The thumb rubbing her clit sending hot waves of pleasure through her. Alex’s voice going hard in that way that always started Elise dripping. Telling her who was in control. It flipped switches in Elise that had her cumming a second time screaming Alex’s name into their mattress.

“Careful, the neighbors might hear you and call the cops.”

She couldn’t keep the amusement out of her voice but she doubted Elise could hear her. There was moisture dripping down her hand when she started searching and feeling inside the convulsing warmth for a specific spot.

“Oh fuck! Ahhhh!”

There we go. Thank you Dr Grafenberg for your study on the G-spot. They could never find it on her but on Elise she always knew when she hit it. Belatedly thinking of how much Elise had squirted last time she wished she had put down a towel. Bringing her attention back to the sexy, writhing, moaning, occasionally screaming portrait of pleasure impaled on her fingers she increased her rhythm. Using her other hand to slap the gyrating ass attempting to grind her way to a fourth orgasm she pushed Elise’s hips up to meet the slap.

“Harder! Spank me harder!”

“As you wish Princess.”

Bringing her hand down harder onto the quickly reddening flesh she reveled in Elise’s complete loss of control. She had done that to her. Straddling one of Elise’s legs she started sliding her own swollen and wet entrance against the twitching calf. Pushing against it until she felt the pressure through her thin satin shorts. She hadn’t bothered wearing panties, normally didn’t when she was just going to be around the house. It was moments like these that reminded her why. Sliding in a slow rhythm to start then quickly increasing it until she matched the pace she had going that was about to bring Elise to her fourth orgasm.

“Cum with me baby. I want to feel you squeezing me hard.”

“Oh fuck. Alex!”

Elise came again, squeezing Alex’s fingers painfully tight while she felt fluid wetting her knee letting her know Elise had achieved some distance this time. Alex was focused on how tight her fingers were being crushed. How wet the pink, throbbing sheath was. How tight and wet she was, soaking through her shorts and leaving a slick trail on Elise’s leg.

“Oh yes...ELISE!”

She came hard riding Elise’s pale leg, contracting just as tightly as her lover. Arching her back she spread her knees pushing her spasming body closer to the warmth rubbing her sensitive clit. As she came back into herself she focused on getting more air into her lungs and pulled her fingers out of their wonderfully warm and wet haven. Elise rolled over onto her side also trying to catch her breath.

Falling onto on her side facing Elise she looked into her love’s green eyes, smiling at the happiness she saw there knowing it was mirrored in her own. Smiling devilishly she brought her still wet fingers up in front of them. Locking eyes with Elise she slowly put her fingers into her mouth, sucking and licking them clean. That brought out a heated glimmer in the green eyes and a pale finger rubbing Alex’s lower lip.

“How about a shower then we start round two?”

“How about round two IN the shower? I haven’t forgotten what you said earlier about what happened when you used my soap.” That brought out a round of giggles from both of them.

“You have the best ideas Princess.” Kissing Elise soft and sweet on her smiling lips Alex got up to get them both towels and do a strip tease on the way to the shower. Sure they still had some talking to do but they could always do it over post-orgasm pancakes.

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