Raiders Of The Knight

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Chapter 15.

(Bailey’s P.O.V.)

A few days later I had woken up to Hawk being gone, but he had left a note saying that he had gone on a mission with the rest of the club and that there had been some prospects left here to guard the compound. Smiling to myself I had gotten up and gotten ready for the day. As I walked out of the bedroom and down into the kitchen area, I suddenly felt uneasy. Like something wasn’t right.

But as I turned to head back to my room to get the phone that Hawk had gotten me, someone had grabbed me and held a cloth over my mouth. I started to struggle trying to break free. I threw a punch or at least tried to and aimed it for the stranger’s leg but not surprisingly I missed as my eyes started to cloud over with darkness. I kept struggling trying to hit anything I can which happened to be whatever was on the bench until finally the darkness fully clouded over and I gave into it.

(Hawk’s P.O.V.)

The club and I rode out this morning and now we have been waiting silently for Roman to arrive. But something doesn’t feel right. I feel as though we missed something, something really important. I hoped off my bike prepared to go into the warehouse to inspect what was going on, when Prez’s phone rang.

“What? What are you talking about?”

Prez just keeps listening as he glances at me until a shocked and pissed off look appears on his face.

“Fuck, son of a bitch. How the fuck did that happened. You were meant to be guarding the compound for a goddamn fucking reason. Don’t. Just fucking don’t do anything. We’ll be back soon.”

Prez hangs up the phone and just looks at me.

“What happened?” I enquire immediately, knowing that something wasn’t right.

“Hawk, man, I’m sorry. Bailey’s been taken.”

The minute he says that, it’s like my whole world just breaks and falls apart at the seams.

“What the fuck had happened? WE had left people there to guard and protect the place. Fuck, Fuck, Fuck.” I looked to Prez for answers.

“The prospect said that they were outnumbered and that the fuckers were absolutely silent. From the security cameras, it looked like they were waiting for us to go he said.”

I looked to him in disbelief. How the fuck could this had happened, we were so careful about how we went about this. For days we planned and thought out every absolute option and opportunity we had.

I looked to Prez, “Do we have a fucking rat?”

“Let’s just get back to the compound and go from there. Alright everyone, let’s ride out.”

With that we got back on our bikes and rode out straight back to the compound to find out what happened to my girl. She may not know that she is my girl but after the other day and what happens when I get her back she’ll know it forever.

When we get back to the clubhouse, we walk in and the place is a mess like there was a fight. Prez calls me to head to the security room where we watch the cameras to see what really happened.

We had Circuit pull up the security cameras and what I saw made my blood boil. That son of a bitch. One of the new prospects we have had teamed up with Roman. That little fucker had let them into the compound only minutes after we had left. Looking at the cameras that showed inside, I watched as Bailey walked into the kitchen area with a smile on her face that quickly turned into a frown. She went to turn around when out of nowhere someone in black came up behind her, grabbed her and placed a rag over her face. I will bet you anything that, that rag had chloroform soaked into it. I helplessly as she struggled with all her might as she tried to get free until she collapsed like jelly in the strangers arms clearly passed out.

All I could do was walk out. I walked straight into the gym area we have here, walked straight up to one of the punching bags and laid into it. I let out everything I was feeling. Every goddamn emotion. Must of all I left out how helpless I felt watching Bailey be taken and there was nothing that I could do about it. I wasn’t paying attention to my surroundings, so of course I didn’t hear anyone come in but one moment I’m punching the bag and the next moment I’m locked into a hug with my best friend and President. I couldn’t help but hug him back for a moment either. I felt helpless.

“We will be getting her back and today. And that prospect will be dead before midnight tonight. Nobody betrays the Raiders and lives to tell the tale. So you get out here and back into the clubhouse. Church is in two minutes.”

With that he lets me go and walks back out the door. And so do I, ready to get my girl back and be rid of Roman and that fucking prospect for good.

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