Raiders Of The Knight

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Chapter 10.

(Bailey’s P.O.V.)

Walking into Jeremey’s office I didn’t feel right. Like something was off I just couldn’t tell what it was at the present moment.

“Hey Bailey, how are you today?” Jeremey asked me with what seemed like a forced smile. I wonder why he forced it.

“Good. How are you?” I respond feeling slightly awkward. I don’t what is wrong.

“I’m okay. Why don’t you take a seat? Look I got Hawk to get you because something has come up and we thought it was best to tell you seeing as how it involves you. There’s no easy way to say this but Harrison has got word out that he is looking for you. We got given the information to us by a reliable source.” Jeremey was telling me but all I could think about was is he going to come after me here. I couldn’t let that happen, I couldn’t let these people get hurt because of me.

“Now, before you jump to any conclusions about needing to protect us,” Jeremey held up his hand as I started to protest, “I could read your facial features while I was speaking. Now I haven’t spoken to some of the club and we agree that no matter what we are going to protect you. Because you are with Hawk, it means that you are with us and we always protect our own. So don’t even think about doing something stupid because we have this handled.” I sighed in defeat once he said all that. Because it was true I would have done something to make sure that none of these people would ever get hurt because of me. I didn’t even realise that I had zoned out a little until Hawk was kneeling down in front of me, placing his hands on his knees staring into my eyes, like he can see my most inner thoughts and feelings.

“Bails, look at me okay. Nothing is gonna happen to you okay, I’ll make sure of it. Now as Jeremey was explaining, Roman knows that you’re with us here okay. But, what he doesn’t know is that we do everything within our power to protect the ones we love. N…” I had to stop him then so I held my hand up.

“Wait… you love me?” I had to question him, I had to make sure that what I heard I was correct and that I wasn’t just hearing things.

“Yeah Bailey I do. I love you. Now I know that we only meet a few weeks ago, but when you ran into that night I felt something even then and every day and every moment we spend together that feeling just gets bigger and bigger. So yes, Bailey I love you.” I couldn’t hold back my tears.

“I love you too, Der…” I couldn’t even finish my sentence before his lips were on mine devouring them. His lips moulded to mine perfectly. Just as I felt his tongue slip out and lick my lips in a way to get them to open up so he could deepen the kiss we were interrupted.

“Okay guys, if that is going to happen please take it somewhere else that isn’t my office.” Instead of replying to Jeremey Hawk picked me up by my thighs so that I had to wrap them around his waist. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he connected his lips back to mine and then proceeded to walk out the door heading to one of our rooms.

We ended up in his room. He closed the door with his shoe and continued to walk to the bed, laying me on it and then laying between my legs but using his elbows to keep most of his body weight of me.

“Did you mean it Bailey?”

“Mean what?”

“Do you love me?”

“Yes, yes I do.”

“Good, because that now means that you are stuck with me for a very long time because now that I have you, I’m never giving you up.” With that being said he leaned down and placed his lips on mine gently. This kiss was one full of love.

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