How to Win a Heart in 60 Days

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"All it took was 60 days for me to realize I'm completely in love with you Opal Anderson, 60 damn days." "Just admit it Opal, your smitten with me." He continued to strum his fingers on his guitar, producing the most beautiful sound. It was one strum of those strings that made me fall hopelessly in love with him, before I even learned his name, but there was no way I would tell him that. "No, I'm not smitten with you- wait who even says that." He licked his bottom lip then looked up at me with those chocolate eyes, one eyebrow perfectly raised. "I can tell by the look on your face your lying sweetheart, your completely smitten." ** Opal Anderson lives her life behind baggy clothes and Harry Potter books. Don't underestimate her though. She's fiery, sarcastic and very stubborn which seems to attract the mysterious and very bad, Lucas Hart. Lucas Hart doesn't like to be stereotyped as the typical bad boy but what's a couple of fights and run in with the law has to do with defining him? As long as he has his lucky guitar, the whispering and gossiping teens at school doesn't phase him. That's until he meets Opal and he learns that a little good in your life can be changing. "All it took was 60 days for me to realize I'm completely in love with you Opal Anderson, 60 damn days."

Romance / Drama
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Day 1

Rule number 1: Give them a cute pet name that compliments the best part of them...or to aggravate them. Either works

I threw my hang in there baby sweatshirt over my head as the cool wind nipped at my body.

It was the beginning of fall here in Minnesota and around this time mother nature was at her bipolar best.

“Opal did you do Mrs. Hans report last night?”

I turned to my friend Daisy and sighed.

We’ve been friends since diapers and not once has she done her homework. Even in kindergarten I colored in her worksheets for her.

I fished around in my bookbag as the first bell rang.

“Here and don’t forget to give it to me at lunch.”

She hugged me then ran off into the school, getting lost in the swarm of students.
I looked at the tall building and dragged in a long icy breath that made my lungs ache.
The school yard was vacant and nobody was to be found. I closed my eyes as my hands clasped the straps of my bookbag.

Another day in teenage hell.

“Are you mediating?”
I opened one eye to find no one there.
“So your deaf?”
I turned around and was instantly met with chest.

Warmth radiated from whoever body this was and it instantly made my face heat up.
I backed up and almost gasped at the person before me.
He wore a white t shirt covered in a thick leather jacket with black converse on his feet.
A guitar case was strapped across his back where a bookbag was suppose to be .

“Are you just going to stand there and check me out Blue?”

My face twisted at the unwanted name.

“What’s with the blue?” I asked, wanting to know how he concocted such a name.

He smiled showing a set of perfect white teeth.

“That’s for me to know and for you to find out.”
He swiftly walked past me and I swore he smelled like coffee.

God how much I love coffee.

I watched as his leathered back dispersed into the hallway.

The second bell rang and I realized that I was late and since my class was on the third floor, it would be pointless to run.

Daisy waved at the group of boys who where checking her out. Something that became almost a ritual since freshman year. There was no denying that Daisy was beautiful and that I, Opal Anderson, was indeed the ugly best friend. I could almost remember one time last year being referred to as Daisy’ s ugly best friend.

Yeah, I know right. Ouch.

“Here’s your homework O.”
She slung my papers on the lunch table as she struggled to set her books and bags down.

Somehow, the papers seemed to slide off the table and right into a puddle of milk.

“Well that’s great” I mumbled. “My homework fell in cow piss.”

Daisy stifled a laugh as she sat down on the table.

“I’m so so sorry Opal.”

I strained a smile as I threw my dripping homework in my bag.

“It’s okay, Can I just copy yours?”

Daisy tied her long red back into a bun as she packed everything back into her bag.

“I’m sorry Opal, I gave my homework to Georgie last period.”

I jumped up from the table and grabbed my bookbag, stealing a fry from Daisy’s plate.

“Hey, where are you going.”

I blew a few pieces of spare hair from my face. “I’m going to the Libary to find Georgie. This is her free period isn’t it?”

I didn’t give her a chance to answer as I rushed out the door to find Georgie.

“Crap, that isn’t the right note.”

I stopped in my tracks as I heard the familiar voice grumble under their breath.

I walked into the room and realized that this was the music room.

That same leather jacket from this morning was slung on the back of the chair he sat in.

He scribbled down something in a notebook before putting it down and grabbed his guitar again.

He strummed a tune on the guitar, nodding his head in the process.

I couldn’t believe the sound he was producing with his fingers.

“Wow” I gasped out.

He suddeneluy turned around, making me freeze under his gaze.

“Well if it isn’t baby Blue.”

He smiled a cheeky grin at me as he sat down his guitar.

“My name is Opal, not Blue.”

He leaned back in his chair and nodded his head.

“Noted Blue.”

I stamped my foot and grunted.

“I don’t even know you and you are already getting on my ever lasting nerves.

He shrugged his shoulders and looked at me boringly.

“Why are you even in here?”

My eyes started to twitch a he stared at me.

“I was looking for my friend cause she has something I need.”

He looked around the instrumented filled room.

“Well if you haven’t noticed Blue, we are the only humans in this room.”

I gently rubbed my fingertips over my throbbing temples. This dude was certaintly a headache.

“Noted asshole.”

His eyes seemed to twinkle with mischief while I’m sure mine twinkled with anger.

“You know my name don’t you?”

I threw my hands in the air and sighed.

“Well if your parents didn’t name you asshole then what else could they possibly name you?”

He stood and threw his leather jacket over his body.

“Lucas, my parents named me Lucas.”

He picked his guitar and put it in the black casing before slipping it on his back.

“I’ll see you around Blue.”

He slipped past me and my nose engulfed his coffee scent.

Does he drink coffee twenty-four seven or something?

So I didn’t end up finding Georgie or was I able to redo Mrs. Hans report.

She accepted the sour smelling paper because “I was an acceptional student.”

Well whatever floats your boat and gets me a decent grade.

“So you want to tell me why you were’rnt able to join me back at the lunch?”

Daisy linked her arm with mine as we walked to her Honda.

“Well I went looking for Georgie but I kinda ran into somebody.”

Georgie came up behind us, almost scaring the body fluids out of me.


“Some dude named Lucas.”

Daisy removed her arm away from mine and looked at me with big eyes.

“The Lucas, like bad ass guitar playing Lucas.”

I tugged my sweater over my head and threw it in my bag.

“Uhm I don’t know about the bad ass part but yeah, I guess so.”

Georgie began to sip on her water, eyeing the both of us.

“I don’t understand the problem here daisy.”

She unlocked the door to her car and looked at me.

“I would tell you to ask all his victims but they’re all dead.”

Best friend that’s name after a flower say what now?

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