Raiders Of The Knight

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Chapter 13.

(Hawk’s P.O.V.)

Once everyone was seated, Church began.

“Bailey is in danger from someone from her past that just won’t give up. It is now time for us to step up and take control of the situation.”

Prez states to the brothers around the table. Everyone started murmuring their thoughts about the situation when someone raised their voice with a question.


That question got me annoyed about this whole situation. It never should have happened to her, she never should have gotten involved with him to begin with, but you can’t change the past.

“Harrison Roman.”

The murmurings got louder as I finished what I was saying.

“Quiet. Now I understand that going against him is not what we wanted at this present moment, but because Hawk here is very much interested in Bailey, we are going to take a vote. Normally I would make this decision and say that we are going to go ahead and go into this war that is going to happen, but I want to make a vote.”

Everyone stayed silent at his words. Some looked at me to see if I would say anything about this seeing as she was my woman and that was not gonna change at all. Looking around the room I can count at least 20 – 30 patched in members all waiting for the voting to start.

“Okay all those in favour of going to war to protect Bailey, say I.”

It was quiet and still for a few moments as all the brothers in the room decided how they wanted to vote. I put my hand up, Prez put his hand up and then one by one all the men in the room raised their hands. I was very fucking grateful to call these people my brothers.

“Okay, a plan will come together over the next few days and then we fight! Dismissed”

The men made so much noise as they walked out of church and into the bar area knowing they were going to get smashed.

Prez and I laughed as they all left. I looked to him and nodded my head in thanks to him.

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