Raiders Of The Knight

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Chapter 14.

(Hawk’s P.O.V.)

Over the next few days we sat down for church everyday going over everything we have on Roman. We knew what his every move was and we knew his schedule down to the tee. All we had to do now is figure out the perfect time to make our move. We understood that this had to perfect as we would only get one chance at it, so we decide to make our move during the only time he had a break in his day. This was at 12:00pm on Wednesday, which is in 4 days time.

Today I decided that since it was my day off that I would spend it with Bailey. So I made the decision to surprise her with breakfast in bed. Sappy I fucking know, but hey what can I say, she seems to be changing me. So I made her pancakes, with bacon, strawberries, banana, whipped cream and maple on the side. I quietly snuck into her laid the tray on her table and quietly crept across the floor until I hit her bed, where I laid down beside her and started to tickle her. For a moment it was quiet, and then all you could hear was Bailey scream out in laughter as I continued to tickle her.

The smile on my face at the moment could light up the whole room if the sun hadn’t already been shining through the open curtains. When I finally stopped tickling her, she opened her eyes just as the sun was shining on her face and her eyes sparkled.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“I’m bringing you breakfast, before we spend the day together do whatever you would like and then dinner this evening.”

She smiles as me as she leans in and gives me a kiss on the cheek.

“Alright, now where is that breakfast you brought me?”

With a laugh, I got up off the bed and grabbed the breakfast.

(Time skip to after breakfast, to leaving)

We decided to take the bike today as we were going for a small picnic and a lovely walk along the lake that is located in what happens to be my favourite place.

(Bailey’s P.O.V.)

Today was definitely a surprise. One that I did not expect. I have to admit though that the ride over to the lake was absolutely wonderful. The walk around the lake was so romantic especially when we sat down and had the picnic the Hawk had prepared.

When we got back to the club house and had settled in for the night by watching a movie, I don’t know what had happened but I know that everything had felt right in this moment as it had just started out as just a kiss.

Then the kiss got heated. He turned me around and laid me down on the bed. Derek leaned over me, resting himself on his elbows as he leaned down again to kiss me again. His lips travelled down across to my neck where he started to suck and bite, leaving hickeys where he could.

As his hands gripped the hem of my shirt, he lifted his head so as that his eyes reached mine, asking me a question without saying anything at all.

(Please forgive me, I will write this part at a later stage because at the moment it is not coming out as I want it too.)

As we laid in bed, he hugged me close, never letting up his tight grip that he seemed to have on me. Soon after I fell asleep to the humming of his heartbeat as my head rested against his chest.

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