Raiders Of The Knight

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Chapter 17.

(Hawk’s P.O.V.)

I walked out of Church ready to go. I was ready for vengeance. And ready to get my love back. It was decided that we would hit head on. We would invade his territory and rescue Bailey while also finally giving Roman what he deserves.

We decided to leave in 1 hour. This gave my brothers a chance to spend time with their respected others before we left to get mine. And we had to get her back otherwise I wouldn’t be the same. I needed her more than anything. She kept me grounded somehow.

When it hit 10 minutes before we left myself along many of my other brothers were already geared up and turning on their bikes, ready to leave.

The minute prez turned on his bike and revved it up, giving us the signal that we are about to leave was the moment that I looked up to the sky and straight at the moon hoping that Bailey would be looking at it right now and believing that we are coming.

(Bailey’s P.O.V.)

I could barely open my right eye it was that swollen. Roman came back down earlier and from what my head is allowing me to remember at this time was that he wanted to know something but me knowing me wouldn’t say anything. I kept on disobeying him, which wasn’t the best idea when he was already in a fucking pissed off mood but honestly fuck him. The bastard doesn’t deserve to know anything. What happened was that he had finally cracked and lost it. He beat the absolute shit out of me until I had finally blacked out at some point. I’m unsure though if he kept beating me or not because my body feels like that it been run over by a fucking semi-truck.

After moving very slowly I had finally gotten into a sitting position against the wall when the door had opened. I couldn’t see who it was but just that there was someone there. It wasn’t until they had turned on the light and when it had finally stopped blinding me did I get a good look at who had opened the door. The fucking bastard himself.

“Bailey, I really wish that you anger me so much. Then I wouldn’t have to discipline you so much. Now, that you are awake though. How about we try aga--,”

Before he could finish though, we both heard the loud sounds of more than over ten bikes. My heart started to fill with so much love that I knew, I knew who was coming to me. Unfortunately though, before I could get over joyed at the fact that Derek had come, fucktard in front of me had to ruin fucking everything.

“Perfect, just fucking perfect. They always have to ruin all of the fun, don’t they.”

It seemed like a question because of how it was said, but I knew, that it was a statement. With that being said he got up, latching onto me and roughly pulled me up with him. I ended up being half dragged out of my cell, out the door, up two flights of stairs, down a hallway and then being thrown into an office like room with a balcony.

Roman, walked towards the balcony doors, opened them and straight out onto the balcony. The minute I was thrown into the room though I heard the bikes much more clearly though. I tried to smile at the fact but it was difficult, especially with having a split lip and that.

The bikes had stopped revving. But were still clearly loud without the revving. I struggled to get up but I was in that much pain that my attempts kept failing. While I was trying to get up off of the floor, I could hear Roman calling out to the people below.

“Get the fuck out of my territory, there is nothing here for you! If you do not leave now I will not hesitate to kill you all.”

“Hand Bailey over and we will leave, somewhat peacefully.”

Once that was said, Roman walked back into the room, grabbed me and pulled me out onto the balcony, right to the edge, so as that everyone down below on the otherside of the fence could see me. I looked down and immediately found Derek’s face and smiled as best as I could down at him. The look he gave me though was one of absolute anger. I tried to understand at first as to why he would be angry at me but then I realised that it wasn’t me, but the fuck next to me that he was extremely angry at.

Roman grabbed and held my neck as he spoke; “If you want her, then why don’t you come and get her!”

With that I was dragged back into the office, thrown into a chair and tied to it with rope and tape over my mouth. Roman then went and locked the door after giving his men the order of shot to kill. I knew that the war had started immediately when the first shot went off. Over the next thirty minutes all I heard was gunshots and yelling. While this was happening Roman stood behind me with a gun to my head and a knife to my neck as I shook in my sit with tears streaming down my face as I cried silently.

Suddenly the door crashed open and there in all his glory stood Derek. The minute he took a step though, was the same minute that he saw the gun pointed at me and knife against my neck.

“Bailey, everything is going to be okay, alright. Everything is going to be okay.”

Derek was trying to reassure me but it wasn’t working, as I knew where this would go. How it would end. As I started shaking my head, the president of Derek’s club walked in behind him, stopping short when he saw the guns.

(Hawk’s P.O.V.)

I was trying to find a way out of this when Prez walked in. I was so fucking glad about that, as I didn’t know the best route to take in order to get both Bailey and I out of this room and have Roman be lying in a pool of his own blood. If he wasn’t using Bailey as his own human shield with weapons trained on her I would have shot him immediately. But unfortunately that isn’t possible at this minute.

“Okay, how about we take it easy. Roman you can take the knife away from her neck please. Bailey is already scared enough as it is and with the gun trained on her head, Hawk here will not take any action.”

Prez was trying to easy up the situation and I was hoping to god that he did take the knife away because in case he didn’t realise it had started to pierce her skin as it was. Thankfully he looked at the situation and removed the knife. With that I took one small breath of relief and so did Bailey.

“Roman, what is it that you would like?”

“What I have always wanted, Bailey.”

With that statement I started to growl angrily. He wanted what was mine.

“Now, we both know that that is impossible. What else is it that you would like? Please also mind that if you do not answer me with a proper answer for this question this time around I will blow your head off.” With that Prez raised his gun, aimed it at Roman’s ready to fire. I would be doing it myself but I can’t risk Bailey’s life and I also know that Prez knows what he is doing.

“And as I said before, all that I want is Bailey. I would be careful though, I mean if you shoot me, my finger might just squeeze the trigger and then bye bye Bailey.”

The smug bastard had thought that he had won. He will not win. Not on my watch.

With a small signal from Prez we both aimed our guns at Roman and squeezed the trigger.

(Bailey’s P.O.V.)

I heard the guns fire. I squeezed my eyes shut and hoped to god that I didn’t get shot, as I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Derek. After the guns were fired there was no noise except for the sound of a body next to me hitting the ground and then nothing.

I opened my eyes and saw Derek running towards me. He started to untie me from the rope as he asked me how I was and that if I was okay. Once I was free though I just launched myself at him and hugged him tightly. Derek cradled me to his body as he kissed my head over and over again thanking me for being okay. Derek pulled my head back from his chest as he started to assess my injuries, which thankfully were nothing to serious like having broken bones. I just nodded my head as I repeated that I was okay and that it wasn’t anything new than what I had already been through before when with Roman. Ahh, Roman. I turned my head to see where he was and I found him lying in a pool of his own blood that was seeping out of the bullet wound in his head.

“Hawk, let’s go now. We need to round up the brothers, burn this place from the ground up and leave.” With that Prez walked out of the room, with Derek picking me up like a koala and walking out of the room after him.

(Hawk’s P.O.V.)

Thankfully all of the brothers that came with all survived and had only suffered minor wounds. As I came to my bike and didn’t give Bailey the option of moving I just sat down with her and started up my bike.

Prez gave the orders to the brothers who had the gasoline to light it up. We drove off into the dawn with flames behind us.

It had been a couple of days since I had gotten Bailey back. She was checked out by Doc just to be sure that everything was okay. All she needed was rest, which of course I made she got plenty of. Until she started throwing up constantly for about a week straight.

Bailey stated that she was perfectly fine and that she was just sick but I wasn’t taking the risk, so of course another check up by Doc. But this check-up came back with amazing news. Bailey and I were expecting.

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