Raiders Of The Knight

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Chapter 9.

(Hawk’s P.O.V.)

Walking into Jeremey’s office I couldn’t stop thinking about what this would mean for Bailey. For us. Over the past few weeks that she has been here, we have gotten closer to each other with the late nights together and that whenever we are in the same room as each other, we seem to have to always touch each other, whether it be our knees, fingers, hands or thighs. It was like we had this pull to each other. Like we would need the reassurance from each other that the other was there.

“What are we going to do about this? He’ll most likely pay us a visit and if he doesn’t get her back.” Prez asked. I thought about this and wondered the same thing. What would we do? I mean we don’t want a war with him but if it comes to that will the club back Bailey and me up. Because I know one thing, if he does come for her he will have to go through me first.

“Under no circumstances are we giving him Bailey. Anything other than that.” I made the point. There was no way I would give her up, not when for the first time in ages has the dormant emotions and feelings that I have kept supressed have erupted inside of me almost causing an explosion the minute she came into my life.

“That isn’t going to happen Hawk. We will find another way to react and respond to his threats and attacks when they come so that nobody gets hurt because I agree, she won’t ever have to go back to him. But we do have to tell her about this and also about him knowing where she is.” Jeremey reassured me.

“So what are we going to do?” Mike asked.

“We lay low. Continue as we have been but make no mistake, I have a feeling he’ll be watching us so we can’t make anything known that we have something planned for him. Dismissed.” With that final word Mike left Prez’s office but I stayed behind for a moment to talk to him.

“Hawk, I want you to go and get Bailey so that we can both talk to her about what is happening and what will be happening.”

“Yes Sir.” I said as I mock saluted him and walked out the door, but not before I heard him reply with an “idiot” before I walked out of ear shot.

I found Bailey sitting in her room reading a book she must have found in my room.

“Hey Bails.” I say to her I go and sit down next to her waiting for her to finish the page that she is on. When she was finished she grabbed the book mark she had and placed it on the page and closed the book moving it to the side to face me.

“Hey Hawk. What can I help you with?” She questioned me.

“I need you to come with me to Prez’s office so we can have a talk. We have something that we need to discuss with you.” I explained to her about to get up off the couch but she stopped me when she put her hand on my arm closest to her.

“Wait. Why can’t you tell me here and now? Why do we have to go to Jeremey’s office?” Bailey questioned me again.

“Because what we have to talk about it is best if we both explain it to you so that you understand everything that will be happening.” I replied once again except this time I got up off the couch without being pulled back.

“He’s back isn’t he?” Bailey asked in almost a whisper but still loud enough for me to hear her. She sounded so lost and scared when she asked me, that it almost broke my heart in two. I felt a lot for this girl and hearing her like this is tearing me apart because I feel like there may be something I won’t be able to do to help her get through this yet I will do everything in my power to help her even if it kills me.

“Please just come with me and Jeremey and I will be able to explain everything.” I begged her holding out my hand for her to grab onto.

I had almost lost hope that she would come with me but then she grabbed my hand and pulled herself forward, standing up next to me.

“Okay, let’s go.” She gave me a small smile when she said that and it gave me more hope that we would get through whatever was thrown at us.


Thank you guys for bearing with me while I haven't updated in a bit. The updates though from now on until I finish my final semester school will be a bit slow.

Please tell me what you think of the story. What you think will happen next.

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