Raiders Of The Knight

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Chapter 16.

(Bailey’s P.O.V.)

I woke up to a cold, dark room that almost felt like cell. As I opened my eyes, I noticed straight away that I was on the floor. I strained to look around the dark room to see if I could see anything else, which was definitely difficult. I felt something around my left ankle as I tried to move my body which proved difficult as my body felt like it had been tossed around like a ragdoll.

The sound of a door being opened filled the silence that had filled the room. I tried to move my body away from the noise and back against anything that I could. A light gets turned on and it shines brightly, making the darkness disappear from the room. This made me flinch back and shut my eyes tightly.

“Ahh, my sweet sweet Bailey. How good of you to join me again.” Harrison Roman, just his voice puts me on edge.

I opened my eyes having them adjusted to the lights and finally looked him in the eyes. He hadn’t changed, he still had that evil, emotionless look in them. The same look that I had once feared. That was until Hawk and his brother’s had taught me differently. They had taught me to not fear something that I can overcome.

“It wasn’t like I had a choice, now was it.” I shot back confidently.

Roman’s eyes turned a shade darker almost black at my back chatting.

“Now now, if you had just stayed instead of leaving in the first place, none of this would be happening.” Roman was getting angry, you could see it in his stance, in the way he kept grinding his teeth.

“I escaped because you are an abusive asshole who doesn’t know how to treat a human being with kindness.” I screamed back at him finally losing all patience with him. I must have been too fearful of him before I had escaped, but now, now I’ve changed.

Roman roared at me as he marched toward me and wrapped his hand around my necked lifting me up off of the floor.

“Let me make myself perfectly clear. While you are still alive under my roof, you will respect me and do as you are told. Otherwise I will destroy you in front of them and then when you are down to your last thread, I will kill them right in front of you and then once they have had their last drops of blood drained from their bodies then and only then will I kill you very slowly until I watch as the last bit of light drains from your eyes.”

I couldn’t help but shake slightly at his words.

“I see that I have put fear into you. Just remember that I speak the truth and if you make the wrong move I will kill everyone.”

With that he leaves the cell and shuts the door. Casting me in darkness yet again. I felt utterly useless hoping that he wouldn’t get the guys.

(Hawk’s P.O.V.)

Walking back into the clubhouse and into church, I look at Circuit who is already hunched over his computer.

“I need you to check all the security cameras in and around the town.”

“Already on it man.” Circuit looks up at me, “Don’t worry, we’ll get her back.”

All I can do is nod at him. There is nothing else that matters at the moment. I sit down and look ahead at Prez ready for the next move to be told.

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